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Brett Pojunis: We Are Showing Up For The “Postponed” Convention This Saturday

Brett H. Pojunis posted the following in the Libertarian Party of Nevada Facebook group:


Members and Delegates of the Libertarian Party of Nevada:

The current Executive Committee has supposedly canceled the 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada State Convention. The only clear reason why it was canceled was because the current Executive Committee knew they did not have the necessary votes to win. We think this is one of the most non-libertarian things we have witnessed.

We are appalled that the current Executive Committee is taking the position that no one has been inconvenienced by the “postponement” of this convention. We have been contacted by numerous people whom have been severely inconvenienced by their actions. There are people who were planning on traveling to Las Vegas for the purpose of attending convention who will incur expenses from canceling their flight, lodging, etc. Many people have requested off time from work, and everyone has rearranged their schedule to participate in the Convention.

We are asking everyone who intended on going to the convention this weekend to please show up. Since no official communications have come out from the Executive Committee, we are led to believe they might still try and host the convention. In addition, there have been so many irregularities and infractions of our bylaws from the Executive Committee, we wouldn’t put anything past them.

We have been reviewing our bylaws as well as Robert’s Rules of Order to see what our options are and we cannot find any conclusive evidence that the Executive Committee can postpone a convention. Therefore, we will need all Delegates to show up and bring the following with them:
*Voter Registration Card (if not we will have voter registration data);
*Receipt affirming that they have paid their $50 membership to LPN;
*Receipt of Convention fees (if applicable);
*Valid Nevada ID – Just to cover our bases, although during credentialing we can vote this down.

If you do not meet the aforementioned requirements, please show up regardless as we will require as many observers as possible. In addition, you can still assist us by growing the party and become a Delegate (voting member) at our next state Convention.

Please show up with a positive attitude and be professional. We know this may be hard due to the way we have been treated, but it is very important if we would like to succeed.

This meeting will be video recorded and members will be signed in, to affirm our attendance.

The goal is now, as it always has been, to grow the Libertarian Party of Nevada. We would like to leave this meeting with a solid game plan to build the Libertarian Party of Nevada! .

If the original room is not available, we will have a room available to facilitate the meeting.


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  1. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 25, 2013

    And the latest from the LPN EXEC COM:

    This message is being sent to all Libertarians in Nevada (email on file) and LNC representatives.

    As previously announced, the 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada Convention has been postponed until later in the year. The reason for the postponement is the unethical use of National Libertarian Party resources to influence the outcome of the elections for State Chair and other Executive Committee positions by Brett Pojunis, one of the Region 4 Representatives of the Libertarian National Committee and candidate for State Chair. All convention fees have been refunded to those who registered. In addition, the Libertarian Party of Nevada announced that it is removing itself from Region 4 effective immediately.

    Although his own unethical behavior led to the postponement of the convention, on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Mr. Pojunis announced via a Facebook discussion group titled “Libertarian Party of Nevada”, a group which was created by Mr. Pojunis while serving as Secretary for the LPNevada, but which he did not hand over control of after the Executive Committee voted for him to do so, nor when he resigned in December of 2012, that the Executive Committee is holding a “secret” convention. He is urging LIbertarian Party members to show up to crash this fictitious convention.

    These irresponsible activities of people like Mr. Pojunis have held back the Libertarian Party for decades. The firm stand by the Executive Committee against unethical behavior and the decision to postpone the convention as a result of it has received many positive responses via email. There were many words of encouragement for taking a strong stand against outside interference in the affairs of a state party.

    There will not be a convention this Saturday. The new convention date will be announced in accordance with the State Party bylaws, as previously stated. We will review these bylaws for you now:

    Article IV, Section 3.

    -The Executive Committee shall publish the time, date, and location for the Annual State Convention as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days before the date of the State Convention. This publication will be sufficient if it is prominently placed on the LPN’s official website. However, if at all possible, the Executive Committee is encouraged to send, via USPS mail, notice to all members at least 30 days before the date of the State Convention.-

    One accusation we find troubling is that the convention was postponed because the National Libertarian Party was going to send an “impartial observer”. While we are aware that Mr. Pojunis sent a letter to the LNC Chair in which he signed many names, the overwhelming majority of which were not Party members, which requested an observer be sent, we never received any confirmation from the LNC that they were sending someone. However, the convention was open to the public and non-member/non-delegate registration was available prior to the postponement, and will be available again when the convention is rescheduled. These kind of false statements intended to stir up outrage demonstrates that Mr Pojunis has no regard for the well being of the Party.

    The Libertarian Party of Nevada also reserved a professional certified parliamentarian to ensure the convention was conducted in accordance with the bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order. We had a professional videographer and photographer reserved as well. Per Article IV, Section 4, Part B of the bylaws the convention must be video recorded.

    Mr. Pojunis stated publicly on Wednesday that, “In addition, there have been so many irregularities and infractions of our bylaws from the Executive Committee, we wouldn’t put anything past them.” The Executive Committee would like to point out that not a single bylaw has been infracted. Such gratuitous and self-serving comments by Mr. Pojunis whose sole intention seems to be to turn the Libertarian Party into a profit making venture for his private company are destructive and have nothing to do with the spirit of Libertarianism.


    The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

  2. Daddyfatsax Daddyfatsax April 25, 2013

    just have some rubbing alcohol and coarse salt on hand.

  3. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 25, 2013

    ” Intense pain came from the weight of the body resting on the sharp, narrow edge and injuries from the ride could, if the victim were stripped, cut the crotch and make walking painful. ”

    Sounds a bit excessive, no? 😀

  4. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 25, 2013

    Very funny, Wes! That would certainly be an effective solution.

  5. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 25, 2013

    Then again, if the convention hadn’t been cancelled, he would have been chairing it….so that would make things interesting, LOL.

    But he can’t try to chair it after sending out all those cancellation notices, could he? Wow, catch-22. I think the universe might implode if he shows up 🙂

  6. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 25, 2013

    If anyone has the twitter link please post it. If Silvestri shows up, I expect he will be treated like anyone else who is eligible to be there…correct?

  7. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 25, 2013

    I read on fb that there’s conversation on twitter from them, but I haven’t had a chance to look for it. I wonder if there’s a plan for what to do if Silvestri shows up?

  8. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 25, 2013

    Has there been any response from Silvestri and friends, other than closing debate and banning people on their website?

  9. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 25, 2013

    Steve M @ 7: You’re absolutely right on this one. Silvestri made the selfish decision to postpone the convention because he knew he wouldn’t be re-elected.

  10. Judd Weiss Judd Weiss April 25, 2013

    I won’t be there. I’ll be in LA. But I hope that Nevada Libertarians do vote for new officers. It’s better for the current ExCom and Chair to become the disputed ExCom and disputed Chair, which will force decisive action from the National LP.

  11. David Colborne David Colborne April 25, 2013

    Not literally, no.

    UPDATE: We have a Facebook event set up for those that wish to attend. Feel free to share it with anyone you know that might like to show up.

  12. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 25, 2013

    “Looks like there’s gonna be a shoot-out folks.”

    Not literally, I hope.

  13. S Rowan Wilson, MBA S Rowan Wilson, MBA April 25, 2013

    WOW! Glad someone is finally taking a stand and doing what is RIGHT to correct the tyranny that has gone on for the past 7+ years.

    Looks like there’s gonna be a shoot-out folks.


  14. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 24, 2013

    We’re working on it. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

  15. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    If I was in SoCal or Arizona I’d go.

  16. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 24, 2013

    Judd, do you think you’ll be going out there?

  17. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    Watch out for icepicks on Saturday.

  18. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    Has anyone defined “Silvestri” at yet?

  19. Wes Wagner Wes Wagner April 24, 2013

    DC @21 Brett and I connected and traded notes. I think it was very productive/helpful.

  20. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    8 AM at the Suncoast.

  21. Avens O'Brien Avens O'Brien April 24, 2013

    This release that Brett sent does not contain the information about the convention itself. When I signed up for the original convention, I simply wrote down it was in Vegas and on April 27th, I did not record the venue or time, as I assumed that information would be available closer to the date.

    Since the Current ExComm has removed information pertaining to the now-postponed convention, I actually am lacking in information as to Venue (Suncoast?) and time (morning?).

    If there are to be people meeting for the purpose of discussing the direction and future of the party in lieu of the official convention, I would like to be there to hear what is said and participate as needed, since I was supposed to attend the original convention and am a member of the party. It would be good if this release could please contain the pertinent information as far as where to go and at what time.

    I’m not sure whether or not I feel comfortable voting on any officers when the other side (which, granted, isn’t playing fair) will not be able to represent themselves, but I’m certainly like to participate in whatever decisions are being made.

    I’m not interested in a rogue alternative party either. I’m interested in figuring out what needs to be done to get this party back on track.

  22. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    I think the SOS would side with Silvestri, which means you would need to do a petition drive. I don’t know what the LNC will do, given that two LNC members (including Pojunis) are on the “rump” slate. Moulton’s interpretation of Roberts Rules is that Silvestri did have the authority to postpone the convention.

  23. David Colborne David Colborne April 24, 2013

    @20: Possibly. Much of it depends on the will of the body and what strategy makes the most sense between now and then.

    Wes: Call me if you get a chance and you don’t hear from Brett – 7757228943. Not sure if Brett will have the time between now and then, but I’ll find the time.

  24. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    Is there in fact an officer election taking place, or is that just an assumption people are making?

  25. Wes Wagner Wes Wagner April 24, 2013


    If you are reading this, you really really should call me and talk about what really happened here before you make any of your next moves.

    The LNC story that was told to you by Hinkle and crew was excessively distorted and we have not bothered to issue a full public correction because it is better legal strategy to keep our powder dry.

  26. Revfatsax Revfatsax April 24, 2013

    Sounds like cooked goose is being served.

  27. From Der Sidelines From Der Sidelines April 24, 2013

    Well, since this appears to be a rump convention, who’s bringing the rump roast? 🙂

  28. George Phillies George Phillies April 24, 2013

    @13 I believe they try: We showed up for the convention. We won. Oh, LNC, please agree we are the real LPNV.

    I have no idea what their state government will do.

    Opening a treasury may be faster than other approaches.

    The FEC may be interested to note they have two groups claiming to be the same committee, if LPNV is FEC-filing.

  29. David Colborne David Colborne April 24, 2013

    Days Inn is inexpensive. That’s where I’m staying.

  30. Wes Wagner Wes Wagner April 24, 2013


    I really do hope that Joe S. has the grace to back down.

    Unfortunately, even if Pojunis and his group show up and have a massive event and everyone leaves singing kumbaya (which is an outcome that I think would be wonderful…) they may not have any legal method of pressing their claim that will result in a favorable outcome.

  31. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    “What’s up with Silvestri? Is he dumber/loonier than the PA guy?”

    It appears so.

  32. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 24, 2013

    If I can figure out a way to get there to blog for IPR, would there be reasonably priced places to stay?

  33. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    That was @ Steve M

  34. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 24, 2013

    That’s the whole point. Silvestri does NOT have the votes, so that’s why he is engaging in sleazy politics.

  35. Marc Montoni Marc Montoni April 24, 2013

    Sigh. This is probably the right thing to do.

    When it’s clear you do not have the support of the membership, it is time to leave.

    Even that nutcase in PA had the good sense to leave when the handwriting was clear. What’s up with Silvestri? Is he dumber/loonier than the PA guy?

    Who cares if you lose one? Let it go. Lick your wounds for a while. Develop your own county for a few years and come back (if you feel you must) after your enemies are gone.

    But in any case, grow the hell up.

  36. Steve M Steve M April 24, 2013

    if you have the votes you need then why the sleezy politics?

  37. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl April 24, 2013

    this agression will not stand , these dudes do not abide:)

  38. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 24, 2013

    Excellent news!

  39. Revfatsax Revfatsax April 24, 2013

    Nevada deserves better than a corrupt excom. We are done with their tyranny and are fighting back with the libertarian party’s greatest assets; the members of the libertarian party. You can argue all you want, but the people of the lpn want change, and if fair elections won’t be allowed, we will not abide the subterfuge of this excom. They are putting their own ego in front of the party. We won’t abide.

  40. David Colborne David Colborne April 24, 2013

    We’re like the Evil Dimension Oregon from Star Trek, where everyone has a goatee and everything is backwards.

    Seriously though, yes, the situation in Nevada just went plaid.

  41. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry April 24, 2013

    This will not turn out well… Nevada will be the new Oregon!

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