Constitution Party of Alabama Likely Won’t Run Candidate in Special Congressional Election

June 8th, 2013, from the Constitution Party of Alabama website:

1st Congressional Response

As many of you know, there will be a special election for U.S. Congress this fall. The election is not official, but is pending the August resignation of Representative Jo Bonner. The following addresses some of the questions we have received:


Will the Constitution Party of Alabama enter this race? There are several factors that will determine whether or not the state party enters this race. The first obstacle, as with any election, will be party ballot access. It has been confirmed by the Secretary of State’s office that we would need 5938 signatures to qualify. This alone would cost any candidate or third party over $10,000 dollars just to qualify.

Second will be the time frame to collect the signatures. There are no set guidelines for a governor to follow, and Governor Bentley can use any sequence he chooses. It is expected that the time frame to collect the signatures will be between 8-12 weeks. So, any candidate would need to hit the door running with his petitioners the day the governor announces.

Third, I find it concerning that the election will only fulfill the remaining term. This election is predicted to happen in late October or early November, and the representative would serve until Christmas break and then come back and have to immediately begin campaigning for their 2014 reelection.

Can the Constitution Party achieve ballot access? This is achievable for a candidate who is dedicated and has the funds to pay for ballot access. In 2010, the state party and our candidate, David Walters, qualified for this same election. David’s campaign staff garnered over 8500 signatures in five months. He then ran a very efficient campaign with little money and received 26,357 votes, narrowly missing re-qualifying by three percentage points.

There are numerous pros and cons about this election and participation by the Constitution Party of Alabama. We are not in a position to contribute financially to a petition drive of this magnitude. However, if a candidate expresses interest and they have the finances to bring in paid petitioners or the organization to collect the necessary signatures, and meeting the other requirements for our party, we will allow said candidate to seek our nomination and run on our banner.

Joshua Cassity

4 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Alabama Likely Won’t Run Candidate in Special Congressional Election

  1. Richard Winger

    Alabama is in the 11th circuit. The 11th circuit ruled in 1982 that when the amount of time for petitions is shorter than usual, due to the election being a special election, then the state must shrink the number of signatures. We won a very similar case earlier this year in U.S. District Court in Illinois. The Green Party won a reduction in the number of signatures for US House because the time for collecting the signatures was shorter than usual. There have been similar victories in federal court in Georgia and Florida.

  2. Kleptocracy And You

    The Alabama LP and Greens should consider contesting this race also if the sigs are reduced significately! Congressman P a u l i e anyone ?!? – LOL

    Resigning in August ??? A true crime of some sort to fleece the Taxpayers in the criminal (YES CRIMINAL) retirement system for Reps and gov’t employees at all levels.

    It is possible in some states to teach public school for LESS than 5 years and receive a monthly retirement check for LIFE.

    Is the END near ? Keep your powder DRY comrades….

  3. paulie

    Richard, that’s an interesting point. I’d like to run it past LPA exec comm (or you can). Since the normal petition period is not fixed in law – an end date is defined, but a start date is not – how much should we seek to reduce the requirement by under that theory of the law? Illinois is different in that both the start and end dates are defined, as you know. I’m not sure about the Florida and Georgia start dates.

  4. paulie


    LPA is already interested. Whether they can afford it is a different question.

    As far as I know, Matt Hellinger was the Green Party of Alabama, and he moved to Austin, TX last year. So very little chance they will be involved.

    Needless to say, I won’t be the candidate, LOL.

    I doubt Bailout Jo’s retirement is a pension scam. He has been in there for 20 plus years IIRC. He has another gig lined up at UA and needed to clear his schedule.

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