Jonathan Allen: Despite Loss, Platt Sees Positive Future for Green Party in SC

Published in the Summerville Patch May 7th: 


No one can claim Eugene Platt and the Green Party played the spoiler role in the First Congressional District race won by former Gov. Mark Sanford Tuesday.

“I want to congratulate Gov. Sanford on his win, and [Elizabeth Colbert] Busch on her run,” Platt said. “I’m happy with what we did, giving people a third choice. So many times in South Carolina we only have two choices on the ballot, and a lot of times it’s only one choice.”

With less than 1,000 votes, according to unofficial results, Platt didn’t manage to break 1 percent of the vote, but he isn’t disheartened.

“I’m so relieved, but it was all worth it,” Platt said. “The better part of 1,000 people voted for me, that’s more people than I know.”

His main goal during the election was to make more people aware of the Green Party as an option in elections, and he feels that he accomplished that.

“With a party this small the only thing we can do is grow,” he said. “We’re not going to go away.”

At 74 Platt said he probably will not run for the First Congressional District seat again in 2014 when it comes up for a vote again. He plans to leave that to younger Greens, but said he’ll remain active in the party, assessing the lessons from his own campaign and helping to recruit candidates for offices across the state.

“We’ve got some good candidates for Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat and we’ll be running people for a lot of races,” he said. “We won’t have someone in every race, but we’re going to be around.”

Platt is a member of the James Island Public Service Commission, a non-partisan elected position, a seat he has been elected to six times. He is also the author a a book of poetry, and plans to start writing again as early as tomorrow.

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