Libertarian Party of Delaware: Libertarians rising fast

The latest newsletter from the Libertarian Party of Delaware is below: 

Libertarians Rising fast in Delaware

… but we need your help!
A few bucks this year will make all the difference in 2014!
Margaret Melson of Lewes, LPD
State Vice Chair

“They” are feeling the pressure.

Last year about 8,000 Delawareans voted Libertarian.  In 8 legislative races, Libertarians were the only opposition to the incumbents. With 28 candidates on the statewide ballot, one Republican worried, “The Libertarians are growing to the point that they put up almost as many candidates as we do.”

It’s true.  The GOP failed to challenge 14th District Rep. Pete Schwarzkopf.  Their best strategy was to try to steal our candidate, Margaret Melson.  With no money, just by talking to people, Margaret scored 10% of the vote against the Speaker of the House. Imagine what she could have done with just a little financial support to get her message out.

Margaret McKeown, New Castle County LPD Chair, received 5,000 votes for Lt. Gov., spending less than $50!  David Eisenhour, Sussex County Chair, polled 7,800 votes for Insurance Commissioner.

Meanwhile, the GOP left gubernatorial candidate Jeff Cragg to fund his own campaign.  A recent letter by the DE GOP’s Acting Chair admitted that “donations had dried up,” and that there were “not enough funds in the treasury to meet the financial obligations of our State Party for the month of June.”  Delaware Republican staffers are facing lay-offs!

The Libertarian Party of Delaware has the strong, consistent message that the GOP lacks. Nobody else advocates for gun rights and marriage rights at the same time.  Nobody else supports poultry farmers against ridiculous ethanol mandates, small businesses against our corrupt Insurance Commissioner, or champions causes like raw milk, midwives, or homeschooling.

Most importantly:  nobody else is willing to make the tough choices to bring down Delaware’s unreasonably high tax burden.  Who opposed an $8 million giveaway to casinos?  Not Republicans.  Not Democrats.

We are on the verge of breaking through to major party status in Delaware, but we’ve got a LOT of work to do to get there.  First and foremost, we need to find those 8,000 Libertarian-minded Delawareans and sign them up.  And then we’ve got to do what the GOP admits it can’t do:  raise money for the fight!

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