Constitution Party of Wisconsin Reaffirms Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage


June 27, 2013
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The Supreme Court has been wrong before

“Because a sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11

Milwaukee-The US Supreme Court was wrong in 1857-The Dred Scott Case.  The same court was wrong in 1893-Plessy v. Fergusson.  They were wrong in 1973-Roe v. Wade.  They are wrong today.  Their word is not the last word, God’s Word is.

“Sodomy is not a family value,” said Riley J. Hood, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW). “This chosen behavior is an affront to God. Regardless of what people say to the contrary, sodomy will always be illegal in the eyes of God.”

The platform of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin regarding this issue is clear:

The CPoW calls upon our national and state officials to oppose any action by the U.S. Courts that would establish any recognition of “same-sex marriage.”

We call upon our Wisconsin legislators to uphold the recent Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as the ―union of one man and one woman‖ and prevent the establishment of any counterfeit, such as ―domestic partnerships.

We call upon all state officials to outlaw all acts of sodomy.

We further call upon the Wisconsin State Legislature to repeal the provisions in the Wisconsin State Statutes that allow for “no fault divorce”.

CPoW rejects the US Supreme Court’s word regarding “gay marriage.”   CPoW means to not only outlaw gay marriage, but to re-criminalize same-sex acts as well.



16 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Wisconsin Reaffirms Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Han Shot First

    I’m glad they reaffirmed their opposition, I was unsure of their position on the issue.

  2. From Der Sidelines

    Nice to see the CP still thinks marriage is about sex and plumbing and not love and commitment.

    They may evolve one of these eons….

  3. Cody Quirk

    Good for them, I guess…

    Except for the fact that they also want to prohibit No-Fault Divorce as well.

  4. Bob Tiernan

    Riley Hood:

    “Regardless of what people say to the contrary, sodomy will always be illegal in the eyes of God.”

    Bob T:

    Illegal, or a “sin”? There’s a huge difference. But anyway, the big guy didn’t write the Constitution nor did he write our criminal codes in each state.

    B. Tiernan

  5. paulie

    God is the only one to judge God’s law, according to the Bible, so wackos who try to usurp God’s judgement and enforce it through man’s law are blaspheming.

  6. paulie

    The Constitution and Bible are just fig leaves for their hatred (often stemming from self-hatred). They violate the true spirit of both.

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    It’s been a bad week for the h8ters. I fully expect for a new proposition aainst marriage equality to be on the next ballot in California. I’d be really surprised if it would pass, though, no matter how much money the Mormon and Catholic churches throw at it. It just barely passed in 2008, and public opinion has definitely evolved in the direction of liberty for all since then.

  8. Waldemar Testarossa Fiumente

    I’ve heard LDS leaders no longer want to spend any more money on that fight. Hopefully this is true. Also, hopefully the courts will go further soon. Individual rights > “states rights.”

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