Mike Kane: Libertarian Party of Florida post- Convention Report

Mike Kane is a Florida LP activist who made an unsuccessful bid to be the vice chair of the LPF at this convention: 


Libertarian Party of Florida post- Convention Report 

By Mike Kane 5/29/13

Please note I’m trying to be as objective and thorough as possible with this, but this is what happened from my perspective. I’ve added some of my own commentary here. Note the blue text italicized text is copied directly from the unapproved minutes taken from Secretary Lynn House. I wrote this much from memory and omitted things I only found to be very irrelevant so this is in no way complete. If I missed anything please feel free to comment below.

Many thanks to everyone who participated, with special thanks to Jo Ann Vaccarino for all of the photos. The Collier LP put on an excellent convention. Also thanks to Lynn House for the minutes.

The Libertarian Party of Florida held its annual business convention at the Hilton in Naples, FL this past weekend, May 24-26th.

Saturday Morning 9:00 AM

The conventions opening remarks were given by Ray Netherwood, a candidate from nearby Marco Island who is running for U.S. House in Florida District 19

To read the rest of the report, please go to the following link: 

Convention Report


8 thoughts on “Mike Kane: Libertarian Party of Florida post- Convention Report

  1. Jared

    Good job Mike. A few things were left out but all in all this was a good summary and was relatively unbiased. Id like to note that Eva Schlichte took most of the pictures and she was a local volunteer.

  2. Mike Kane

    Thank you Jared.

    Brian Cole, a regional representative who was elected regional 8 representative during the regional caucuses, was the individual who introduced the 3/4’s amendment to the highly controversial bylaws change. It originally read 2/3rds of the EC can vote on suspension of a member of the LPF.

  3. George Whitfield

    Thank you Mike Kane, Lynn House and Eva Schlichte for the report. Living overseas and unable to attend the convention but being a long-time member of the Florida LP, I really appreciate your putting this report together. It is good to know what went on. I look forward to supporting Libertarian candidates in Florida.

  4. paulie

    Thanks. Much clearer than the first reports I saw, which were more like walking into the middle of someone’s conversation.

  5. Mike Kane

    ARTICLE II Membership

    Section 1. LPF membership is open to whoever signs the pledge: “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”

    For the past year individuals have been pushing for “Free Memberships”.

    This basically means you enter your information onto LPF’s website, sign the pledge, and click the Free Membership button.

    There are also options for donating more, but it’s my understanding that most people choose the free one .

  6. Lynn House

    We measure that by keeping track of our members. I like to say we have grown 13 times in 13 months.

    Our voter registration number has grown 28% in 6 months.

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