Petition to LNC: Please Give Us a Fair Convention in Nevada!

Found on Facebook

We, the concerned members and Delegates of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (herein referred to as membership), are deeply dismayed at the events going on within the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (herein referred to as LPNevada) this term.

In review of blatant violations of our bylaws committed by the Executive Committee of LPNevada:

Failure to register dues paying members and forward applicable monies to the National Libertarian Party, in violation of Article III, Section 1(B);

Failure to properly notify members of the state convention, deeming placement on a secondary page on ample notification, in violation of Article IV, Section 3;

Failure to adopt agendas or follow any notion of Robert’s Rules of Order during Executive Committee meetings, in violation of Article VI(A);

Failure to record any business taken at Executive Committee meetings, in violation of Article V, Section 3(B);

Failure to post a single record of minutes taken at Executive Committee meetings, in violation of Article V, Section 3(B);

Failure to properly record submitted bylaws amendments before the convention, in violation of Article VII(C).

In review of questionable actions taken by the Executive Committee of LPNevada:

Disaffiliation of all county parties in Nevada;

Failure to notify members of meetings of the Executive Committee;

Failure to provide reports from the Treasurer to the membership;

Unprecedented delegate fee to attend and vote at the state convention;

Empowering the LPNevada website maintainer to prohibit traffic to the web site from individuals that have been critical of the current LPNevada Executive Committee;

Indefinite postponement of the 2013 LPNevada State convention five (5) days prior to the convention;

Lack of professionalism representing the Libertarian Party, including several maliciously defamatory comments against individual members;

Utilizing LPNevada resources, including but not limited to the original convention venue, for private functions, including an unadvertised luncheon held in the Suncoast Casino on Saturday, April 27;

Refusing to answer direct communications or queries from dues paying members regarding LPNevada business.

In review of membership grievances:

Many members have been gravely inconvenienced by the postponement of the convention.

Multiple members have paid for travel plans and lodging to attend this convention, representing direct financial damages;

Many members have requested time off of work, representing indirect financial damages in opportunity costs;

All members rearranged their schedule to participate as a Delegate at the convention.

We, the membership respectfully request the following conditions of convention:

That the LPNevada Executive Committee hold a scheduled, publicly announced Executive Committee meeting that is open to all registered Libertarian voters in Nevada addressing the following conditions of convention prior to May 5, 2013;

That the Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee appoint a minimum of three (3) Libertarian National Committee members to serve as impartial observers for the duration of the LPNevada Convention;

Due to the indefinite postponement of the convention without providing a rescheduled date, that the LPNevada hosts a convention while the National Committee meets in Las Vegas in July 2013, in order to timely execute the postponed convention and to facilitate the preceding request;

That the LPNevada prominently announce the details for the rescheduled convention prior to May 13, 2013 on the web site, and send notification to all Sustaining Members of the Libertarian Party in Nevada per Article IV, Section 3 of the LPNevada bylaws;

That the Libertarian Party prominently announce the details for the rescheduled convention prior to May 13, 2013 on the Events page, and send notification to all Sustaining Members of the Libertarian Party in Nevada and known members of the LPNevada pursuant to Article IV, Section 3 of the LPNevada byalws;

Members that were registered for the April 27, 2013 convention shall be credentialed for the next state convention at no additional charge;

That all delegate information, including total count and named identities of said delegates, from the April 27th convention be made public to the membership of LPNevada and the Libertarian National Committee;

That all financial records pertaining to the LPNevada are made conveniently available online to all dues-paying members of the LPNevada, including but not limited to all financial transactions pertaining to the 2013 convention, payment of membership dues, and payments to the national Libertarian Party;

The current members of the Executive Committee be personally responsible for all expenses incurred for canceling the state convention, including but not limited to all financial charges incurred for refunding convention fees, and paying for their private function;

That the failure of LPNevada Executive Committee members to appear at this convention constitutes their willful resignation from the organization, following an appropriate National Judiciary Committee review.

We, the concerned membership, further request that failure to adhere to any of the preceding conditions of convention shall be grounds for the Libertarian National Committee to revoke affiliation of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

Congruent with the items listed herein, the membership of LPNevada does hereby request a fair and timely convention for the 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada State Convention.

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16 thoughts on “Petition to LNC: Please Give Us a Fair Convention in Nevada!

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Here is what Brett Pojunis said as he posted the petition on FB:

    Hello Group

    Thank you to Avens O’Brien for drafting a solid overview of yesterday’s meeting! Just to recap, yesterday we held a meeting with concerned members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. The meeting was very professional and the venue was beautiful, thank you Jason Smith for organizing it so quickly.

    We started the meeting by discussing why this was not a Convention and just a meeting. We did not have any intentions of hosting a “Rump Convention” as the Libertarian Party of Nevada accused me of earlier in the week while making some very negative claims against me in the process. Having a Convention would have caused more harm than good.

    We printed up a document titled “2013 Strategic Operations Game Plan To Effectively Develop and Build the Libertarian Party in Nevada” This document, was printed and bound with a clear plastic cover and a nice hard cover back.

    Please review it as there is a lot of information.
    The document was broken up in the following main sections:

    1. Solutions to building a Strong and Sustainable LPNevada
    2. LPNevada Membership Decline & Projections
    3. Our Candidates for the 2013 – 2015 LPNevada Executive Committee (with a profile for each candidate)
    4. Recent activities from Our Slate
    5. Topics of Discussion – This was for our Saturday meeting
    6. Petition to LPNEvada and LNC – We had a starting point prepared by Tim Hagan, David Colborne and my self. The group discussed the goals and voted on each line item together, then it was printed and each member present signed it.
    7. Purpose of the Libertarian Party
    8. Strategy Session – Building the Libertarian Party in Nevada

    I feel we had a very productive meeting! We are looking for members of LPNevada and registered voters in Nevada to sign our petition. The takeaway is that we are going to start setting up working groups and building the Libertarian Party IN Nevada!

    We will not sit idle while we wait for another convention or for National to take action. There are too many productive things we can do to grow now.

    I hope the discussion of this thread is positive and relevant to this post. FYI – I WILL remove comments that are not relevant to this topic

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    “That the failure of LPNevada Executive Committee members to appear at this convention constitutes their willful resignation from the organization, following an appropriate National Judiciary Committee review.”

    There can’t be an “appropriate National Judiciary [sic] Committee review.” The national Judicial Committee’s purview extends only to actions of the national committee and the national convention; any review by it of Nevada’s internal affairs would by definition be inappropriate.

  3. Nicholas Sarwark

    Scheduling a new convention appears to be something only the current LP Nevada leadership can do. They have until the end of the year to hold it and it looks like they have to announce it 60 days in advance.

    The LNC could send one or more observers, but there’s nothing more than observing that the LNC is empowered to do.

    The LNC could disaffiliate LP Nevada. That action of disaffiliation could be reviewed by the Judicial Committee, but the Judicial Committee does not have any authority to arbitrate whether the LP Nevada officers are complying with the Nevada bylaws, whether they have resigned, or really anything else having to do with the LP Nevada.

    Hope that helps.

  4. John Macy

    I don’t think the LNC has much power over LPNV exec comm other than to disaffiliate them. And even then it’s LPNV, not LNC, that owns the ballot line.

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  6. John Macy

    Wouldn’t a petition to the national LP be taken more seriously if it didn’t ask the national LP to do things that it can’t do?

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    Jill Pyeatt // Jun 12, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Found on Facebook. I don’t think this warrants its own article until we get a’ yay’ or ‘nay’ from the LNC as to including Mr. Pojunis on their agenda.

    “Brett H. Pojunis toLibertarian Party of Nevada

    I am going to keep you updated on everything with the Nevada situation. After the Agenda item email went out and was accepted by our Chariman, the board started making statements that the LNC should NOT get involved.

    Unfortunately, I am forced to shake things up. I am waiting on permission to forward some emails from the board members, but in the interim, here is my responce. FYI – I am not going to have a lot of friends on the LNC when we are done with this so I am really going to need your support. Everything we have done will be worthless if we do not have 80 plus people show up in support of us at the LNC meeting.

    My email:

    Mr. Chair,

    May I forward your comment to our membership?

    LNC – Let me speak plainly… You, we, will lose the overwhelming majority of our Nevada membership if we do nothing. Is that plain enough for you???

    If we want to be taken seriously, we have to lead by example. You should get involved in EVERY issue that effects the majority of members in a state. You want cause, there are many different bylaws violations right now plus the cancellation of the State Convention because they didn’t have the votes, is that Libertarian? What more do you need? Is that how we want people to view our organization?

    When an affiliate of the Libertarian Party is not operating in a professional manner, WE MUST DO SOMETHING OR THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION SUFFERS! Additionally, this is not a factional thing where When there are states that have factional problems that are 40% vs. 60% or even 35% vs. 65% maybe we shouldn’t get involved. When you have a Tyrant with 8-10 followers versus a group that has done everything right and is over 80 people strong, then that is a problem.

    If you do not get involved I promise you this will not stop in Nevada because we will demonstrate how weak and spineless this board is and it will send the message that states can do whatever they want. It is already happening. Set prescience in Nevada to stop the nonsense Nationally.

    Brett H. Pojunis”

  8. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Do you think the LNC can really do anything? And do you think writing to people will help (don’t forget my reps are Wiener and Lieberman)?

  9. Wes Wagner

    Well as a historical data point… the LNC stepped in to try to back a faction that was in the severe minority in Oregon who was aligned with the Oregon Republican Party and was attempting to suppress registered libertarians in our state … perhaps that means to be consistent they should support the current leadership in Nevada 😉

  10. Wes Wagner

    All admonishments aside …

    The LNC will do nothing in Nevada. The votes are not there. In general the radical and libertarian factions will not vote to use the national party even to protect their own in general.

    That is a thin red line only the Starr-Rutherford faction would consider.

  11. Wes Wagner

    paulie @14

    I agree … I just wish the LNC would actually cop to the fact that they did interfere in a very partisan and destructive manner for the benefit of republican party operatives. The lack of admission of guilt is precisely why libertarians cannot be trusted to be elected to national office.

    If we cannot clean up our own mess and be truthful about past transgressions, can we really be trusted to clean up D.C., its various 3 letter agencies and the pile of crap that has happened?

    Of course not.

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