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John Jay Myers On Why Libertarians Oppose Domestic Spying

The following was posted on the Libertarian Party of Virginia’s Facebook page today. John Jay Myers was formerly a regional represenative for the LNC and a candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas in 2012. He received 2.06% of the vote in that race.

I am going to try to explain this one more time, in a way that might help ring a bell in people’s heads.

Lately we have seen the IRS abuse its power and target groups that someone there apparently didn’t like. Well who made that decision? How long before that type of targeting happens to citizens that those people just don’t like?

Is it already happening?

Qwest Communications CEO claims that he denied the NSA access to all of his customers phone records. In my opinion a stand up thing to do. However he found himself in jail for insider trading……. coincidence?

I owned a stock called ABK (total dud stock but hey the stock market is like poker) anyway it was a company that backed mortgages. When it finally tanked after the banking scandal their last ditch effort to save themselves was to say that they were going to sue the banks for fraud. Something quite a few Americans including myself believe occurred during the melt down. Soon after a press release came out that every member of their board of directors was under investigation and may face jail time. However, they dropped the lawsuit… and all the investigations stopped.

I vaguely remember Mark Cuban challenging the government not long ago, and that he soon faced numerous investigations etc.

Microsoft felt the pain themselves.

So there are some real world examples where in at least a few cases I am certain that something foul was up.

Now picture a world where the government has access to every conversation you have ever had. Where someone (lord knows who) could access that information sort it and find something out on you. Something that might get you in trouble. It could be a little thing, it could be leaked to the press that you had an affair, that you admitted to a friend having driven drunk. It could be that you wrote off a trip to New Orleans as a business expense… who knows… but… when all of your information is collected and stored in a secret program ran by lord knows who in a world where it seems the government is corrupt to the core… I have to call bull shit.

And for the love of god… so should you.

If you start using your imagination and noticing how corrupt and bias our news is, how in the end we are all steered towards the same answer “These programs my be faulty but they keep us safe”. NO THEY DO NOT.

If the government wants people from around the world to stop wanting to kill us then stop poking those people in the eye. Stop killing them. Stop manipulating them. If you hear someone say terrorists hate you for your freedoms call the loony bin, tell there is a madman on the loose.

We do not need to create an Orwellian state where we are then being manipulated to stop terrorist, we need to stop creating terrorists.

Do not accept secret agencies collecting your information.
If you give up your freedom for security you will end up with neither.

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  1. Jared King Jared King June 14, 2013

    Preach it JJM.

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