Libertarian Party of New York Now Has Facebook Page

The Libertarian Party of New York (NYLP) has an active Facebook group, but for a long time no Facebook page. On May 29th, an official one was created. It’s available below:

Currently, there is only one LP state affiliate without a Facebook page (Oregon). However, there are several state pages that are rarely active, with some not having any new posts since the fall of 2012, for example. One, the South Dakota Libertarian Party page, has not had any posts since its creation.

4 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of New York Now Has Facebook Page

  1. George Phillies

    State Parties creating facebook groups will likely discover a need to repel spam articles from all sorts of people. The clue we have found in Massachusetts is people with absolutely no past and a collection of group memberships crossing the country asking to join. These people are rather reliably spammers.

  2. paulie

    I let anyone join in Alabama, but as soon as they post an ad about sunglasses or shoes or whatever both they and the comment are gone and the poster is banned permanently from being added again.

  3. Wes Wagner

    I use the method of only approving people who are either in Oregon or have some mutual friends that are already in the group as well.

  4. Ken Moellman

    LP Kentucky intentionally does not post a lot to it’s wall. We want our Page to be an information source, where people can come and find out info about meetings and whatnot.

    LP Kentucky’s District Parties also have Pages, because again it’s about disseminating information.

    Our County orgs use Groups, because it’s more local and easy for them to communicate that way.

    That’s the way we do it, anyway…

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