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United States Pirate Party Condemns Governement Spying, Demands NSA Deliver Transparency, Phone Records


Sunday, June 9, 2013


In recent days, it has become known that the United States National Security Agency obtained a secret court order two months ago requiring the telecommunications company Verizon to hand over vast amounts of data. Under the order issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the NSA may collect data on calls that include Verizon subscribers; this data includes the phone numbers of those involved in the call, location data, and length. The court order does not provide for the collection of details on the contents of the conversations held by Verizon subscribers and their contacts.

The United States Pirate Party condemns the actions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and the NSA for infringing on the privacy of American citizens and peoples abroad. The USPP demands that future FISA court orders are reasonably limited and condemns the secretive operation of FISA, which should, when possible, make public information regarding requests for data relating to American Citizens.

“American citizens as well as individual members of the international community have been robbed of their privacies by the United States Government over the past two decades,” says Captain Lindsay-Anne Brunner. “These issues that the mainstream press are suddenly talking about are in no way isolated, random instances, and should not be recognized as such. The American people need to put immense pressure on their legislators to enact laws preventing further gross violation of privacies by this government.”

It has also come to light that the FBI and NSA have been indiscriminately mining user data from several websites run by US companies in a series of acts that violate the privacy of millions of people worldwide. This program, known publicly as PRISM, has been going on unchecked by the public eye, and the USPP demands this rampant violation of privacy stop. A government actively spying on its own citizens is unconscionable and not representative of the democratic nature of this country.

The United States Pirate Party calls upon Congress to investigate these crimes carefully and make use of the checks and balances that the Framers gave them by passing comprehensive legislation to stop the systematic practice of the United States Government spying on its own people. We ask that Congress help us re-affirm privacy as a human and constitutional right.


For more information or to schedule a press interview contact Captain Lindsay-Anne Brunner at 818-724-7662 or via email at


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  1. George Phillies George Phillies June 30, 2013

    Pirate Party denounces the *professional* (data) pirates.

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