Pennsylvania Green Party Called for Fracking Ban on Earth Day

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Rush-hour traffic zipped by them. The chilly wind blew through them. But that did not prevent some 30 determined environmentalists and conservationists from bringing their battle against “fracking,” a controversial drilling process using pressurized fluids to bring natural gas to the surface, to the streets of downtown Norristown in time for Monday’s Earth Day.

“I am here to show my support for clean air, clean water in Pennsylvania, in the United States and the world,” said David F. Ochmanowicz Jr., a Quakertown resident and chairman of the Bucks County Green Party.

While fracking has not come to Montgomery County, “everything travels downstream and it is only a matter of time before our water supplies become contaminated and affect generations to come,” maintained Elkins Park resident Emily Cook, who heads the Montgomery County Green Party.

The state’s Green Party was the sponsoring organization behind the protest although some 60 organizations and individuals signed on in support of the anti-fracking demonstration.

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