Cody Quirk: As an Independent American

Cody Quirk is a political activist from Nevada who is the founder of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC). In this latest article, published May 20th on the website Hammer of Truth, he announces he is leaving the Constitution Party for the national  Independent American Party (IAP). For more on the party:


Owing to the various events that have occurred within the span of the past two months in the field of American politics, specifically constitutionalist politics, that has caused me to look back upon several decisions that I had made many years ago, and reevaluate them to make several life-altering ones recently, that have been a long time coming, and are significant in which I must now take a different path in order to see my own government restored back to its constitutional foundations, and for my own country to see eventual redemption.

Since 2002, I not only have been active in the political field, but a member of a state party that’s affiliated with the National Constitution Party, which previously was the largest third-party in these United States (in terms of voter registration), and the largest one that favors a return to constitutional government; being government strictly limited and restrained by that guiding document which has been a governing force and beacon to the workings and limitations of American government… Or should be, regardless of what is considered popular and part of the social norm in our present American society.

And it has been this party which has greatly influenced my life to an extent, and has motivated me to stand on my feet and do something about the horrible condition that our government, and especially our country, has devolved into.

Until now.

Yet again, with the brass, naive outlook and drive of youth, which those of the adolescent phase endure and dwell upon, along with the energy and passion of that age; my opinion and outlook wasn’t always accurate or wise, and indeed at times had made me gullible to the many individuals of the National Constitution Party of which I had once considered my friends, and through recurring trial and error, discovered to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

However, the more involved with the Constitution Party I got, the more my young gullibility learned and improved to easily see the red flags and develop a sixth sense to the perceived dangers and threats to the Constitution Party that I was many times eager, and willing to confront and combat on my own until such a threat was either dealt with, or removed from the CP completely.

After all, with that ferocious zealotry and Irish relentlessness which runs in my own family, I have always been a firm believer that if you get involved with a group, or a cause, or a topic that you care very much about- then such a subject, or ‘subjects’, are something in which you must never be faint or weak-hearted in when it comes to your drive to see such a subject, topic, or group succeed, and also in being unwavering in one’s loyalty to it, especially in defending it against doubt and attacks from both the inside and out.

Yet it is this zealotry, this sheer loyalty which has driven me, on both the conscious and subconscious level- that also functions as a double-edged sword.

And it was this double-edged sword that, while gradually overcoming that brass, overly optimistic outlook from those days of my youth, along with the previous lack of experience and understanding of both politics and of the inner-workings of the CP, that was quickly overcome and learned through my extensive study of it and it’s history, and also the sheer first-hand experiences that I went through and became enlightened on afterward- that those ‘rose-colored glasses’ would soon come off, and those previous perspectives that I had of my own political party, began to dim and afterward, would decimate my own dedication and pierce through the once iron-clad armor of my own loyalty to the CP.

After the eleven years of my own general involvement in politics, one thing I had learned, and learned the hard way, was that in politics itself, while principles and beliefs can stay the same, or at least remain invariant throughout each generation- everything else is susceptible to change, and in fact will change.

So many times before have I seen good friends turn into bad enemies and even once bad enemies into good friends; for in the world of politics, regardless of what side, and what extreme of the spectrum it falls on- there is no clear path, nor consistent direction.

In reality, politics is a maze, and one where we have to backtrack whenever we come to a dead end.

And unfortunately, it is also one where sometimes one may never find his/her way to the exit in their lifetime.

So far, I would say I’m right in the middle of this maze, and after coming to a dead end; being, to continue onward within the CP without giving any thought to the rival parties out there that believe as we do, and yet, regardless of their size and strength, continue to splinter our end of the spectrum in which we upon, to the point of dividing resources and even the vote itself.

So I started a group that would bring these other parties together on this side of the spectrum, and backtracked to what I thought was a clearer path, to the exit.

I was correct and justified in doing so, but I soon discovered, after coming to a ‘T’ in my part of the maze, and taking what I thought was the right way… That I came to another dead end.

As large and as organized as the CP is, or was, the long held belief that my own political party was one that was governed by sincere, dedicated patriots that always put ‘Principle above Politics’, was soon disproved; as the leaders of the CP, whom I once looked up to and respected, were as unscrupulous and equally petty as the typical mainstream American politician, whom are the responsible culprits for our government being the way it currently is, and which parties like the CP were first created to counter and fight against in the first place!

And when I protested such efforts and actions taken against my sincere, humble efforts to bring all patriots and like-minded parties together in friendship and harmony- that the true nature and motivation of these individuals came fully out in sneering arrogance and haughty demeanor, tarnishing my long held views and beliefs on this party that I had belonged to for so long. And when a few other individuals from the fringe side of the CP made several threats to harm my own physical person, in addition- then not only was my long held, iron-clad loyalty demolished, but I was pushed to make a very serious and irreversible decision that would greatly come to affect the long-term aspects of constitutionalist politics.

Many years ago, I had come across, and butted heads with a rival party known as the National Independent American Party, whom shared the same same as the Nevada affiliate (my affiliate), of the CP, and whom previously contained individuals that I found to be of extremist and reprehensible character.

Hence my negative view of this party for many years before, until recently.

This national political party only had ballot access in a few states and indeed lost all of that ballot access before to ineffective leadership and the passing of their national leader, Bruce Bangerter, years ago.

Then again, in politics, things change.

Over the past two years, this political party redid their website, voted in new national leadership,regained ballot access and ran a candidate for U.S. Senate, along with fielding candidates in the presidential race that was on the ballot in one state and had write-in status in several others. While this may not seem at all impressive at first sight; the fact that a long-dormant political party which hadn’t fielded it’s own candidates for office, or even was on the ballot anywhere for nearly ten years, to suddenly became active again and regain those two factors after a ten year hiatus, is indeed a matter that is worthy of praise and a second look.

It was also around that time that when my project for bringing the parties together first took off, I befriended the IAP and opened dialogue with them, along with actively participating in their meetings as well. In contrast to the contentious, sometimes tumultuous national meetings with the CP had; while less sparsely attended, the IAP meetings lacked these features and instead harbored a friendly and productive atmosphere, where resolutions and actions were not hotly debated or torn apart under contention and threats of leaving their own party if one, or several, didn’t get their way; in fact my opening proposition to them about uniting the parties together was rather enthusiastic received in a unanimous voice.

Starting off, my own views and opinions of this party remained negative and pessimistic (as it had been for quite some time before), yet the imperatively of this one goal was enough for me to put aside my animosity and attempt to include their party with the CP, and others, that were open to dialogue on unification; since to accomplish such an effort as this one, which I still am pursuing, requires skilled diplomacy and a lot of patience, regardless.

Yet when their party further included me in their efforts, and warmed up to my own even further, to the point that they began to publicly support the goal of unifying the parties, and in an official manner as well, that’s when my perspective on the IAP started to change.

In contrast, my situation with the CP headed quickly into the opposite direction, which thereupon lead me to that dead end in the maze which we call, ‘politics’.

Granted, I could have remained where I was, and simply continue to pound against the wall until I could at least make a dent. But then again, would that get me closer to the exit? Would that have actually gotten me to the other side of that wall and towards another direction within the maze, in the first place?

Then again this is politics; things change.

So I turned around…

The National IAP may not be perfect in some things, especially in terms of organizational strength, and ballot access, at the moment, yet, being their appointed Affiliations Coordinator, I hope to change that, and to better improve the IAP itself, where it can hopefully become a organized, everlasting beacon to all constitutionalists, principled-conservatives, and like-minded patriots- and finally make that gradual breakthrough into major offices that is vital for such a party like this one to become a changing, and permanent force upon American politics; a force that, despite the twenty years that the CP has been in existence, has repeatedly failed to become, and will never be.

… And I turned my back to this dead end, and started for the other direction of the ‘T’.

While I will continue in my recently adjusted goal of reaching out to, and including the other parties out there which believe as the IAP does, especially to the good and well-intentioned leaders, members, and state affiliates of the CP, which have not been touched by the whims ofsectarianism incompetence,and dogmatic approach, that has already consumed many levels andaspects of the National CP itself, yet which is absent in the IAP itself. Nevertheless, I do this after careful and meticulous mediation, and prayer, and without the Holier-than-thou self-righteous dibble, or even the vain, extremist ranting that some of this political persuasion might use in frustration or anger.

Granted, there have been plenty of other dead ends that I have met in the past before, and only through the wisdom of my mentor, the late William K. Shearer, and several others- have I been able to turn around in time, and not end up back in the same spot that I started in.

Now begins another path that hopefully leads to the exit, or at least closer to it, in this maze that we, again, call politics, that I take, and do so… As a Independent American.

26 thoughts on “Cody Quirk: As an Independent American

  1. Cody Quirk

    Already left the CP and went into the IAP a week earlier; I figured I’d make it public now.

  2. David

    I wouldn’t count those AIP registrations in California, since most of those voters are probably independent and don’t know what the AIP is?

  3. Real Green Party

    Cody Quirk should join the Green Party. Come on Cody, you know you secretly are a socialist; socialism is beautiful; come on Cody you know you want to you know you want to. Cody hates God and the Constitution Cody hates God and the Constitution; say it loud say it proud; jooin Green Party and run for office as a Green Party candidate and win win win.

  4. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    What a complete and total load of horseshit!!!!!

    A total fairy tale of how wonderful little naïve Cody is so picked upon and misunderstood by the big meanies who actually ” physically threaten him ” in spite of his idealistic work for the betterment of the nation. What an unbelievable crock of absolute BS.

    Not the reality of a backstabbing little twerp who is more ” dogmatic ” x10 than anyone he accuses of being such; who supports the very people who betrayed and totally destroyed the work of his claimed mentor Bill Shearer, and who piles on tons of ” holier-than-thou self-righteous dibble ” in his witless screed above and throughout all of his other nitwit ravings.

    I don’t know the people involved in the IAP but they have certainly chosen to screw up their party by having any association with this self-righteous weasel who works to betray the CP by brownnosing with its greatest enemies and now stabs it in the back with his self-glorification screed.

    Good riddance to this clown. He is doing exactly what I said that he would – continue to attack the CP after his CCTUC scam was exposed for the complete fraud that it was.

    Message to the IAP – NO Constitution Party affiliate, person, or really anyone with any sense in any way will affiliate with your party when you have such an ego-maniac backstabbing rat like Cody Quirk as your ” Affiliations Coordinator.” You don’t realize what you have done to your party since Cody Quirk is ONLY ABOUT HIMSELF – 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH AND ON AND ON. You’ll learn that when he stabs you in the back too. Then you will find out the truth that, because he is an egomaniac, he is ONLY capable of destroying – NEVER building.

    Cody – I am glad to see that you that you are taking your plague out of the CP. Of course you will continue to attack us as expected and predicted.

    You COULD have grown from your error but your totally ludicrous screed above shows that you will ALWAYS be the preening self-righteous fool that you have exposed yourself to be.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. proud to have flushed the Cody Twerp/Quirk infection right out of the CP

    P.S. to IAP – You should read my letter to the CP regarding the CCTUC scam. NO CP affiliate will touch Quirk with a 20 foot pole as they recognize that he is radioactive – a mortal poison to all that they hold dear, work to attain, and to everything that they have done.

  5. Joshua Fauver

    Mr. Grundmann,

    I find it truly alarming that you get on every single post that has the name Cody Quirk attached to it. I don’t know how else to describe your behavior aside from obsessive. It really is quite alarming. Secondly, you post these really lengthy comments that all say the same exact thing as the last 15 incredibly long comments you made on the last article written about something Cody is doing. Thirdly, the only person who seems to be egotistical and self righteous is you with your constant attack on Cody in a really silly and juvenile attempt to give your self, what I can only assume to be, some sick and twisted sense of credibility (since you in all honesty have NONE) and gratification. Mr. Grundmann, if indeed you are correct in what you have said about Cody in the ridiculous amount of IDENTICAL comments you’ve made about him, then it is what is and you need not come on every article related to him and his efforts and spout of at the mouth like a fifteen year old immature girl. However, seeing as your claims have no base in reality, it would appear the best you can do is sit behind your keyboard on some fictional pedestal and ramble on about what you think and attack someone who is doing something proactive about the fact that the right is splintered. It is sad to see your absurd and absolutely ridiculous comments on here.

  6. Mark Seidenberg

    Cody Quirk

    You should note the California Secretary of State
    Debra Bowen recognizes Don Grundmann as chairperson of the “Constitution Party”. Dr.
    Grundmann has changed the name from “Constitution Party of California” to just
    “Constitution Party”.
    This leaves N. Johnson hanging.

  7. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mr. Fauver – In the short moments which I have I will work to address the many inaccuracies in your #10 note above.

    I addressed Cody via this thread because I am sick and tired of his attacks against the CP. In this particular thread he outrageously portrays himself as a political Bambi innocently bouncing through the woods and being picked upon by big meanies who stifle his noble efforts – complete BS.

    He conveniently forgets that he first attacked myself by threatening to send his lawyer friends after me. So when I counter his threat he now proclaims that he was physically threatened as a badge of his innocence as compared to confessing his guilt in being a first attacker.

    But the far more important issue is that he was NEVER working to repair a ” splintered right.” He was instead working with the very people ( Mark Robinson and Mark Seidenberg, and they as agents of the Republicans, SPLS, and ADL ) who attacked the 3rd party conservative movement and REFUSING to work with those, such as myself, who stood in its defense.

    Did he EVER make ONE, JUST ONE, call to any of those of us who were in the AIP when it was attacked by Robinson and Seidenberg?

    Answer – NO

    Did he EVER ask any of us – Hey – What happens when the party was attacked?

    Answer – NO

    Instead he worked with the attackers ( people who despised Bill Shearer ) and denigrated and attacked those of us who worked to defend the AIP and the work of Bill Shearer – whom he ” claims ” as his mentor.

    So when Cody attacks the CP and proclaims himself to be an innocent Bambi I will challenge his lies.

    He NEVER intended to unify the ” right ” because his very premise was that certain religious beliefs; i.e; evangelical Christianity; were unwelcome in any unification alliance.

    He hence started his CCUTC at war with a great number of people who could aid the CP but with whom he personally has a religious dispute. He then followed that up by working in alliance with the greatest enemies of the CP in its history ( Seidenberg, Robinson, and ESPECIALLY their SPLC, ADL, and Republican controllers ) who are the deadly enemies of Christianity in ANY form – even Mormons unless and until the Mormons give up and bow down to lick their shoes; which he himself is in the process of doing.

    Of course you yourself are more than willing – like Cody – to stab the CP in the back if you don’t get your way.

    You or Cody COULD just say – Hey, I made a mistake. I admit it.

    Instead you ADD a ” BUT “… and then go on to accuse the CP of secret votes , bias, and all kinds of total nonsense – all to protect your oh so precious ” image.”

    You are just like Cody – your ” image ” is the most important thing in life and hence you can NEVER admit that you screwed up. It will ALWAYS be the fault of the CP or someone else.

    Bottom Line – Cody continues ( as predicted ) to betray the CP.

    2nd Bottom Line – I have been out in the field fighting for the nation before a fart like you was born. I have no care at all of your woosy opinion.

    I am still fighting here in California against many forces inclusive of worms like Quirk who have not done one thing to aid the CP but rather glorifies himself via attacking the CP.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. defending the Constitution Party, and hence the foundational principles of the nation, against its open and hidden enemies

  8. Joshua Fauver


    Again I see that you have a pattern. Accuse people of caring about their image. The only defense of the constitution you know of or at least try to perform is getting on here and posting away and spouting off at the mouth like the ignorant waste of air and skin that you are. You blab off about things you don’t even know. I worked with Cody since November and it was never about our image, it was never about image or reputation. But you do a lot of attempts to save face for someone who claims that others are superficial. And your last long stupid comment only further proves that my statement that all of your comments are identical is indeed correct.

  9. Mark Seidenberg

    Cody Quirk

    I note that Don Grundmann is “defending the
    Constitution Party”, reason the “Constitution
    Party of California” does not exist any more,
    because Don Grundmann changed the name
    with the California Secretary of State.

    This left N. Johnson high and dry.

  10. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Fauver – A) Quirk has done NOTHING, and this from Day 1 and before of his fraud CCTUC, to aid the California CP in ANY way. He has instead attacked it continuously. B) He has worked with, and defended, the attackers of the AIP/CP ( Seidenberg and Robinson ) from Day 1 and before of the fraud CCTUC. C) He has NEVER asked for any explanation of what happened to the AIP from those who were working to defend it from the attack of the SPLC/ADL via Robinson and Seidenberg. D) He has instead accused myself of saying things to the California SOS office which caused them to rule against the AIP/CP. Such a statement is an absolutely and colossally stupid statement which shows – 1) that he has NO knowledge of the actual attack against the AIP, and 2) ( especially dumb ) doesn’t want to know what happened.

    Bottom Line – Quirk is a backstabber of the CP and this in conjunction with the greatest enemies of the CP and even of the nation itself via their being agents of the SPLC and ADL.

    If Quirk REALLY want to ” unify ” conservatives he would have – 1) worked to include ALL of them instead of jettisoning those who his religious bigotry ruled out, and 2) worked to help the California CP instead of attacking it because of his religious bigotry/bias against evangelical Christians such as myself.

    Did ANY of this happen? NO. Why? Because it was ALWAYS about the glorification of Quirk – as illustrated by his feather preening Bambi imitation screed above. The only patriots to be allowed in his ” unity ” would be those who passed his religious bigotry test and/or those who were approved by his SPLC/ADL masters Seidenberg and Robinson – 2 of the greatest enemies of the CP in its history

    And of course you rush to his defense despite every documented screwup which he has performed and knife which he has placed in others backs.

    The best thing that you can ever do for your friend is allow him to admit the bitter truth of what a betrayer he truly is. Only then can he ever possibly recover. Otherwise you are simply an enabler of his pathology – the same function he performs for Seidenberg and Robinson.

    So you both have an opportunity – to grow up and become men instead of males.

    My bet? There is no way that that will ever occur and there is no way that either of you can or will ever prove me wrong. ” Image ” is far too important for both of you as, just like the Bible says, ” pride goeth before the fall.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Founder and 1st Chairman of the Constitution Party of California – continuing the work of Bill Shearer despite any and all attackers

  11. Cody Quirk

    Mark, I wouldn’t trust the mental competency of Mr. Grundmann, if I were you.

    BTW, did you know that the new IAP Coordinator for New Jersey is a Messianic Jew?

    Just thought I’d let you know about that.

  12. Joshua Fauver

    Mr. Grundmann,

    You continue your absolutely brilliant display of utter IGNORANCE! It is truly impressive as I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Seindberg and Robison were not included in our efforts when we originally undertook the work of unifying the far right. It was never about image, neither for myself nor for Mr. Quirk. You continue to spout off at your mouth like the ignorant immature pathetic excuse for a human being that you are. We excluded people for good reason, but I don’t know why you care as your party was included by extension of your national affiliation. And no, we didn’t care about what happened in the past as it was just that, the past. We were trying to move past all of that and work together to unify the far right. To create a strong constittuionally conservative third party. What happened though? The national constitution party said no to unity. They instead continued to dsiplay the same low level of maturity that you do, and just hold on to the past and what happened there. My suggestion to you is to grow up, and move on. If you are so much more mature and grown up than Cody and myself why is it then that you feel compelled to point out how immature he and I supposedly are? If you were correct then it would be evident without your constant pointing it out. It goes without saying that you wrong. We tried to accomplish something bigger than all of ourselves and you do nothing but throw temper tantrums from the safety of your keyboard. You are just a big bad REAL man aren’t you Mr. Grundmann, because only real men sit behind their keyboards and attack those trying to accomplish something.

  13. Mark Seidenberg

    Mr. Fauver, please spell my name correctly.

    It is “Seidenberg”.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg

  14. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Fauver – The national CP said no to your fraud ” unity ” because they, unlike you, realized the truth of what you were proclaiming/attempting.

    And you have the audacity to claim that they have a ” low level of maturity ” in rejecting any agreement with the very people, and especially their handlers/controllers, who have had the greatest success in destroying the party??!!

    That they are ” holding onto the past???!!!”

    This is a perfect illustration, along with your comment above, of how ” dead in the water ” both you and Quirk are.

    You are both not only totally clueless but, far worse, have absolutely no desire to get ANY clue.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. giving clues to the clueless even when they don’t want them

    P.S. – As a perfect illustration of your cluelessness what you claim to be ” trying to accomplish ” had absolutely NO chance of success because of 1) the evil people whom you were working with, 2) your total indifference to their evil, 3) your agreement with that evil, and 4) your own totally screwed up characters.

    The only possible ” accomplishment ” of such endeavor would have been that desired by the demons you were working with – the final total detonation and destruction of the CP.

    As I have stated – there was NEVER any attempt – not ONE – by Quirk to truly build the CP. But you are too both foolish and fools to ever admit that truth.

  15. Mark Seidenberg

    Jushua Fauver

    do not let Don Grundmann get to you. He has
    removed the “Connstitution Party of Califoria”
    as a political body with 304 electors from
    Califoria, by changing its ame to the “Constitution Party”. In California we have 58 Election Officialswho report to the SOS differently.

    Some of the County Election Officials will report
    electors have the word “Constitution” in the
    regi8stration and others will what the party name to be exact. On the February 10. 2013 posting by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen gave the “Constitution Party of California”
    registration at 304 electors.

    What Dr. Don Grundman did was cause a reductio i Califroia electors and hurt Chairman . Johnson..

    Prease remember that to get ballot qualified in California as of now you need 103,004 electors.

    Grundmann cause a major reduction to that number from its
    current 304 electors.

  16. Mark Seidenberg


    I am sorry, I can not see the keyboard very will on by phone.

  17. Mark Seidenberg

    Qualified Political Parties in California are arms
    of the State. We have to follow the CA Election
    Code to the letter.

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