Cathy Reisenwitz: Why This Libertarian is Celebrating DOMA’s Defeat


By Cathy Reisenwitz
Posted to Sex and the State
June 27, 2013

Not everyone is happy about yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on DOMA, and I get it. More recently than I’d like to admit, that was me. I believed that gay sex was a sin. I was once of the belief that all people that engaged in gay sex, whether it be on a website like fucked gay xxx or simply for recreation, are going to Hell. I also thought that government should promote God’s plan for us by not legitimizing “marriages†between anyone other than one man and one woman. Because “marriage†was between a man and a woman. One man, one woman, one lifetime.

Well one sister out of the closet, a divorce, etc., etc. later, my position on gay marriage has evolved. But it didn’t happen though persuasive argumentation. You know what I mean, the sort of fact-based argumentation I’ve written in the past.

It’s not like I reject reason (the magazine or the method of inquiry). Obviously, I think they’re both solid. You can logic your way toward the conclusion that discriminating against gay couples at the federal level is pretty inconsistent with liberty. And the slim likelihood of privatizing marriage makes allowing this discrimination to continue indefinitely, pretty inexcusable.

But my views didn’t change because I heard good arguments. I think that when it comes to gay marriage, libertarians on both sides are largely talking past each other. My views changed because I watched my sister wrestle with her same-sex attraction. She grew up in an environment where she was taught, we were both taught, that gay sex separated you from God. Gay sex similar to what you’d see at Best boys porn videos with slutty twinks, even thinking about gay sex, made Him unable to even look at you in your sin. Repentance, and a complete rejection of that lifestyle, was the only way to be in relationship with your Creator.

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Cathy Reisenwitz is the woman who made the videos called “The Libertarienne”. This is the new look for her blog, including a new name.

6 thoughts on “Cathy Reisenwitz: Why This Libertarian is Celebrating DOMA’s Defeat

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Thanks, Bruce. None of the other articles on the topic had a personal component, and I thought hearing about Cathy’s family story was touching.

  2. Jose C

    It is great Cathy Reisenwitz supports her sister in her struggle with homosexuality and homosexual marriage. The question is if the Supreme Court’s ruling is valid than the people of a state can define marriage to include any combination of consenting adults as having the right to get married. For example those in Utah could decide that a man can have more than one wife, or three men can get together and get married, or an aunt can marry her nephew and the citizens of other states through Congress would have no right to object.

    All we are debating is, what is the definition of marriage and who can get married? It is that simple. Who can get married? Currently marriage is defined as between a man and a woman, between two men, or between two women. In the future marriage might also be defined as between three men, one man and four women, an Aunt and her nephew, a grandfather and his granddaughter. So long as they are adults and consent to the marriage who are we to object?

    Maybe what we should be striving toward is the separation of marriage and state. Get government of the job of performing and sanctioning marriage. Let marriage be the responsibility of the church. Those who do not believe in God can create other avenues to get married. For example they might have a ceremony performed by an attorney. Or they might have their ceremony performed by a captain of a ship, or the Mayor of a city, or the Sheriff of a city.

    Some might say and some liberal talk show hosts (Stephanie Miller comes to mind) say, “Why would anyone [three men, Aunt and nephew, etc.] want to do that?” I would answer by saying those types of relationships have occurredand are occurring. Mormon’s have in the past sanctioned men having more than one wife. There are places around the world where men have more than one wife and that relationship is sanctioned by the state. There are places around the world where adult men have relationships with woman under the age of 18 and it is sanctioned by the state. It has happened and it is happening know.

    I call for the separation of marriage and state. Those that believe that society is best served by marriage only between a man and a woman who exist to love each other and have children they will raise to be productive members of society will have their wishes respected and those that believe that any combination of adults should be able to get together and get married and society is not necessarily best served by having children live in a home with a mother and father (the traditional definition of marriage) will have there wishes respected.

  3. paulie

    So long as they are adults and consent to the marriage who are we to object?


    Separation of marriage and state is the long term goal.

    Marriage equality in the meantime.

    Liberty loves justice!

  4. From Der Sidelines


    “Maybe what we should be striving toward is the separation of marriage and state.”

    No kidding. Agree completely.

    How taking it a step further and strive towards the separation of EVERYTHING and state? 😀

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