May Day 2013: Updates, including third party mentions

May Day 2013 was celebrated by workers, activists, and occupiers around the world. Occupy Wall Street set up a May Day 2013 NYC website for scheduling events.

Some of the news coverage of May Day included third party mentions. The PressTV story and video below include reflections from socialist party members, as well as from Jimmy “Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan, who ran for Governor of New York on an independent line.

(excerpt from) PressTV Americans mark May Day with protests

…One protester from the Revolutionary Socialist Party says that nothing short of a full systemic change will address the needs of the majority of the world’s people.

He also mentioned US President Barack Obama’s deportations program and drone assassinations program saying that American voters need to start by not settling for the lesser of two evils.

Jimmy McMillan has run for Mayor of New York and for state governor and he says more needs to be done for young people…

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