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GRLP Activist Dan Cole spreads the message of Liberty at the 19th Ward Square Fair

Welcome to the GRLP Newsletter!

Keeping you connected to news and events from the Greater Rochester Libertarian Party:

As some of you may know, the Outreach Committee of the GRLP has been busy searching for new ways to invigorate and engage existing members, strengthen partnerships, and find the next generation of passionate Libertarian activists.

As part of that effort, we’re excited to finally release our first newsletter. With each edition you’ll be able to read articles written by GRLP members, learn how local party members are fighting for liberty, find out about upcoming GRLP events, get information on upcoming legislation, and more.

Whether you’ve never gotten involved with the local party or you’re a dedicated veteran activist, we urge you join the GRLP in our redoubled fight against tyranny.

Sign up to volunteer, show up to our events, and keep spreading our message and together we’ll restore peace, prosperity, and freedom in our time.

In Liberty,

The Editorial Board of the GRLP Newsletter

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GRLP 2013 Annual Convention

GRLP Annual convention attendees discuss one of the speakers at the Annual Convention in March 2013. Watch videos of our speakers and read the full report of our annual convention here.

GRLP State Rep. Chris Edes (left) and GRLP Chair Drew Beeman (right) at the rally to support Benny Warr

The War on Drugs Costs Too Much

by Kevin Wilson

The failed War on Drugs destroys our liberty, wastes our money, and perpetuates injustice right here in Rochester. Here are a few things you can do to stop it.Full Story

Here’s another way to get the facts out! Print out this flyer to educate people in the Greater Rochester area about the War on Drugs!

What is a Libertarian?

by Jeff Magee

The Republican Party is always talking about needing a “big tent” to include more of society in their party while not standing for the values stated in their platform. The Democrat Party asserts the claim that their group represents the interests of all minorities while stomping on individual rights and pushing a “collective” view of the world. Both parties are ignoring that the truest minority is the minority of one – the individual. Read More

Women’s Rights

by Irene Magee

Feminism worked to establish equal political, economic and social rights for women. Libertarians believe those rights belong to all people – men and women alike. Read More

GRLP Action Items

Legislative and Bureaucratic items you might want to pay attention to

Marijuana Bill in NYS- standardizes penalties for possession of marijuana in public view as a violation punishable by a summons and fine, not arrest and jail. It’s a great step forward for common sense drug reform. The bill passed the assembly on May 29th and is headed to the Senate.

Arming Syrian Rebels– If you have a poor grasp of American History and think it would be a great idea to get into a proxy war with Russia by giving weapons to terrorist affiliated groups, then this is a bill for you. Blowback anyone?

Thankfully, public opinion is dead-set against military intervention but that might not stop Congress.

New York Drone Privacy Bill- This bill would require New York State to get a warrant before collecting evidence using unmanned drones. It’s common sense legislation to rein in the growing surveillance state.
Call your representatives in Albany today to prevent warrantless drone spying. 

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GRLP Events in June 2013

Monthly Business meeting

Thursday June 6th
7:00 PM
Ezzy’s Restaurant
855 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY

Liberty Forum

An open forum discussion about all things “Liberty”

Monday June, 17th
6:30 PM
TC Riley’s
Park Point RIT
200 Park Point Dr
Rochester, NY

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Educational Links:

Why Do Politicians All Sound The Same? fromLearn Liberty

Why Isn’t the Murder of an American Boy an Impeachable Offense? from the Tenth Amendment Center

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One thought on “Greater Rochester Libertarian Party Releases Newsletter

  1. Mark Axinn

    Way to go, GRLP!!

    Rochester is the third largest city in New York, and yet another in a long line of depressed, ruined by too much government and unions upstate cities. It is the home to Eastman Kodak and the original home of Xerox. Originally one of the boom cities, it has been ruined by a century of governmental largess and cronyism.

    The GRLP chapter, under the leadership of Chris Edes and Drew Beeman, has been a beacon of freedom in that unfree city. Kudos to Chris, Drew and everyone in the GRLP.

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