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Mike Kane Announces Run For Libertarian Party of Florida Vice-Chair

Mike Kane posted this in the LP Radical Caucus Facebook group on May 1st:

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I’m formally nominating myself for the LPF – Vice Chair position.

First, I will describe what I will do if elected then I will describe my current and previous LP activities and work towards a freer society and lastly I will share with you what other colleagues have written about me.

As Vice Chair, I will work to contact every potential new “Run for Office inquiry” to recruit as many potential candidates for office as possible. My goal is to have 15 partisan Libertarian candidates for Florida’s lower House in the November 2014 election, to compliment the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate.

Since new inquires simply aren’t enough to achieve that goal, I plan to personally contact all registered Libertarians in the state of Florida provided there is a either a phone number or an email address to ask them if they’ve considered running for office. If they haven’t or aren’t interested, I will encourage them to attend local affiliate meetings, or start a local affiliate. My efforts have already started here in Monroe County, and I’ve been in contact with Diane Thorne
and we are in the process of drafting the proper bylaws to start a county affiliate here. The affiliate should be official in advance of the LPF convention.

My volunteer outreach efforts at the state level will save LPF hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the cost of mailing voters, and everyone can agree that a phone call beats a letter/mailer in terms of getting people involved. In case the LPF does decide to mail registered Libertarian voters as an outreach method, which I generally believe is a good idea given the right parameters, my follow up will only increase the effectiveness.

I prefer the repeal rather than reform method during outreach to new members and potential candidates. Libertarians should not be scared of their own shadow when it comes to our positions. In 2002, Carla Howell led an effort to REPEAL (note, not reduce) the state income tax in Massachusetts. Despite having almost the entire Mass. media and virtually every incumbent politician and special interest group working against them, the initiative received over 45% of the vote. Libertarian Solutions aren’t fringe or extreme, they are popular!

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, I pledge not to vote to use LPF funds to support candidates in general. Specifically, I promise not to vote in favor of using any LPF funds to promote any candidate before any primary races. Party funds should be used to grow the party in terms of voter registration and outreach, not yard signs and get out to vote calls. More activists means more volunteer help, which is a much better long term strategy.

LPF should of course help candidates, providing databases and lists for their own outreach and fundraising efforts, if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement protecting LPF’s database. Since I’ve done fundraising in the past, I pledge to fundraise for said candidates as well.

I have never voted for a candidate with an R or a D next to their name.

Current LP Activity

• Libertarian National Credentials Committee – Member
• Candidate Recruiter for Libertarian Booster PAC
In the past few months I’ve personally recruited or helped recruit, over 10 candidates who have committed to run for the Virginia House of Delegates. To increase effectiveness, I’ve worked in tandem with Bob Johnston, the Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist, at the national Libertarian Party and we have a good working relationship.
• Monroe County Florida Libertarian Party Organizer
I’m currently involved with organizing a county affiliate for the Libertarian Party of Florida in Monroe County, Florida. Several social gatherings have been held, and Diane Thorne, LPF Region 10 representative and I are in the process of forming an affiliate.

Former LP Activity
• Liberty for Virginia Ballot Access Fundraising Director 2012
Spearheaded an effort to raise money for Libertarian Party of Virginia’s ballot access fund to help pay petitioners to get the 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on the ballot in Virginia. This included personally handwriting over 500 addresses on envelopes and calling every dues paying member of LPVA to ask them for a financial contribution or to volunteer to petition.
• At-Large Board Member – Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (2011-2012)
• Charter Member – Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (2009) (Helped start affiliate)
• Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates (2011) (State record – highest vote percentage in a partisan race)
• Personally collected over 500 volunteer petition signatures for various LP candidates at the local and national level.
• Have volunteered, donated, and canvassed for various LP candidates
• New member inquiry outreach – have contacted over 300 new inquiries submitted from
Former Non-LP activity
• Development Director for the Coalition to Reduce Spending
The Coalition is a non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to reducing federal expenditures. My work included phone calls, emails, list/database management, outreach, blogging.

Finally, I encourage you to read the following letter, sent by current LP Virginia state chair, Chuck Moulton, who previously served as LP Pennsylvania State Chair and on the Libertarian National Committee as Vice-Chair from 2006-2008.

[Email addresses redacted to shorten this letter, for a copy of the full letter see:]

> Libertarian National Committee members,
> I am writing in support of Mike Kane’s candidacy for the Credentials
Committee. Often LNC members vote for who they know well, which can put those
not yet active nationally at a disadvantage. As state chair of the Libertarian
Party of Virginia I want to remedy that by telling you a bit about our superstar
Virginia activist. (Even though we were sad to lose Mike to the Libertarian
Party of Florida last year, he continued to help Virginia remotely.)
> Mike and others have already told you about his Libertarian activism as a
Virginia House of Delegates candidate, a contract fundraiser for the Libertarian
Party of Virginia, and a candidate recruiter for the Libertarian Booster PAC.
Now he is anxious to get involved at the national level. Rather than piling on
accolades for his activism, I want to concentrate on specifics of why he is very
well suited to the Credentials Committee.
> 1. phone guy
> Mike is an extrovert who is our go to guy for doing outreach at booths (he is
a natural at striking up conversations with strangers) and making phone calls
for the LP (many libertarians are too introverted to pick up the phone). A big
part of the Credentials Committee job will be calling up and emailing state
chairs making sure they submit their delegate lists on time; Mike Kane is
ideally suited for that task. He’s very persistent, but affable and charming
when he gets through.
> 2. details guy
> Mike is detail oriented. In his capacity as a candidate recruiter he is
keeping track of all sorts of idiosyncrasies of Virginia law, making sure our
candidates know about every deadline, requirement, and resource. When he was a
contract fundraiser he would email each person with whom he spoke detailed
instructions for interfacing with their local party and ways they could help
out. He works well with spreadsheets and databases as an end user to organize
both his libertarian projects and his day job as development director for a
startup think tank. I have no doubt Mike’s attention to detail would be
immensely helpful with the credentialing process before and during the
> 3. enthusiasm guy
> Mike is super-dedicated to libertarianism and the Libertarian Party. He’s
always willing to step forward to help with a project and not shy about getting
his hands dirty with tedious jobs (like hand addressing thank you notes to
donors). The Credentials Committee would be lucky to have a willing assistant
ready to take on any task — and when Mike says he’ll do something, you know it
will get done.
> For those reasons in my opinion Mike Kane is a very good fit for the
Credentials Committee and I encourage each of you to give Mike one of your
> In liberty,
> Chuck Moulton
> Chair, Libertarian Party of Virginia

I’d greatly appreciate your consideration of a vote, and look forward to building the Libertarian Party of Florida and a society free from coercion, force, and fraud.

Mike Kane

I’m willing and able to provide LP references from many LP members nationwide upon request.

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  1. Chris Brookover Chris Brookover May 3, 2013

    This is great news for Florida. Mike Kane will be a tireless workhorse and will deliver results. If he’s elected, there will be a consider increase in Libertarian candidates and membership numbers throughout the state. I hope all Florida Libertarians will consider voting for Kane as Vice-Chair.

  2. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton May 3, 2013

    Florida would be very lucky to have Mike in the mix if he works even 10% as hard for the Florida LP as he has for the Virginia LP. I strongly endorse Mike Kane for vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

  3. Mike Kane Mike Kane May 20, 2013

    Thank you for the kind words Chuck.

  4. Mike Kane Mike Kane May 20, 2013

    And Chris as well. I look forward to seeing you both again soon, hopefully later this year.

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