Libertopia, Documentary about Free State Project, Released Online

Libertopia is a documentary about the Free State Project that was released in the latter half of 2010. Today, the film was released for free online by the producers.

A description of the film from the video:

Libertopia is a time capsule of the Free State Project from 2008-2009. For more information about the FSP, go to If you like the movie, consider making a donation at, so the filmmakers can keep telling good stories.

Hit the open road with Libertopia, a documentary film that follows a unique group of people on individual quests for liberty. Watch as they follow the call of the Free State Project, an invitation to the liberty-minded at large to combine and concentrate their efforts in a single US state.

From across the country and beyond, people are uprooting their lives to converge in New Hampshire, where on a daily basis they work to create a more free society.

Many Libertarian Party members are involved with the FSP, a movement to encourage 20,000 libertarians to move to New Hampshire to make that state more conducive to liberty. Darryl W. Perry is a member who is the first announced Libertarian presidential candidate in 2016. He moved from Birmingham, Alabama.  Hardy Macia was an FSP’er who moved from his home state of Vermont and was a several time candidate, most recently in 2012 for U.S. Congress. He previously served on the LNC and was heavily involved in Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign. He passed away May 13th.

The full documentary below:

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