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Originally published on the Independent American & Constitutional Review (IACR) on June 20, 2013. IACR is a news website founded earlier this month dedicated to covering right-wing and constitutionalist third parties in the U.S. The article was shared on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page.

by Joshua Fauver (former Constitution Party member and current vice-chairman of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee – CCTUC)

While it’ll be the goal of myself as well as the other contributors here at IACR to cover the Constitution Party as well as all other Constitutionally Conservative third parties I want to present ways for those of you who are wanting to, to stay on top of all things Constitution Party.

  1. The Castle Report– The Castle Report provides “News, Politics, and Commentary from a Constitutional Perspective on the current events which are re-shaping American Liberty and the American Constitutional Republic.” The show is hosted by long time Constitution Party activist, 2008 Constitution Party vice-presidential candidate, as well as possible 2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle. Most of Mr. Castle’s shows are done in the form of podcasts, or what he likes to call “podcastles” Those of you who would like to keep up with Darrell Castle’s podcasts can do so at his website here .Also those of you Facebook users can keep up with “The Castle Report” on their Facebook Page.
  2.  Constitutionally Correct– Constitutionally Correct is an online radio show as well as website and blog that is ran by Constitution Party national vice-chairman Randy Stufflebeam. Stufflebeam is also a former Constitution Party candidate for Governor of Illinois he received 19,020 write in votes. On his show he talks about “all things Constitutionally Correct”. His show airs every Thursday night from 8-10 p.m (Central Time) For those of you who would like to keep up with Mr. Stufflebeam’s show “Constitutionally Correct” you can do so at his websitehere. Also you can follow the show on it’s Facebook page.
  3. Constitutionally Correct Podcastles- Every Wednesday night from 8-10 p.m (Central Time) Randy Stufflebeam and Darrell Castle come together and do a joint show which they call “Constitutionally Correct PodCastles” Those who wish to tune into this weekly show can do so by clicking here.
  4. HOMEFRONT– “Homefront” is a show done by Cynthia Davis. Cynthia Daivs is a former Missouri State Legislature and Constitution Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor. On her show “Homefront” Cynthia discusses the issues facing the family and the home in our country today. Her show airs every Tuesday from 8-9 p.m (Central Standard Time)
  5. Constitution Party on Facebook- Probably the most effective way to keep up with everything going on in the Constitution Party is to follow its Facebook Page . It is an effective way to keep up with all the news from the party as well as keep up with all the above posted news and commentary shows.
      I hope that all of you hoping to keep up with Constitution Party find this helpful. Also, you can always come back here to find news concerning the Constitution Party as it is our goal to cover all Constitutionally Conservative third parties.

12 thoughts on “Independent American & Constitutional Review: Keeping up With the Constituiton Party

  1. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Interesting that a website which claims to be ” covering ” the CP is founded by those dedicated to destroying it.

    Of course its content has, despite cover stories like that above, already shown its true intent.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

  2. Joshua Fauver

    Don, we are covering all of the constitutionally conservative third parties. Whether it be helping people keep up with the C.P, or bringing attention to America’s Party, or covering the Independent American Summit, or showing what some of the state chairs of constitution party has to say. If bring Riley Hood’s blogs, as well as your comments, to a wider audience is somehow devious and detrimental to the party, perhaps you should watch what you say. Perhaps that is what the real lesson here is, not that Cody, Chris, and I are trying to destroy your party. Goodness. Next you’ll say we are GOP or DEM plants or maybe alien lizard people.

  3. Cody Quirk

    Funny how he’s still defending a political party that doesn’t want anything to do with him.

  4. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Fauver – You couldn’t even read my comments in their context as you were so desperate to use my comments, or ANY comments, against me that you, as the ” reporter ” that you are, misinterpreted the writing in order to attain your real goal of slamming myself and the CP.

    You COULD interpret the writings of Riley and myself as doing what I stated – defending the foundational principles of the nation inclusive of defending the basic family structure and the children of the nation as they have always been defended in western culture and society – until now and until you and countless other betrayers.

    But as your intention is 180 degrees opposite to such an idea you have to attack us and defend the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement by interpreting what we say through your black colored glasses which are dedicated to doing what paulie has called for – publicly shaming and ridiculing anyone ( or at least attempting to ) who opposes the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and their ultimate objectives.

    Of course that will never work against Riley and myself as we stand for the foundational Christian principles of both the nation and humanity itself since ( a clue to the clueless here ) your promotion and defense of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement has never occurred in the history of either the world as a whole or even our nation until now.

    So what Riley and I say is NOT detrimental to the party at all EXCEPT through the pro-degeneracy ” spin ” which you are all dedicated to.

    Of course the last thing that anyone can expect from any of you is to defend the traditional values which Riley and I speak of. As Socially Engineered twerps you are more than ready to sell out even the children of the nation so that you may ” look good;” i.e.; your precious ” image ” as ” tolerant ” and all of the other lies which go with it is protected.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. watching the nation suffer from the actions of femen/wimps and lamenting the countless tragedies which they will cause via their pathetic weakness and rejection of The Creator

  5. josh

    Don, if standing on the constitution, that document your party was named after that you have apparently never read, is somehow defending homosexuality then I am guilty as charged. I have made my view on marriage very clear, I think the tenth amendment should be enforced, as the constitution NEVER gave the federal government any authority over marriage. It would behoove you Mr. Grundmann to pick up your constitution and read it, then compare what it says to the platform of your party.

    Secondly, you shame all of Christianity with your behavior. You act more like a pharisee than you do christ, whom you claim to be a follower of. You demonize us but you sit and call names, belittle, insult, and demean everyone around you. All in the name of Christianity. Your behavior is not only detrimental to the party you belong to (that won’t defend you or even publicly claim you) but also to the religion to which you so desperately cleave. (which also condemns your behavior.)

  6. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Josh – I have developed an entire website,, which exposes the current actions and future plans of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement. For detailing these monstrous and horrific actions I am attacked by Cody, you, and endless other drones at IPR and beyond. I respond by exposing the defense of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement which you all collectively do as you collectively defend evil while hiding behind a pretense of the 10th Amendment.

    Christianity is the reconciliation of men to God via Christ but it has nothing to do with surrendering to evil and letting it run rampant without any opposition.

    One of the great evils of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and its controllers and coordinators is the use of Social Engineering to convey the idea that opposing evil is unchristian or anti-Christian. Nothing could be or is further from the truth but it is an attack which those who support the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement, even when hiding behind 10th Amendment arguments, ALWAYS use to smear their opponents; inclusive of those such as myself and Riley Hood who are fighting the most basic fight of all – to protect the children of the nation from the monstrous attack which is being launched against them by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and its supporters. It is for this fight that you attack us and it is this action which shows your ” true colors.”

    Being a supporter of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement you, KL, and Cody will ALWAYS AND FOREVER say that ANY opposition to its attacks, plans, or anything else is ” detrimental ” to the CP. ONLY when the party totally surrenders to the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement, and even then apologizes for the past ” sin ” of opposing it, would/will you ever praise the party in ANY way.

    Socially Engineered Christians may also passively accept your lies and surrender to the enemy, be such the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement or its Master, The Enemy of God.

    I will NEVER surrender.

    I will never surrender to fake Christians such as yourself who will not only personally surrender to evil but will then turn around and attack those of us who stand on the field of battle. This is known as ” backstabbing ” – something which you, as the feman/wimp/male/coward that you are, are quite excellent at and practiced at doing; and this to defend ( yet again ) your precious and fake ego. Hence I have zero concern of the words of a pathetic worm like you who has less than zero backbone and attacks those who stand on the field of battle.

    I demean and insult those who deserve it – such as you. I am ” outing ” you, as with Cody and KL, as the pathetic weaklings, cowards, and liars that you are.

    As I stated in another post – never in the history of civilization would such a monstrous movement as the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement have been endorsed, supported, and promoted – until now. And until you.

    In all of previous recorded history the men, REAL MEN, would have immediately stood up and defended the children of the nation from the countless attacks upon them ( both now and in the future ) which I have documented. REAL Christian men would have automatically sprang into action and stopped ANY such monstrous plans as are now unfolding.

    But not you. Not Cody. Not KL. Or so many others here at IPR which is just an unfortunate microcosm of the collapse of the men of the nation.

    You will instead leap to the defense of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement, attack those fighting it, and then, of all things, claim that your pathetic mealy mouth wimpy spineless form of Christianity justifies not only your own support of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement but your attacks against those who are working to stop it.

    THAT is what makes you so truly nauseating and pathetic.

    REAL Christianity does not consist of licking the shoe bottoms of the enemies of humanity so that they may favor us with their benevolence but of standing and fighting to defend the creation of The Creator; something which, as the cowardly fool that you are, you will never do.

    And if the CP is, God forbid, infected with the same pathetic soul sickness and cowardice that you carry then that is their problem.

    I in no way ” shame Christianity with my behavior.” I shame you – which is exactly what I should do. I challenge your cowardice, your weakness, and your sick mirage of hiding behind the 10th Amendment to conceal your real agenda an, especially, motives.

    As I said – you COULD stand with Riley and myself in defense of the children of the nation; and this against an attack which unfolds ever more every day.

    Instead you hide behind the 10th Amendment and ( far far far worse ) Christianity itself to defend your support and defense of evil.

    So the battlefield is set. You, Cody, KL, and endless other twerps, weaklings, and cowards will attack the CP until it surrenders to your Master. The CP itself will have moles within it ( just like Seidenberg and Robinson of previous times ) who are dedicated to its destruction; in this case its castration regarding any possible defense of the nation against the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement.

    This is nothing new. Just as Alan Keyes pretended ( and still does ) to be Christian while working both openly and behind the scenes to destroy the CP and advance the very enemies of humanity whom he claims to oppose we can fast forward to now and find that the CP has enemies both within and without ( such as you ) who will find happiness when it surrenders and becomes as weak and evil-supporting as its attackers.

    Of course you, KL, Cody, and every other enemy of the CP with be gleeful with happiness if the CP surrenders; an event which you are working on even now with the plans for an alliance between the IAP and the criminals, and criminal party, of the AIP.

    So the CP is being attacked within and without. Why? Because you and all of its other enemies recognize that it, as a last political beacon of light against the evil opposing humanity and the nation, it must ( just like the last bastion of the Boy Scouts ) be destroyed for the true victory of evil to be achieved.

    I will join Riley and all of the others who will make a stand, perhaps a last stand, against the pathetic weakness, cowardice, and betrayal which you and all of your fellow soul mutants represent.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. a man with an iron stomach which can withstand the pathetic weakness which is the hallmark of males throughout our afflicted land

  7. Joshua Fauver

    How do I “hide” behind the tenth amendment, it is our rule of law? I don’t have to hide behind it! It is our bill of rights! I’ve stated time and time and time and time again that I in no way support a homosexual lifestyle! I’m opposed to it morally. I am as equally opposed to the idea of the federal government stepping in and exerting any authority (illegitimate authority as our constitution does not provide the federal government with any such authority) over marriage. If you do not understand our basic rule of law, if you cannot read and understand the constitution, sir that is your fault. And as I’ve pointed out, your real problem is with the founders of this country and with our constitution, not with me; as I did not write the constitution or the tenth amendment. And you’re a hypocrite on this matter. I know for a fact you supported proposition 8 in your home state ( a tenth amendment thing, as it was done on a state level) You supported California’s right to define marriage for itself. But I’d wager had it not passed you would be where the homosexuals are now, demanding for unconstitutional intervention by the federal government. But, I have defended California’s right to define marriage in its state.

    Secondly, just because we do not agree on an issue is not an excuse for you to sling mud or to call names or to insult. Your behavior is detrimental to the constitution party. You are a loose cannon that spouts off at the mouth like a little girl. When someone disagrees you cannot have a civil or adult like debate. You’re immature and not suited for debate. You call names, insult, and behave in a condescending manner (a sign of immaturity.) You behave so poorly. Why can’t you debate properly? Use facts, and points, and logic. No, you can’t! You call names and belittle. The logic of a loser.

    What you are advocating for the implementation of levticial law in our nation. It is not the job of the government to make it’s people moral.

  8. paulie


    What do you gain by engaging Grundmann? This site may well be the largest audience he gets on any kind of regular basis. There are plenty of wackos wandering the streets uttering curses, angry rants, and wacked out interpretations of the Bible, too. These days more and more of them have internet access.

  9. Joshua Fauver

    What I gain by engaging him is material for another article piece should I feel the need to slam the C.P again.

  10. NewFederalist

    @9… why be so vindictive? The CP is doing a perfectly fine job of marginalizing themselves on their own.

  11. Joshua Fauver

    Because if I can take their thoughts and comments that they make public and take them to a wider audience, then hey, I’m still letting them marginalize themselves.

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