Concerned Nevada Libertarians Plan Event for Day of Postponed Convention

From Brett Pojunis:

Help build the Libertarian Party in Nevada!

Concerned Members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

I am asking all members (or potential members) to show up who want to build the Libertarian Party. There is a lot for us to do to get Candidates elected in Nevada.

Here is the game plan for Saturday, April 27th, 2013:

8:00 AM Suncoast Casino
Please show up at Suncoast Casino to ensure nothing is going on. The address is 9090 Alta Dr Las Vegas, NV 89145.
We will be meeting in the lobby.

9:00 AM J.W. Marriott Hotel – Andalucia Room
We have secured space right next store to the Suncoast at the J.W. Marriott Hotel. The room is called Andalucia Room. The address is 221 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89144

If you park at Rampart Valet, go to the door to the right of the sports book. Please be professional, I know it is tough due to the way we have all been treated by the current Executive Committee however it is important our long term success. We would appreciate it if you could use a small portion of the refunded money to help chip in for the room, it was $550 and we will be charged for the refreshments we use.

You play a major role in determining the leaders of the State Party, voting on the strategy and direction of the party to help grow the Libertarian Party in Nevada! We need your support! We have invested a lot of time, money and resources developing a plan, building relationships to increase membership, develop affiliates and preparing for the 2014 elections.

Purpose of the Libertarian Party:

The purpose of the Libertarian Party, as defined by our National Bylaws are to:

function as a libertarian political entity separate and distinct from all other political parties or movements; move public policy in a libertarian direction by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office; chartering affiliate parties through the United States and promoting their growth and activities; nominating candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States and supporting Party and affiliate party candidates for political office; and, entering into public information activities.

Here is what we have been up to in just the last few weeks. I, we, are not asking for a pat on the back or a gold medal, we just want you aware of our activities.

Please click on the picture or the link below:

Please ask yourself, Who is acting like a political party and Who is trying to build/Grow the party?

Contact Me To Learn More!

I am one of the leaders in the National Libertarian Party and very active in Nevada Politics. If you would like to learn more, please contact me directly:

Click here to view my Facebook page
Brett H. Pojunis
Libertarian National Committee Member


My social Media profiles are below

Please SHARE this with anyone you think would be interested in joining the Libertarian Party.  Please forward the email, share on Facebook and twitter.

Thank you very much and I hope to see you at our meeting!

44 thoughts on “Concerned Nevada Libertarians Plan Event for Day of Postponed Convention

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’m sorry that I’m posting this article so late. Good luck to everyone who goes to the event tomorrow!
    Please keep us posted.

  2. Rod Stern

    Also, any timeframe for when recorded video may be made available here?

    And: you may want to have at least one person (not necessarily the same person all the time) monitor the Suncoast throughout the day, not just at 8 AM. Just a friendly suggestion.

  3. S Rowan Wilson, MBA

    They have been kicked out of the Suncoast. Large meeting outnumbering Silvestri (who showed-up w/ his kids to his own event) is across the street at the Marriott. Kevin Takenaga, chair of CA is there but nobody else as an impartial 3rd party from elsewhere. Frackas going on apparently…

  4. S Rowan Wilson, MBA

    Apparently Silvestri DID have his own private meeting at the Suncoast. Which is why the rest were kicked out. So the Silvestri faction was plotting/planning/doing something. Good those seeking to grow the party stuck around to ferret out what was going to happen behind closed doors…

  5. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    So, was Joe’s act a fraudulent convention? Wow. I sure wish we knew what was going on!

    This seems like the most underhanded trick of all.

  6. Rob Banks

    Since he spent a great deal of time and effort publicly announcing and informing people that a convention had been cancelled, if he held one anyway (and kicked people out that tried to attend and were eligible to attend) that would certainly be grounds for national disaffiliation.

  7. Alan Pyeatt

    This looks like a classic COINTELPRO operation. Infiltrate, stir up trouble, and then get us so busy fighting among ourselves that we can’t achieve our goals.

    Will we be destroyed like the Black Panthers and much of the American Indian Movement leadership was?

    To have any hope of future viability, we must recognize the problem and deal with it rationally. We must clean house, but at the same time we must refuse to allow ourselves to become caught up in unnecessary internal bickering.

    Above all, we must support LP leaders and candidates that consistently advocate libertarian principles.

  8. David Colborne

    On Saturday, April 27, after finalizing the draft of our petition to the Libertarian National Committee, we received word that members of the LPNevada Executive Committee were hosting an event in Ballroom D at the Suncoast Casino. Since this was the planned site of the postponed convention, we as a group attempted to attend the event. When we arrived, the lights were turned off; after using flashlights to view the proceedings, the lights were turned back on and Fil Di Noto told the group that it was a “private, invitation only event” and was hosted by the “Free Speech Coalition”. Casino security was then summoned, who evicted us from the casino property. We cooperated with their instructions peacefully.

    Joe Silvestri, his two kids, and Kurt Brackob were present as well.

  9. Catholic Trotskyist

    They called it the Free Speech Coalition and kicked people out for expressing free speech?

  10. Rod Stern

    Mailing Address:
    Libertarian Party of Nevada
    P.O. Box 34688
    Las Vegas, NV 89133

  11. Revfatsax

    It was so nice seeing joe, his kids, his excom, the adult entertainment group, and a pedophile all in one room. They clearly had better things to do than hold a convention…but f this was a way to get more votes before they reschedule the indefinitely postponed convention, they need to do better than the seven to ten people there. We offered to come in and triple the amount in there, but fil and company had security show us out. I guess joe likes his libertarian party as small as he likes his convention room attendees. Seems like a waste, he could have held this meeting at his table at home. There should be an ejection seat for the chair if he only has 7 members left to agree with him.

  12. Rod Stern

    Sounds pretty pathetic. Why hold an “invitation only” event, shouldn’t they be trying to announce their events and get more people to show up?

    And are there ANY details of the meeting at the Marriott that you can share while we wait on the full write-up?

  13. Rod Stern


    Not interested in how the coffee was.

    More like what did you do? Was anything decided? That sort of thing.

  14. David Colborne

    Details on Marriott event:

    * Over 20 attendees, which was pretty solid given the short notice and number of people that cancelled convention plans between Monday’s “postponement” and when we announced we were doing something.

    * Discussion revolved around building the LP in Nevada. This included discussion regarding our strategic operational plan, organizational divisions currently implemented by our group and what divisions remain to be implemented, what we can accomplish with and without LPNV support, and possible approaches to secure LPNV support.

  15. Rod Stern

    Thanks, now we are starting to get somewhere.

    So no attempt at electing state party officers or holding an actual convention today, I take it?

  16. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    From FB:

    Brett H. Pojunis
    Alright folks, the meeting space is reserved for tomorrow at 9:00 AM at the J.W. Marriott Hotel – Andalucia Room . Please review the Event page and RSVP:
    Libertarian Party Of Nevada Members and Delegates Meeting
    Today at 9:00am
    JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Join · You were invited by Brett H. Pojunis and David Colborne
    Like · · Follow Post · Share · 53 · 20 hours ago near Las Vegas, NV

    David Colborne
    Evicted from Suncoast Casino for attempting to attend the event hosted at the “postponed” convention venue by members of the Executive Committee. Now having post-eviction lunch! — with Brett H. Pojunis and 9 others at Cheese Cake Factory Boca Park.
    Like · · Unfollow Post · Share · 2 hours ago in Las Vegas, NV
    Glynda Dean Perrotte, Brett H. Pojunis and 2 others like this.
    Jill Pyeatt So, there was an event of some kind at the Suncoast? Was Silvestri there?f
    2 hours ago · Like
    David Colborne Yes he was.
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like
    Glynda Dean Perrotte Wow. Just wow.
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like
    Elmer Whittaker As far as I know the entire Ex-Com was there, including webmaster Fil De Noto.
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like
    David Colborne Was Jared Lord there? What about Irv Hopkins and Chris Roberts?
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like
    David Colborne #ThirdPartyProblems
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like
    Angy Mckinster chris roberts was in attendance wearing his lp black hat and teal blue shirt
    about an hour ago · Like · 3
    Angy Mckinster Hopkins was seen as well
    about an hour ago · Like · 3
    Elmer Whittaker They actually turned the lights off in the hallway to the conference room, hoping to hide from the membership in complete darkness.

    Luckily some members used the built-in flashlights of their cell phones to light the way.

    It’s hard to believe that the Suncoast security participated in this charade considering the public endangerment of complete darkness.
    37 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Jill Pyeatt Glynda, I believe that Takenaga was there.
    13 minutes ago · Like
    David Colborne Kevin Takenaga was with us, not in the “invitation only” event
    12 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2
    Jill Pyeatt Oh, thanks, David. I’ll send him an email thanking him for that.
    10 minutes ago · Like
    Jill Pyeatt Please please write something up for IPR. We’re all dying th hear how your day went.
    8 minutes ago · Like
    David Colborne We will – AFTER a nap.
    6 minutes ago via mobile · Like
    Jill Pyeatt The image of them sitting quietly in the dark, hoping not to be seen is hilarious. Absolutely the laugh of the week!
    5 minutes ago · Like · 2
    David Colborne Pretty much sums up the current leadership in a symbolic little nutshell, doesn’t it?
    4 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
    Jill Pyeatt Too darn funny. I wish I was a cartoonist so I could share the image.

  17. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Thanks, Rod! We needed those!

    I must say, that for all Silvestri’s secrecy and failure to communicate, he’s absolutely the most transparent guy out there.

  18. Avens O'Brien

    To start, I’d like to reassert my interest in the actions I’m reporting on: I’m the former Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, and a current member of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. I paid my dues to the party and paid a fee to attend the annual convention on April 27, 2013. I received notice 5 days before the convention that it would be indefinitely postponed due to a claim of the Executive Committee of National LP and a member of the party allegedly “interfering” in the outcome of the upcoming leadership election. I was refunded my attendance fee.

    As someone involved in party leadership in the past, I consider myself reasonably capable of keeping an open mind regarding disagreements between factions within the party. So I immediately engaged in trying to understand the mechanics behind this decision by the Executive Committee as well as quickly resolve whatever issues were in place, as I do not wish to see myself or other party members disenfranchised in our right to vote on our leadership.

    The Executive Committee did not appear interested in engaging in conversation regarding when a new convention would be held, why such a drastic course of action was taken, or what they intended to do leading up to the postponed convention. Communication was limited, as well as, in my opinion, unprofessional. They did not answer concerns. They did not provide leadership.

    On Wednesday, April 24th, 2013, Brett Pojunis, who is both an LNC Representative and the party member accused by the Executive Committee of “unethical behavior”, invited the party membership to attend a Meeting set for the same time and date of the original convention, with the intention of discussing the direction of the party and the needs of the membership. As many members had already arranged travel and schedule plans with the intention of originally attending the Convention, a number of people elected to attend this meeting to find out exactly what was going on.

    For the record, I decided to attend this meeting to observe the behavior of the coordinators and the attendees. After arriving and learning the mission of this meeting, I decided to stay and participate. There were 26 state party members in attendance, as well as a member of LPCalifornia who came to observe. There was video recording as well. There were apparently twelve more people interested in attending and participating who could not due to other plans made after the initial cancellation.

    To begin, Brett was quick to explain that this was not a convention. There is a very specific set of bylaws pertaining to the promotion and action of a convention, and this would not be one.

    There was some discussion about the reasons for choosing to postpone, and conversations about when a new convention may be held. Brett and his slate of nominees for Executive Committee provided a professional and comprehensive binder titled “2013 Strategic Operations Game Plan to Effectively Develop and Build the Libertarian Party in Nevada.”

    The bulk of the meeting was spent on an activity that every member in attendance had an opportunity to participate in. We drafted a petition to the Libertarian Party of Nevada and to the Libertarian National Convention, listing a number of points:

    Firstly, a list of the bylaws violations committed by the current Executive Committee of LPNevada. Each list item was addressed, debated, supported with dialogue and approved by those in attendance.

    Secondly, a list of questionable actions taken by the current Executive Committee of LPNevada. Each list item, again, was addressed, debated, supported with dialogue and approved by those in attendance.

    Thirdly, a list of membership grievances was compiled. Each list item, again, was addressed, debated, supported and approved by those in attendance.

    Lastly, a list of requests was brought forth – they stipulated conditions of convention – from impartial witnesses to the future convention, also requesting a newly scheduled convention date and transparency in the process. We also included a date by which we wish these conditions to be addressed/met, so there was a clear indication of expectations.

    This petition was signed by all members in attendance.

    The exact content of this petition will be released shortly, the final draft is not in my possession, otherwise I would do so.

    After the petition we discussed our courses of action not as the official Libertarian Party of Nevada, but as a group of Liberty activists who wish to increase the number of people involved in the party, the movement, and in leadership roles.

    At this point we were informed that the members of the current Executive Committee were presently meeting at the original site of the now-postponed convention. I have no knowledge of how we received this information, but I do know that the group decided collectively to drive over to the Suncoast Casino and see what was going on.

    There were 27 of us who walked into the convention center area of the Suncoast Casino. There was a table outside a door and a number of members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada standing inside or outside the room. As we walked down the hallway, the lights were shut off, then turned back on, and someone began yelling “Security!”. The 27 people were quiet, orderly and simply inquiring as to the nature of the event which was being held at the exact place and date (albeit a few hours after) of our original convention.

    The answer that was given was “the Free Speech Coalition” and we were escorted out by security. I hung back, simply because I was able to, security didn’t seem to notice or mind me, and I readdressed the people at the table. Fil de Noto was one of them. We exchanged brief words, in which I simply stated that as a member of the LP I just wanted to know if this was an LP event, if the treasury of the Libertarian Party of NV was paying for it, and why it was not open to everyone if it was. I was told it was simply the Free Speech Coalition, and I thanked them for the [incomplete] information and left.

    The group of us decided to meet for lunch and socialize for the next couple of hours, which was an enjoyable experience.

    I do not have the information nor cause to speculate as to what exactly various members of the current Executive Committee were doing at the Free Speech Coalition gathering which was so coincidentally timed and placed. I do not have any interest in accusations of conspiracy on either side.

    I do know that today, a group of 26 members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada met to discuss the actions and future of our party. This was not an activity of anarchy or even rebellion – this was simply a chance to address the issues facing our party, spell out the problems, and try to find the solution. I was very impressed with the entire slate of hopeful Executive Committee members in organizing this event, hearing everyone out, and coming up with realistic expectations and requests.

    In conclusion, I am very glad I was able to be a part of it, and thank the organizers and attendees for restoring my hope in the effectiveness of a group of Libertarians to come together against abuses of power.

    Thank you for reading.

    Avens O’Brien
    Former 1st District Vice Chair
    Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

  19. Rod Stern

    Ms. O’Brien

    Thank you very much for the well written and comprehensive report. Exactly what I was asking for earlier. Hopefully the video will be available here as well.

  20. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    What an excellent report! I hope to hear from others.

    I’d like to offer the members of the “Free Speech” group to share their story of today’s activities. I emailed Silvestri earlier this week, and never heard back at all. Would Fil perhaps write something up for us? Does someone have contact info for him?

    Frankly, there might be a less involved LP writer that might be able to correspond with the current NV Ex Com instead of me. Any volunteers? I’d really like to hear from the other side.

  21. Rod Stern

    Pretty sure I have seen FilDiNoto post on facebook, you could look him up there. I think he also commented on the Kurt Brackob threads – he may have left his real email address.

  22. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I didn’t have any luck finding Fil on FB. Does anyone have an email address for him?

  23. David Colborne

    To go into a little further detail on “why the heck did we not hold a convention”:

    Since the Suncoast Casino refused our request for a convention hall on site, there was no way to meet the 60 day requirement in the LPNevada bylaws regarding notification of time, date, and location of a convention. Consequently, if we attempted to host a convention at the Marriott, it would have been every bit as invalid as it would be if, say, our current leadership chose to hold a convention in Joseph P. Silvestri’s house instead of the assigned location with 48 hours notice.

    There were other procedural reasons as well, but that was the big one.

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