Reform Party Candidate for NYC Mayor Carl Person Addresses Political Corruption As Well As School Reform

Carl Person was a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2012. He received only 3 votes, or 0.5%.  He was also the 2010 Libertarian Party candidate for Attorney General of New York. He received 36,488 votes, or 0.82% in that race. -KL


Contact: Carl Person, Reform Party Candidate for NYC Mayor

Julian Panachyd, Campaign Manager

New York, New York, April 6, 2013 –
Carl Person, the Reform Party candidate for Mayor of New York City, announced today that “I am the first person to be nominated for Mayor of New York City, and I want voters and other parties and candidates to know what honest politics should be doing for voters and residents in New York City.”

Person continued, “Instead of giving away taxpayers’ money to special interests or regulating drink size or creating traffic congestion or hiding low-priced cigarettes, the Mayor and the City Council should ensure that New York City is training high school students so that upon graduation they can obtain immediate high-income employment as small business information technology specialists, without having to take out student loans, attend college, and suffer from jobless graduation and a lifetime of paying off loans for over-priced tuition.”
Information technology specialists for major corporations is the second of the 10 fastest growing field of employment in the United States [ ], and for small business the field is brand new, “with New York City to be the first to offer such training, to high school seniors and a comparable 1-year program for adults during evenings and weekends”, according to Person.

Person continued, “New York City has wasted billions of dollars by illegal or questionable payments or licenses to special interests, and in doing so has not provided its citizens with the basic skills needed today for employment and business success. Technical training is as important as mastery of the English language, and should be taught in high school, at taxpayer expense, with an adult education program to enable NYC’s workforce to be brought up to world class standards and beyond.”

Person, who founded the paralegal field, states that “With this job training program, New York City will become the Education Capital of the World and graduates of its high school system (and comparable adult education program) will be sought by the nation’s 27.5 million small businesses, and other small entities (such as professional firms, religious organizations, governmental agencies, non-profits and non-governmental agencies).”

“Graduates will be able to earn somewhere between $1,000 to $2,500 per week, or about $25 to $60 per hour, and be able to pay their mortgages, car payments, credit cards and be able to move easily into small business ownership and employment of others”, states candidate Person. “Instead of dropping out and joining a crime and drug-use environment, my envisioned program will encourage students to complete high school because it will qualify many of them for better jobs than their parents or relatives now have. This will result in savings as well as additional jobs and tax revenues and more than pay for the program.”

Person continued, “New York City can do this without any significant additional short-term cost, other than the cost of transition of teachers in the 4th year of high school, very few of whom would be capable of teaching the information technology course.”
Person notes that President Obama ran with Person’s already-published campaign proposal during his State of the Union address on February 12, 2013, when he said:

  “Let’s also make sure that a high school diploma puts our kids on a path to a good job.  Right now, countries like Germany focus on graduating their high school students with the equivalent of a technical degree from one of our community colleges.  So those German kids, they’re ready for a job when they graduate high school.  They’ve been trained for the jobs that are there.”  

Person concluded, “The net number of new jobs needed in the United States will come only from small business, and by training high school seniors (and adults in a comparable adult education program), New York City will be strengthening the middle class, creating upward mobility, and creating new jobs and a stronger economy, and a reduction in political corruption.”
Person’s platform may be seen at

66 thoughts on “Reform Party Candidate for NYC Mayor Carl Person Addresses Political Corruption As Well As School Reform

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Carl Person seems like a credible candidate. My only problem with him was his pro-bestiality press release when he ran for president (correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t his campaign manager, a well known former LPPA chair, responsible for it)? Yeah, supporting bestiality is beyond disgusting. I think Person defended it at first, but then came to his senses and fired the campaign manager.

    But I think I’d back Person over an ex hooker. Yeah, the LP could nominate Kristin Davis as a publicity stutnt? Guess what, she’s connected to and backed by GOP hitman and neocon infiltrator into the LP Roger Stone (that guy SUCKS big time). That ALONE is a reason not to support her.

    Don’t get me wrong now, I believe all so called victimless “crimes” should be legal, including of course prostitution. But nominating an ex hooker will just reinforce all the negative stereotypes about libertarians. Don’t be dumb LP. If Person is seeking the LP nomination ( anyone know if he is?) I’d prefer he get.

  2. johnO

    This is New York City Krzystof. Pro-Prostitution Kristin Davis or (if true) Pro-Bestiality C. Person running for office shouldn’t be a shocker. I cannot see a strong candidate running for mayor thats Pro-Life or strongly against same-sex marriage. Heck, being Pro-Bribery is a badge of honor (until FBI catches on). Would be interesting if the Naked Cowboy (or Naked Cowgirl?) ran. Could run on Naked Party line. Nothing to hide.
    -Now if these candidates ran in say Utah or Kansas. Kryzysztof that would shocker!

  3. Stewart Flood

    Person is a nice guy who appears to have his heart in the right place. Yes, he was tricked by Stevens (well documented on IPR, no need to review). He could have handled it much better.

    I met with him several times during the ’12 campaign and he did a respectable job in some of the debates. Not libertarian in all of his views, so maybe he’s found a better home.

  4. johnO

    With that video Krzysztof maybe he should run on Naked Party line. HA. What would be radical for New York City would be a candidate from CP. Would be too traditional and conservative for them. Not going to happen.

  5. Oranje Mike

    I am not hip as to the ease of filing in running in NYC and Boston but I would love to see the LP, GP, CP and even communist & socialist parties field candidates.

    Perhaps the system is beyond saving at this point but I would rather see someone challenge to stranglehold on politics in both cities. At least create the impression that there are still people who think out there.

  6. Richard Winger

    There are always lots of candidates for Mayor of New York city, in both the primaries and the general election. Carl Person could probably get more attention if he ran for one of the other two citywide executive offices.

  7. Nick

    @9 There are three large high profile races going on in 2013. I think the Reform Party wanted to show strength by putting someone in at least one of those races.

  8. Deran

    There are always very conservative/Rightist, traditionalist values candaites for Mayor and other offices. In the past it was often the Right to Life Party, and now it’s mostly via the Conservative party. the Constitution has never made any headway in New York State, not even in the more Rightwing Upstate NY.

    I was surprised that teh former RtoL Party didn’t fold into the US Taxpayers/Constitution Party.

    NYC has some very conservative residents, the ethnic White Catholics were a major power block.

    Many of the newer ethnic groups that have immigrated to the US and live in NYC are often very culturally conservative.

    Manhattan is predominantly an enclave of the 2%, and supporters people not of a particular party, but those who support teh interests of the 2%. and Brooklyn is increasingly infected with Hipsters. But Queens and Staten Island are still particularly Rightwing.

    I mean look at the recent mayors. Rudy “Law & Order” Giulliani and Mike “Give The Developers Whatever They Want” Bloomberg. Both very conservative as far as their economic policies.

  9. Mark Axinn

    As far as liberal/conservative: NYC has had Republican Mayors for the last 24 years!

    The real test should be pro-freedom/statist since Bloomberg and many others are former Democrats who only run as Repub. to get elected. Giuliani was an exception: he was always a fascist.

    The Green Party is an official party in New York and has automatic ballot status. Constitution and Libertarian Parties are not; it will take 3750 valid signatures this summer to get on the ballot for Mayor. We will do it; I cannot speak for the CP although I did meet their Vice Chair (who is from Staten Island) last year and they do have a small organization in the City (and larger in the suburbs).

    I likely know Carl Person better than the rest of you do. He did a terrific job as our Atty General candidate in 2010 and I wish him all the best this year. He is a very lovely man. The bestiality bullshit was entirely his campaign manager’s decision to publish; Carl wanted to focus on jobs, jobs and jobs in 2012.

    Kristin Davis is famous (notorious) for being the Manhattan Madam, who supplied prostitutes to Eliott Spitzer and many others. Her connections to Roger Stone are common knowledge.

  10. johnO

    If Kristin Davis ever debated Spitzer would one of the questions be “Socks or no socks?”. Rep Wiener would even be better “Pants on or Pants off representative?”. That would be an awesome debate to see.

  11. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 13

    The “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra was my suggestion. It was Carl who placed “bestiality” as the #2 victimless crime, when asked.

    Yes, I confirmed his position and reported on it.

  12. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Tom, I have one simple question for you.

    Do you support bestiality or not? Because anybody who supports it is a sick disgusting motherucking piece of shit.

    Also, I’d like proof that Person was behind that press release, not you. I have an extremely hard time believing that.

    I’m not trying to be mean at all, Tom. I’m just asking for answers.

  13. Dr. Tom Stevens


    First, there never was a Press or News Release. Please find one if you can.

    Second, Carl was simply saying he thought bestiality was a victimless crime and should not be illegal. He never said he supported it and neither have I said any such thing.

  14. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 20

    Your statement shows you are misinformed. I have a Juris Doctor degree on the wall of my law office and that entitles me to use “doctor” both socially and professionally.

    Are chiropractors Drs? Podiatists? Anyone with 19 years of schooling can earn a doctorate.

    I expect an apology.

  15. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Yes it should be. If I’m a LINO for saying that, than so be it.

    Since I can’t be a Libertarian now, I’m awaiting for Geoff Neale to put out a press release supporting legalization of bestiality and get it carried by every goddamn major news source in this country.

  16. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 25

    It doesn’t matter what other people have heard. Esquire is an inappropriate title for an attorney. It is a general reference to a gentleman.

    Doctor is the proper title since nowadays Lawyers earn doctorates.

    So I see your full intention was simply to be insulting. But instead you show your lack of knowledge.

    Lawyers are called doctors in almost every country in the world and I have been to 28 of them. It is also now their proper title here in the USA.

  17. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 27

    You don’t appear to be a very nice person.

    Roy Minet doesn’t suck.

    The LPPA Convention will not be held in Danville on April 27th.

    The tentative new Convention date is June 8th at the Harrisburg Hilton.

  18. Chuck Moulton

    Krzysztof Lesiak wrote (@25):

    Anyone else on IPR ever heard of any lawyer calling themselves a “Doctor?”


    It’s very common in some other countries.

    Here in the U.S. it is rare. But just last week my uncle (who has a J.D.) told me he was planning to put “Dr.” on his daughter’s (my cousin’s) wedding invitations when writing out the father of the bride’s name.

  19. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Tom I published the shit you asked me to publish. I’ll publish anything you’ll send me as long as it’s relevant for IPR. This is the fucking internet, not real life. When I see bullshit on it I’ll call people out for it.

    You’re not a “doctor” unless you are an actual doctor or have a PhD. Plain and simple. Wanna be called a doctor? Move to a different fucking country. I highly doubt other countries do that, though.

    However, why does everyone on IPR dislike you? There’s gotta be a really good reason for that.

  20. Jill Pyeatt

    I don’t know Kristin Davis, Krzysztof, and I probably never will, but I had a woman speak at our region meeting last June that I took an immediate liking to. Her name is Norma Jean Almodovar. She’s a bit of a Libertarian legend. She read a book called “From Cop to Call Girl” which is actually a very enjoyable read. The title kind of tells her story. You might have a little different insight into the life and thinking of a prostitute after reading this book. Your folks might be a bit concerned, though. I found it on Amazon.

    I’m lucky I have found other ways to support myself and my child but, frankly, I can think of worse ways–being a TSA agent, for one, or an IRS collection agent for another.

  21. johnO

    I wonder if Krzysztof will now back the Pro-Prostitution Kristin Davis over Dr. Tom’s Pro_Bestiality candidate for mayor. Or, will Krzysztof stay with the CP over LP. Hmm. I say he’ll stick with CP. LP still has Tom Stevens and Krzysztof is pretty pissed-off at this guy.

  22. paulie

    Norma Jean Almodovar. She’s a bit of a Libertarian legend. She read a book called “From Cop to Call Girl” which is actually a very enjoyable read.

    Truly awesome!

  23. paulie


    As a JD and near PhD do you really think the two are equivalent?

    From the article Chris posted:

    Law school can be hard, especially for that first year (or if you are an idiot). But unless you are gunning for a prestigious clerkship or got locked out of the 2L summer job market, at least a third of your legal education can be completed with your eyes closed. The “big scary test,” the bar exam, you take after you get your J.D.

    That last point should end this debate. Imagine yourself at a dinner party; one person who has a Ph.D. in, say, chemistry, is announced as Dr. Chemist. Sitting next to you is a person who went to wherever law school and failed the bar. He leans over and says to you, “You know, I’m a doctor, too.”

    I don’t know off hand in which countries lawyers are called doctors, although I don’t doubt it.

    In Russia, lawyers are called Advokat, PhDs might be called academic or professor, and only medical doctors are called doctor, IIRC.

  24. paulie

    Since I can’t be a Libertarian now,

    Why not?

    I’m awaiting for Geoff Neale to put out a press release supporting legalization of bestiality

    LOL, no.

  25. paulie

    My question for you is:

    Do you think bestiality should be illegal?

    Yes, animal cruelty laws should apply.

    Arousal =/= informed consent.

    Among humans, arousal is common in both male and female rape victims. It’s also common in children, which is not an excuse for pedophilia. A person who is blacked out drunk may have physical symptoms of sexual arousal, but is in no condition to give informed consent. And neither is any non-human animal.

  26. paulie

    First, there never was a Press or News Release. Please find one if you can.

    You sent one out to your list. I don’t know whether that would be considered a press release.

  27. Erik Viker

    I expect to be addressed by all of my earned titles, as “The Rev. Professor Councilman Former Blackboard Monitor Erik Viker.”

    In my experience, a doctorate means you have contributed in some way to the body of knowledge that your peers have expertise in studying, via a research dissertation of some sort. Law school graduates have usually not done so except for those few who are judges or to a lesser extent, law clerks of influential judges.

    But whatevs, call yourself whatever you like, and others will decide how to value it. In my first career, I spent thirteen years in and around courtrooms and never once met an attorney who styled himself or herself as “Dr.” The closest I have heard is an ongoing attempt by many lawyers to make the word “attorney” comparable in use to “Doctor,” as in “Attorney Smith will see you now.” It hasn’t caught on.

  28. paulie

    “The Rev. Professor Councilman Former Blackboard Monitor Erik Viker.”

    Too long. I have no problem calling you Reverend, Councilman or Professor if you insist on it, but I’m not going to rattle off all those titles. Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

  29. Bruce Kent

    Kristin Davis is not the candidate! Her website now says she is running for comptroller, not mayor:

    Sex And The City author Candace Bushnell added: “I think it was coming to the end of what they could do with the character. If it were up to me, the second movie would have been Carrie Bradshaw decides to run for mayor and Samantha helps her. It would get into some real issues of what happens when you’re part of a relationship and the woman is ambitious. To me, that would be interesting. But they were not going to go there.”

    At last report, Randy Credico was pursuing only the Democratic Party line, and Carl Person had been deemed ineligible due to his Reform Party nomination and the lack of fusion for minor parties under a NY law that is now being challenged in court.

    Giuliani’s second in command Lhota is indeed the LP nominee according to comments on his facebook page, but as of this time his facebook page itself as well as his website portray him as a candidate for the Republican nomination.

  30. Bruce Kent

    I presume the IPR “crack”(head) news team knows how do web searches, e.g., Joe Lhota, Joe Lhota mayor, etc? Or is that too much to ask? LOL

  31. Bruce Kent

    “Oh Beauteous Queen” works just fine for me.

    “Your Excellence” is fine

    Our apologies ladies and gentlemen; Dr. Tom Stevens has already copyrighted both of those titles, and under US patent law it’s first come, first served. As you should know by now, Dr. Stevens always comes first!

  32. Wayne Clark

    “Erik Viker // Apr 9, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    “Your Excellence” is fine, Paulie. ; )”

    In honor of the sainted Joe Paterno, shouldn’t that be “Your Grace”? …or would that be “Your Honor”?

  33. Catholic Trotskyist

    John O, Krzystoph will probably join the Libertarian Party anyway. He is also really pissed off at Don Grundman. He does get pissed off easily. I was just thinking that Grundman and Stephens should run for President on the same ticket. It would be an unlikely and unstable combination, but they actually have never had a personal conflict on here I don’t think.

  34. Gotham Crimefighter

    GOP candidate Lhota: I’ll be a crime-fighting mayor

    Last Updated: 5:43 AM, March 28, 2013
    Posted: 1:54 AM, March 28, 2013

    Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota yesterday unveiled his plan to fight crime, just days after Mayor Bloomberg slammed all the contenders for not developing such a a strategy.

    The former MTA boss says he opposes an independent NYPD inspector general, supports stop-and-frisk, will maintain anti-terror programs and will add 1,000 more cops.

    He added he’d encourage strong interactions between the NYPD and community leaders.

    “I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my ideas with the mayor,” said Lhota, who suggested that police be redeployed to high- crime areas. “We are currently at inflection point with public safety. Murder continues to fall and is at an all-time low. At the same time, however, overall crime is increasing in the city.”

    He said felonies were up 3.7 percent in 2012 and 5.2 percent over the last two years. He noted that felony assaults are up 13.6 percent since 2011.

    Lhota said he’d continue the “20-year transformation” that started under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, under whom he was a deputy mayor.

    LPNYC just nominated Lhota for mayor with the help of Roger Stone. Kristin Davis was quickly sidelined to run for comptroller.

  35. Gotham Crimefighter

    Joe Lhota And Kristin Davis: NYC’s 2013 Libertarian Party Ticket?

    BY Celeste Katz

    The Libertarian Party has endorsed Republican Joe Lhota for mayor — but it’s not clear if he wants their line.

    By accepting the nomination, Lhota would end up on the ballot alongside former “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, who did time at Rikers Island after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal.

    Davis personally nominated Lhota at a party convention in Queens Tuesday night and is now running for comptroller instead of mayor.

    It could be uncomfortable for Lhota — whose platform emphasizes crime control — to appear on petitions for the Libertarian line alongside Davis, who says she used to run a high-class, high-dollar call girl operation that supplied hookers to Spitzer and other famous figures. (Her Facebook page lists her occupation as “Former Ex-Madam at Former Felon.”)

    But Lhota, a Republican with some Libertarian views, may have no choice.

    Election law dictates that candidates cannot stop a party from circulating petitions in their name. They can only choose to accept or decline the line after the fact.

    Between Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg, Republicans have controlled City Hall in Democrat-dominated New York since 1994 — but they didn’t get there without third-party help. The winner of the 2013 GOP primary will certainly look to carry another line in November.

    Lhota said he played no role in Tuesday night’s nomination, which was largely engineered by Davis advisory trickster Roger Stone.

    Much more at

  36. Sally Fort

    “YIKES! What would that platform be?”

    Entertaining the masses, of course.

    If the “party of principle” can eagerly seek Stone/Davis after what happened in 2010, and nominate Lhota, why would they not run Stevens and Grundmann by 2016? Hell, they already ran Barr-Root in 2008 and a pair of Roger Stone slot fillers in 2012.

  37. Samantha Bradshaw

    Unfortunately Bernard Kerik is indisposed at the moment. The “Libertarian” Party “of principle” should be ready to run him for something in 2016 or 2017.

    In the meantime, let’s give our full support to Joe Lhota!

  38. Carrie Bushnell

    With Roger Stone now in charge of the Libertarian Party, we can expect quality candidates like Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Glenn Beck, Bernie Kerik, Tom Golisano, Carl Paladino, and Tom Stevens to appear as LP candidates for offices such as Mayor, Senator, Governor and President.

  39. Erik Viker

    Wait- – the LP of NYC nominated a Republican Party politician for Mayor? How sad to watch the LP become increasingly more dysfunctional every day.

    I would not trust Roger Stone to take out my trash.

  40. Miranda Jones

    “Wait- – the LP of NYC nominated a Republican Party politician for Mayor?”

    Why, yes, it did. And the woman managed by the political hitman who cost them ballot access (herself a part of that plot) for comptroller. But then again they nominated Bob Barr for President in 2008 after trying to take credit for getting him out of Congress in 2002.

    ” How sad to watch the LP become increasingly more dysfunctional every day.”

    Why be sad? It’s all about the popcorn.

    Or are you sad that New York has more popcorn popping than Pennsylvania does all of a sudden?

    “I would not trust Roger Stone to take out my trash.”

    Roger Stone wouldn’t do that to himself. Go *through* your trash, maybe.

  41. Erik Viker

    MJ@58, sometimes the schadenfreude becomes actual regret that the LP cannot get out of its own way. But then the next LNC meeting is held or a state affiliate fiasco fires up, and I get back in gleeful spectator mode with the popcorn.

  42. paulie

    …And the Republican declines the nomination.

    “LP tries to sell out to pro-police state Republicans; Republicans not buying.”

  43. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 63

    I saw that tattoo in person on Tuesday night and it was very attractive. I told Roger he should take a photo of it and donate it to the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda.

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