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LP Facebook Page Promotes Candidates and Registering Libertarian for Ballot Access

Posts from the LP Facebook page today: 

Bill Slantz, U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 8th district, June 4th special election

Christopher Sullivan, for Virginia House of Delegates, District 55. Election November 5, 2013.

Laura Delhomme, for Virginia House of Delegates, 47th district

Lindsey Bolton,  for Virginia House of Delegates, 48th district


Post about registering Libertarian as a free way to help the LP:

Do you want a free, easy way to help the Libertarian Party?

Right now, we spend about half of our budget just getting on, and staying on, ballots all across the country. This effort includes gathering petition signatures and fighting frivolous lawsuits from the two major parties. They, along with their corporate and union backers, want to make sure voters have as few choices as possible at election time. But the good news is: In most states, if we get just 1% of registered voters registered Libertarian, we don’t have to do that! Register Libertarian here: