Randy Stufflebeam Hosts Latest Broadcast of Constitution Party Talk Radio

Randy Stufflebeam hosts Constitutionally Correct – Constitution Party Talk Radio every Wednesday. Stufflebeam is the National Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party. The show covers all matters related to the CP as well as analyzes the issues and news of the day.

2 thoughts on “Randy Stufflebeam Hosts Latest Broadcast of Constitution Party Talk Radio

  1. Mark Seidenberg

    Let’s look at the status of the Constitution Party
    (or Parties) in California. On February 10, 2013,
    304 California Electors state that they are of the
    Constitution Party. One of these parties with a
    Chairman named Dr. Don Grundmann is in a
    group call the “Constitution Party” another group calls itself the “Constitution Party of California” who’s chairman in “Nathan Johnson”. This creates confussion to the California Electors.

    Some of these 304 electors are part of the former
    California political body that selected Douglas
    MacArthur to run for POTUS in 1952.

    It would be interestingto know how these 304 California electors
    view who should controls the Constitution Parties, viz., Johnson or Grundmann?

  2. Cody Quirk

    If those ‘electors’ got to know the recognized guy in charge (Grundmann), they wouldn’t be registered with the CP for much longer.

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