Tom Stevens: Personal Freedom Party Holds New York City Convention; Nominates Candidates

The following was published on Tom Stevens’ blog, Liberty Lion, on May 12th.

The Personal Freedom Party held its New York City Nominating Convention on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Boulder Creek Steakhouse located at 134-15 20th Avenue, College Point, Queens, New York. Sam Sloan, a resident of the Bronx, was nominated for Mayor, Kristin M. Davis, a resident of Manhattan, was nominated for Comptroller and Thomas Robert Stevens, a resident of Queens, was nominated for Public Advocate.

Sam Sloan ran for the Libertarian Party’s gubernatorial nomination in 2010 and for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2012. He previously served as Director of Media Relations for the Manhattan Libertarian Party as well as serving as its Representative to the State Committee of the New York Libertarian Party. Sam Sloan is an American Chess Player & Publisher. He has served on the Executive Board of the U.S. Chess Federation and successfully argued a case pro se before the United States Supreme Court. Sam Sloan is a Muslim and is known in Islamic circles as Haji Mohammed Ismail Sloan.

Kristin M. Davis, who received the nomination of the Libertarian Party for Comptroller on April 9, 2013, was the gubernatorial candidate of the Anti-Prohibition Party in 2010. Ms. Davis is formerly known as the Manhattan Madam, a former madam famous for having run a high-end prostitution ring in New York City. Davis served four months in prison on Riker’s Island. Prior to running an escort agency, she was Vice-President of the back office of a hedge fund operation with assets over 2 billion dollars. Ms. Davis now runs Hope House, a non-profit organization designed to assist women affected by sex trafficking.

Thomas Robert Stevens is an attorney, educator and political activist. He has appeared as an expert or to discuss current events on over 200 national talk shows. Dr. Stevens is the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and former State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. He is the Founder & Chair of the Objectivist Party and was nominated as its Presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012 (appearing on the ballot in Colorado & Florida). He served two terms as President of the Hofstra University School of Law Alumni Association. Dr. Stevens also started Free Trade Day (May 8th), Space Exploration Day (July 20th) Skyscraper Appreciation Day (August 10th) and Individual Rights Day (August 29th). He currently serves as Chairman of the Board & Vice-President of Concerned Citizens Speak, a New York City-based non-profit civic, educational and social organization founded in March, 1981.

Alden Link, who was the Libertarian Party candidate for Lt. Governor of New York State in 2010 and the Vice-Presidential candidate of the Objectivist Party in 2008 and 2012, was a delegate to the New York City Nominating Convention of the Personal Freedom Party. He said:

The Personal Freedom Party has a simple and attractive platform. It supports the Legalization of Marijuana, Decriminalization of Prostitution, Legalization of Gambling, Lowering the Voting Age, Legalization of Gay Marriage (achieved in New York State), Elimination of Excessive Taxation and Elimination of Excessive Regulation. These are admirable goals many New York City residents can get behind. Sam Sloan and Tom Stevens accepted their nominations in person and made powerful speeches outlining what they hope to achieve if elected. Kristin Davis was not present although I saw a number of prominent political leaders in attendance as delegates including Scott Morgan, an activist in the Independence Party; Dallwyn Merck, President of Stonewall Libertarians New York who also serves as Executive Director of 14 Now!; and Matthew Kelly, Membership Committee Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Vice-Chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Alliance, Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and Vice-Chair of Long Island Libertarians, a chartered chapter of Empire State Libertarians.

The Personal Freedom Party was founded on June 6, 2010.

36 thoughts on “Tom Stevens: Personal Freedom Party Holds New York City Convention; Nominates Candidates

  1. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    Tom Stevens loves to run against LP candidates while calling himself a Libertarian.

  2. Ryan Wilson

    For the love of god, Lesiak please stop posting Liberty Lyin’ articles as if they are news.

    Why is this posted in the LP section? This site is going downhill fast. WTF are you doing?

  3. Thane Eichenauer

    If Tom Stevens isn’t a Libertarian Party ballot labelled candidate then there is little stopping people from pointing it out and making a case about it (as you did).
    It is news in my book. If the information is accurate then why not post it? I personally am happy to hear about candidates that advocate for greater freedom. Given the goal of IPR is to provide information about non-Demopublican political campaigns I would say this article does a good job of providing information about just that. As for its categorization if I was being picky I would at least add a Liberty/Free Market Parties tag on it but if the information in the post is accurate at least one candidate is a member of the Libertarian Party so it isn’t as if it is all that inaccurate a categorization.

  4. Young Libertarian Boys Club

    These are the oeople who you claim advocate for greater freedom


    Prior to the November elections, Roger Stone, Davis’s campaign manager, claims that Sloan fed him information that Stone passed on to a group entitled “People for a Safer New York,” who created a flyer labeling Redlich a “sexual predator.”

  5. Joe Wendt

    So, the Libertarian Party nominated a Giuliani Republican, this Faux-libertarian-Stevens Party nominated a Chess player, and the Reform Party nominated Carl Person. Gee, this isn’t looking good for the libertarian movement

  6. Young Libertarian Boys Club

    Maybe they can make a Tom Stevens party of the month category.

  7. Todd Maxwell

    “and Thomas Robert Stevens, a resident of Queens, ..”

    You don’t say?!

  8. Todd Maxwell

    “and Matthew Kelly, Membership Committee Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Vice-Chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Alliance, Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and Vice-Chair of Long Island Libertarians, a chartered chapter of Empire State Libertarians.”

    Curioser and curioser…

  9. Todd Maxwell

    “Maybe they can make a Tom Stevens party of the month category.”

    Authoritarian “libertarian” parties?

  10. Erik Viker

    Some guy’s vanity blog should not be repeatedly presented as if it’s journalism if IPR wants to remain a reputable source of information.

  11. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 14

    I report news few others report.

    The NYLP voiding the results of the NYC Nominating Convention. Not News?

    The Personal Freedom Party nominating New York City candidates for Mayor, Comptroller and Pubic Advocate. Not News?

    You guys have to be kidding!!!!!

  12. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I was high when I posted this stuff. Also, since the consensus seems that this stuff isn’t reputable to be published as it’s own articles…then I probably won’t anymore.

    I’m not trying to promote him, that’s not the intention. Actually, I don’t even have an intention when posting this stuff. I just say YOLO and do it.

  13. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I mean what I could do is…to just write summaries of his articles if they seem to be interesting enough…like this one about the Personal Freedom Party of New York…rather than re-posting articles on Liberty Lion. Idk.

  14. Todd Maxwell

    I like your articles. His name should be in the title, making it clear it is his opinion, and they should be labelled with all the party categories that apply.

  15. Todd Maxwell

    @18 Good suggestion. “Nominates candidates” instead of listing all their names.

  16. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 4

    The information at that link certainly places things in context.

  17. Todd Maxwell

    BTW does Tom Stevens and Matt Kelly live in NY or PA? Or did they move and move back again?

  18. Todd Maxwell

    Tom Stevens has said in the past in his own defense that he couldn’t help being nominated by the Objectivist Party to run against Gary Johnson. He has also castigated other people for being (Ron Paul) Republicans.

    Yet here in this subsequent article, he is trumpeting his association with the Objectivist and Personal Freedom parties, and once again being nominated by one of them to run against a Libertarian Party candidate.

    In what state is Tom Stevens currently registered to vote, and under what political party?

  19. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    Tom Stevens should be thrown out of the LP for running against its candidates.

  20. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 25

    I am assuming Dr. Jimmy Rustles is another alias people hide behind to attack other people because they have no balls to stand behind their comments.

  21. Mark Axinn

    I have to disagree with those who feel IPR should not report on other minor “parties” actions. This is not a website devoted to just the LP and GP. Moreover, while neither the Objectivist nor the Personal Freedom Party is a party in New York, neither is the Libertarian Party.

    As far as I know (he can correct me if I am wrong), Tom Stevens both was and is a resident of New York where he both was and is the membership director of the Queens LP chapter, while also running for President of the United States on the Objectivist Party line in FL and CO in 2008 and 2012. On the other hand, as the Personal Freedom Party has never had a ballot line in New York or elsewhere, I do not believe it has ever run candidates before. If it wishes to run the Sloan/Davis/Stevens ticket it just endorsed, it needs to obtain 3750 signatures of registered voters in NYC this summer to do so.

    Sam’s publishing business has been taking off quite nicely in the last year, so perhaps he will hire petitioners and do so.

    We will see.

  22. Erik Viker

    Oh, I think that IPR should publish whatever those who are charged with creating content want to publish. But do not expect all readers to take seriously “news” about the latest shenanigans of some guy with a blog who establishes a bunch of wee little made-up political parties for his friends to play around in.

  23. Mark Axinn

    Erik @31.

    I have no information as to the total membership of the Personal Freedom Party, but I am certain it is failrly limited.

    Three years ago with a very limited membership but someone financing it, the Anti-Prohibition Party successfully petitioned Kristin Davis onto the ballot as its candidate for Governor (she received slightly over 20,000 votes in the general election) as well as other candidates for other statewide office. So we have precedent for very-small limited issue parties getting on the ballot in New York. What it really takes is money to pay for petitioning.

  24. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 28

    “Sam’s publishing business has been taking off quite nicely in the last year, so perhaps he will hire petitioners and do so. We will see.”

    We shall certainly see. Just because a dog squats, doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to shit. Promises mean nothing. Actions will tell in time.

  25. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    The good doctor still refuses to address why he feels it is appropriate to run against LP candidates.

  26. Jake_Witmer

    @34 Perhaps it’s because he’s delusional and thinks he has a better shot at winning with a smaller, more marginal, less functional, more insane version of the Libertarian Party. Perhaps it’s because he secretly dislikes the Libertarian Party, and wants to split their vote totals. Perhaps it’s because he’s a paid agent provocateur, who intentionally wishes to make the LP look insane, by infiltrating it and becoming the PA chair for a brief period of time.

    There’s no good explanation. However, we do know one thing: Tom Stevens cannot tell fact from fancy. Those who have spoken with him also know that he is an authoritarian douchebag who jumps to insane conclusions and can’t keep his emotions in check for the two seconds it would take to fact check his crazy suspicions.

    If you speak to Tom Stevens, keep a recorder handy. It’ll come in useful later when your position is being misremembered, misinterpreted, and mischaracterized.

    Tom, you’re nuts. Please seek professional help for your mental condition.

    You are not an “objectivist” any more than Paul Krugman is, nor do you do anything to help the cause of personal freedom. Please, take a break from politics, you’re only embarrassing yourself and the LP that allowed you to become their State chair. Or keep writing your “comic relief” section for the pages of IPR.

    “Keep it real (insane clown posse) dawg!”

    Hey, that can be the name of Tom Stevens’ next political party! “ICP-2016!” Then his cover will be blown, and he’ll have to get transferred out of COINTELPRO, immediately after the story runs in the mainstream press associating him and his new party with his past as “the former Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Chairman.” …LOL!

  27. Jake_Witmer

    “The good doctor still refuses to address why he feels it is appropriate to run against LP candidates.”

    Possible reasons:
    1) He’s a giant-sized douchebag / jerk / sociopath
    2) He’s an agent provocateur
    3) He’s schizophrenic
    4) All of the above
    5) He means well, and honestly thinks, for “very good reasons,” that creating a bunch of tiny “libertarian” parties (while infiltrating the LP itself, and acting crazy and incompetent during his tenure as LP of PA chair) is a good strategy.

    Keep in mind that #5 doesn’t rule out #4.

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