Latest Facebook Posts from the Constitution Party of Illinois About Islam

A May 22nd post on the Constitution Party of Illinois (CPIL) Facebook page:


We are at war with Islam and we need to wake up to that fact.

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16 thoughts on “Latest Facebook Posts from the Constitution Party of Illinois About Islam

  1. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    This is the same CP affiliate that posted that stupid abortion image macro attacking the LP. Not surprised to see this nonsense either.

    I’ve said it before…Fuck the Constitution Party.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Religious fanatics and islamophobia. Why are so many people in the CP outright crazy?

    Like I said before, I’m proud that I will be joining the LP when I turn 18.

  3. George Phillies

    Going to war with a religion is, of course, unconstitutional, so it is not surprising that the Republicans and their honest twins here want to do it.

  4. Brian Holtz

    KL, we’d be proud to have you join before then. You don’t have to be 18 — you just have to understand what it means to “oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals”.

    (And when you do, please explain it to us, because we still argue about it. 🙂 )

  5. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I’ll wait until I’m 18, Brian. Just to make it more symbolic. I plan on voting straight ticket Libertarian in November 2014, except for US Congress, where I’m working for the campaign of David Earl Williams III, a Ron Paul Republican who voted for Gary Johnson.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    This country has had millions of Muslims living in our country for years without much trouble. I’m sick of al the hatemongering. I think a lot of what we hear us propaganda.

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    I can’t speak about this awful episode today except to say that people of every religion commit violence every day.

  8. Brian Holtz

    While governments and religious zealots goad each other to further violence, here’s a firm that finds it in its own business interests to promote religious tolerance and peace:

  9. From Der Sidelines

    Hello, Constitution Party? This is God. I’m at the Parker Brothers factory. Please come by and pick up your Clue, as it had been waiting here for you for decades…

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