Wayne Allyn Root Interview on The Daily Show – May 23rd

Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 vice-presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party, was interviewed on The Daily Show with John Stewart, for the May 23rd edition. The segment was about the recent IRS scandal, and the interviewer was Jason Jones.

48 thoughts on “Wayne Allyn Root Interview on The Daily Show – May 23rd

  1. Steven R Linnabary

    lol, at least they didn’t mention the LP.

    The Daily Show AND Mother Jones on the same day? And Wayne said he couldn’t get on “liberal” media!

    I can already see Wayne breathlessly crowing about the “liberal” media coverage he is getting.


  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m SO glad the Libertarian connection wasn’t brought up.

    This is so awful, that I wonder if conservatives now will distance themselves from him?

  3. Be Rational

    Whoa, was Root playing along in order to show that all profiling is wrong … is he a witting part of a parody of some kind … was this a film created by editing Root comments taken out of context along with new questions and a different interviewer … or is this the real Wayne Allen Root … is he really this dumb?

  4. bruuno

    #3- Yes, he is that dumb.
    #2- Sadly the conservative movement has been hijacked by people who think exactly like Root.

  5. Steve Scheetz

    Was he being serious?? That HAD to be him playing along with the guy… I am by no means a fan of W.A.R. but I am hopeful that he was acting like that to illustrate the general mindset of the right wing groups….

    The alternative??? If that was really him believing exactly what he was saying there in that interview, then we as Libertarians have a rather large hill to climb considering the number of supporters he had to be chairman of the LP…..

  6. Stewart Flood


    I warned the LNC about him in early 2012. We should have removed him (for cause). There was plenty of proof of violation of the ByLaws in his pre-convention endorsements of Romney.

    Instead, the convention re-elected him so he could switch parties while SERVING on our NATIONAL BOARD!

  7. Stewart Flood

    But to answer @5 who was writing his message as I was writing mine:

    Yes, he is that dumb. No…wait…3…2..1…politically stupid. He has a brain. He just has it switched off now that he’s a Republican again.

  8. Jill Pyeatt

    I believe it was the real Wayne. Remember, he kept telling us that people only cared about the economy.

    Apparently, he was really saying the only thing he cares about is the economy–in this case, his own.

  9. Steven Wilson

    I shared this all over facebook. I love the countdown part, so 1990’s therapy.

    “He was a great leader and now that he is gone the LNC is permanently at a disadvantage.”

    Said no one. 3-2-1…

  10. Jill Pyeatt

    I must admit that I laughed out loud many times! He really comes across as a buffoon, IMO.

  11. Shane

    It’s easy to hate taking the interview at face value. If you’ve seen any of these interviews then you have to admire the brilliance of the show in making anyone look foolish.

    Yes, it’s edited — heavily — and tricks are used like telling Wayne to say “3-2-1” to help them with editing. They even heat up the room while asking the same question again and again to get a different answer or frustrated look.

    They edit to entertain.

    Those who have been around a while may remember the LP’s similar interview on the Daily Show for the “Guns for Tots” program in NY. As far as brand damage, it was real.

    Wayne’s appearance should be just another lesson learned that if you are asked to go on the Daily Show, be prepared to look foolish regardless of how well you handle yourself.

    With that said, if you do get an invite, be proud that you built enough buzz for yourself or issue to get on their radar.

    Hate on Wayne all you want but I don’t see any LP candidates or leaders booking interviews of significance — or getting on Amazon best seller lists for that matter.

    You can blame media bias all you want but it’s really a matter of relevance.

    As much as I cringed at that Guns for Tots segment, I was still thankful that LP members had the courage to do something so controversial and thought provoking . . . making it news worthy.

    Wayne’s no longer with the LP but he’s continuing to fight for what he believes in, and earning exposure, which is admirable.

    The LP could have learned a lot from him if it wasn’t so consumed with pushing him out.

  12. Jared King

    It’s very amusing to see him shamed on television, but imagine if someone did some digging on Wayne Root and found out he was on the 2008 LP ticket?

    A shame they can never live down…

    And Shane you are correct that select edits occur for entertainment, but it’s very clear that Root believes in highly unlibertarian, downright repulsive beliefs. There’s nothing to learn from him, except in learning not to be taken in by hucksters so easily in the future. Lyndon LaRouche got way more media attention than Root, does that mean the LP should copy him?

  13. Be Rational

    Jared King: It should be noted here that Lyndon LaRouche was never a candidate for the LP for any office, never sought the LP nomination for any office and was never of member of the LP at any time, so your reference is arbitrary, random and scurrilous.

  14. Mark Axinn

    Shane at 15–

    “Guns for Tots” was the idea of my home chapter, the Manhattan Libertarian Party. I am proud to say that we also played penny poker on he steps of One Police Plaza after the cops busted gambling rings (that one got us on the front page of the NY Sun) and marched in Central Park when the City said people protesting the Republican Convention would be prohibited from doing so.

    I don’t know about any of the wimpy chapters out in the other states, but we don’t take no shit from the authorities in New York!

  15. Tom Blanton

    Hate on Wayne all you want but I don’t see any LP candidates or leaders booking interviews of significance — or getting on Amazon best seller lists for that matter.

    There may be a reason for that, but anyone who ever thought Root was a libertarian wouldn’t be able to comprehend that reason in the first place, so why bother to even attempt to explain it to them?

  16. Jared King

    I know that “Be Rational”. When did I say he was, you little smartass? I’m talking about attention seeking, which both Root and LaRouche live for (and LaRouche was better at), not LP membership.

    Your comment is thusly irrelevant, immaterial, extraneous, and all sorts of other words in my thesaurus.

  17. Be Rational

    @20 Since you knew that, you should also know better than bring up this name. There is an ongoing erronious association of LaRouche with the LP, based on the letter “L” and the continual metion of his name in the same sentence, paragraph or article along with the LP. Better to use some other example that does not reinforce this misconception. Whenever it is necessary to mention LaRouche, it is important to make clear that LaRouche was a Democrat, and an independent, but never a Libertarian.

  18. Robert Capozzi

    22 br, true, but I’d add that both are positioned as extremists.

  19. Darryl W. Perry

    In his 2nd response to Nick Gillespie, Wayne says, “I never turn down media.”
    When he was running for Chair of the LNC, I sent every candidate the same questionnaire with the message “I’m putting together a candidates comparison for [FPP] to be distributed at the LP Convention and posted online.”
    Wayne responded, “Daryll…doubtful I can answer. I cannot find 5 minutes. I answered I think all of these in LP News…and at IPR on numerous occasions. My schedule is that of a busy media personality, business owner, father, husband and candidate. I cannot answer any more questionaires. I host a huge radio show all next week. If I can spare 15 minutes I’ll try- but doubtful. I’m sorry but no candidate can answer everything multiple times…and have time left to campaign too.”

    I guess he never turns down media… except for when he does!

  20. Darryl W. Perry

    @26 – which is why I said “I guess he never turns down media… except for when he does!”

    Maybe he never turns down “major” media… who knows?

  21. Mark Axinn


    Not to take away from what you’re doing, as we are all volunteers busting our butts, nor to imply Wayne was correct in turning you down, but do you consider yourself on a par with, e.g., the New York Post, CNN, Fox, the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Huffington Post, the Daily Show? How’s your Alexa rating compared to theirs?

    Is it possible that Wayne picks and chooses who to speak to in order to get his message (misguided though it might be) to the widest possible audience?

  22. Fred Jabin

    Is anyone on this forum still in contact with Root?

    I read his response to Reason (link posted in 21) and I can accept that some of his statements were edited to lose context, and certainly they were edited to make him look foolish.
    They did an extremely good job of it.
    But even if I discard the 3,2,1 and the editing that made him look absolutely clueless–I’m still unsure how he could have had any correct context for some of the things he did say and not appear like a complete ass.

    Without any time pressure or editing –Root could respond on this forum and explain how being profiled and detained by the police is just a minor convenience but being audited is “ruining your life.” He seemed to imply that it could only be understood if your business was worth millions–so maybe I won’t be able to understand even if he does explain.
    He could also explain exactly how his audit came about, and what grueling questions were asked. Since the Daily show claimed he couldn’t prove his assertions–He could use this forum to show the proof and clear his name.

    He was made to look like a fool on a comedy show and he seems to think that was unfair. Perhaps what is unfair is that he doesn’t recognize how he is viewed by many people when he is on the media. The daily show only highlights the perception that many already have of him.
    If he has some good explanations of the comments that he made–I would love to hear them.

  23. Darryl W. Perry

    @29 – I never claimed to be “on par” with the media outlets that reach millions of people; however, I am no less a member of the media than anyone involved with the outlets you mentioned.

  24. Andy

    ill Pyeatt // May 27, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    I read Wayne’s interview with Reason maqgazine, and found a couple links that I thought were interesting.


    Michael Cloud, At Large Member of the LNC
    I see that Mr. Root, after supporting George W. Bush in 2004, has returned to the Republican Party to support Mitt Romney. He will not be missed.”

    I echo this sentiment.

    I think that this quote from Samuel Adams (which is one of my favorite quotes) can apply to Wayne Root and his defection to the Republican Party and endorsement of Mitt Romney (which was a Benedict Arnold type of move):

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    ? Samuel Adams

  25. Ken Moellman

    When I saw it, it was obvious to me that the segment had been heavily edited.

    The smart move, for Root, would be to produce a quick video, explaining that the Daily Show segment had been hacked together to try to make him say something he didn’t. Then quickly summarize what his positions actually are.

    I mean, I disagree with Wayne on a few things, but I don’t support chopping someone’s words (or in one case, an entire response) to make them look foolish. If he’s going to make a fool of himself, let him do it in-context. I have to agree with Wayne’s sentiment that the segment was a fraud.

  26. paulie

    Also from that Reason link

    Bill Redpath, at-large member of the LNC

    I am sorry to see Wayne go. I have a great deal of respect for Wayne. I think he has a tremendous amount of energy, I think that he is an ally with us in so many ways but I am not surprised that this has occurred. I have long thought that something like this would eventually occur. I am pleased that it happened apparently without acrimony. I know there are people that have gone back to the Republican Party and said “Nah, this is not for me.” So it is entirely possible that Wayne Root will return to Libertarian Party someday and if he wants to I certainly think we should have him back.

    Just so no one is surprised…. Boortz has been back and forth more than once, for example.

  27. Thomas L. Knapp

    @ 37,

    “The smart move, for Root, would be to produce a quick video, explaining that the Daily Show segment had been hacked together to try to make him say something he didn’t. ”

    The problem with that is that it would make him look incredibly stupid. If you didn’t already know that that’s how The Daily Show does things, you and Wayne are probably the only two people on Earth who didn’t know that.

  28. Sam Kress

    Root claims the Muslim woman in the segment said she would consider voting for him. Has anyone tried to contact her, or find out how someone could?

  29. langa

    Actually, Root’s best move would have been to claim that he knew what was going on, but decided to play along anyway. That would have made him look like a humble guy with a self-deprecating sense of humor.

    Of course, it’s too late for that now. Instead, he just looks like a whiny, clueless douchebag.

  30. NewFederalist

    “Instead, he just looks like a whiny, clueless douchebag.”

    I thought he IS a whiny, clueless douchebag! (With all apologies to whiny, clueless douchebags everywhere.)

  31. Steven R Linnabary

    FWIW 1:

    I seem to recall after Root’s WLW appearance on Bill Cunningham’s show that he denied having endorsed Rmoney claiming that we had “misunderstood” what he had actually said.

    FWIW 2:

    Last night on Piers Morgan Root denied several times that he was a conservative, but rather a “libertarian conservative” (with the emphasis on libertarian).

    Bill Redpath may well be right, like herpes Root might come back.


  32. LibertarianGirl

    @37 , I echo tk’s opinion in that if he’s surprised at all by the tactics, perhaps try watching the show, um , ever….youll be made to look silly , poked fun at and teased , thats what makes it FUNNY, as in on Comedy Central:)…..he could have done his research and better prepared with quippy comments. or even said he was going along with it , saying he doesnt mind poking fun at himself but to call them liars or to claim ignorance just makes it all that more funny

  33. Be Rational

    Yes, Redpath may be correct. Root may well find his way back home to the LP …

    … from an old song …

    “You wander around
    on your own little cloud
    when you don’t see the why … or the wherefore.
    … (Ooh) …
    You walk out on me
    when we both disagree
    ’cause to reason is … not what you care for.

    I’ve heard it all a million times before.
    Take off your coat, my love, and close the door.”

    … (chorus)

    “You try to be smart,
    then you … take it to heart
    ’cause it hurts … when your ego is deflated.
    … (um-m-um-um-um-um)
    You don’t realize
    that it’s all compromise
    and the problems are … so over-rated.

    Good-bye means nothing when it’s all for show.
    So why pretend you’ve somewhere else to go?”

    … (chorus)

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