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NORML New Jersey Chapter Member Don DeZarn running as Libertarian for State Senate

Posted on NORML New Jersey’s website. 

Posted by Don Dezarn on Monday, May 20, 2013

My name is Don DeZarn and I am the Libertarian Party Nominee for the New Jersey State Senate in the 14th Legislative District.  I am an active member of NORMLNJ and I’m committed to making the call for ‘full legalization of marijuana’ a central theme in my upcoming campaign.

I am currently in the final stages of circulating petitions in order to obtain the required number of signatures from registered voters so that my name will appear on the ballot in November and I really need your help.

If you are a registered voter residing in the 14th legislative district, and you are in favor ofmarijuana being taxed and regulated like alcohol, I hope you will consider signing my petition .

I would also welcome any signatures from family members or friends that you might know, whom reside in the district.

The 14th legislative district includes parts of both Mercer & Middlesex counties and includes the following municipalities: Hamilton, Robbinsville, East Windsor, Hightstown, Cranbury, Plainsboro, Jamesburg, Spotswood and Monroe.

I would be happy to travel to a meeting spot of your choosing if you are willing and able to sign my petition.

You can contact me at if you would be willing to assist me with this process.

Signing the petition in no way obligates you to anything.  All you would be doing is saying that you wish for my name to appear on the ballot in November, thus allowing my voice to be heard.

On Monday, May 13th I held a press conference at Veterans Park in Hamilton Township.  The press conference began at 4:00 pm and at exactly 4:20 pm I lit and smoked a joint in honor of all of our brothers and sisters who are currently being held (as prisoners of our failed drug war) by our government.

Please take the time to read and comment on this article (and the ones being linked to) so that readers from the media realize that there is strong interest out there for ending this corrupt, immoral, insane, and racist war.

I have caught a lot of flak, especially from some members of my own party.  However, my ‘publicity stunt’ garnered the attention of the media so that I would have a platform to speak out on the utter hypocrisy of the marijuana laws in this state.  Looking back, I am glad I did what I did because it raised awareness for this very important, pressing issue.

It makes absolutely no sense that our state taxes and regulates alcohol, which is nothing more than poison, while outlawing a plant that has known medicinal properties, and which causes far fewer problems than alcohol.

I was always planning on making the call for ‘full legalization of marijuana’ a central theme in my campaign.  It has now become my number one issue.

Please visit my website at .  Here you will find detailed information about my campaign and other ways you might be able to support my efforts.

The race in the 14th district is shaping up to be an ultra-competitive one between the two mainstream parties.  As such, I believe this race will afford me the opportunity to speak out strongly in support of legalization efforts and actually be heard.

In a close race every vote will count, and the Republican and Democratic campaigns will be forced to address this issue, particularly when debate time rolls around.

If you have not been actively involved with NORMLNJ recently, I urge you to consider attending one of their monthly meetings. With the successful legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington last fall, you can finally feel the tide turning in our favor.

We have several events and volunteer opportunities planned where you can go out and make your voice heard (and actually feel like you are making a difference).

I sincerely thank you for your time and consideration. We need to seize the momentum we currently have and push forward towards reaching our common goal.  The power of the people will finally prevail!