Sharon Harris: Tribute to Hardy Macia

Sharon Harris is a longtime libertarian activist and the president of The Advocates for Self-Government, which publishes the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Published May 14, 2013.

A true champion of liberty passed away yesterday, May 13, 2013 — far too young!

Hardy Macia was my HERO — a modern-day Paul Revere, a true light of LIBERTY, a good man, a kind and gentle spirit.

He made invaluable contributions to the entire libertarian movement, including the Advocates, where he was a member of our Board of Directors until just a few weeks ago, when he resigned because of his failing health. He created the mobile app for the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, among other projects for the Advocates.

He was an activist’s activist — a shining example to all who love liberty. We will strive to keep his light alive by encouraging others to be inspired by and follow his example.

Born June 16, 1969, Hardy spent his lifetime working for liberty, right up to the end. He ran for Vermont Governor in 2004, and Congress in New Hampshire’s Congressional District 2 in 2012. Despite a cancer diagnosis, he continued that run for Congress, hoping to wake a few more people up to the cause of freedom.

He worked tirelessly for Gary Johnson’s campaign for president.

Even in his last days, he took action from his hospital bed, confronting NH Governor Maggie Hassan to do the right thing and focus on people over politics. You can read about this heroic act and see the video at the Huffington Post.

There is an outpouring of eloquent tributes all over the Internet. Here are a few that I found particularly moving and would like to share with you:

“We will continue your fight for liberty, Hardy. If by chance you get to meet our Founders, I’m sure they will gladly shake your hand and thank you for your passion, dedication and endless fight for freedom.” 
(Teshia Dawn Roy)

“A great soul passed away today. Hardy was one of the brightest candles in God’s creation, and the actions he took while on this earth will continue to create positive ripples in history.” (Guy McLendon)

“Thank you for being such an inspiration. Thank you for packing 200 human years of passion into your 43 years here. Your spirit will live on in every person you touched because no one was merely brushed by your presence. Everyone who met you was engaged by your friendship, your heroism, your character, your strength and your kindness. Everyone who met you is a better person because of you.” (Jo Ann Vaccarino)

“Hardy’s vision for the future was inspirational to me and i am going to do what i can to continue to strive to bring Liberty back in his memory.” (Marlee Randol Hughes)
You will be inspired by reading more of these tributes at his Facebook page.

Read the nice article in his hometown newspaper.

Hardy, we love and miss you! Yet your legacy will never die. Thank you for all you did for the great cause of LIBERTY!

4 thoughts on “Sharon Harris: Tribute to Hardy Macia

  1. George Whitfield

    Thank you to Sharon Harris and IPR for this tribute to Hardy Macia. He was an admirable person and will truly be missed but long remembered by those of us met him or read about him.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I never knew Hardy beyond being a FB friend, but I’m touched that his life seemed to have meant so much to so many people. I can only hope that my life will have meant something after I’m gone. It’s time to get to work. As a tribute to the many liberty-lovers whose work is cut short, those of us still in the trenches need to keep fighting.

  3. Lars D. H. Hedbor

    Hardy was a long-time family friend, and I last saw him in February, at my Dad’s funeral. He seemed hopeful, even then, that he’d recover to fight on for liberty, but his cancer won out in the end.

    A toast – to absent friends.

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