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Darrell Castle: The “Warhawk Syndrome” – Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace?

Posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page July 26th:

Is it Perpetual War or Perpetual Peace?

Darrell Castle talks about recent statements made by Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Chris Christie. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate.

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A transcript of the podcast is below: 

This is Darrell Castle with today’s podcast. Today is Friday, July 26th, 2013. Today we are talking about statements made recently by two leading members of government,  U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey. Their statements are important and reflect on our society today and so they are worth talking about. Senator Graham speaking to a cheering audience, as it was described, at a meeting of the Christians United for Israel organization, said, “If nothing changes in Iran, come September/October I will present a resolution that will authorize the use of military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.”

Mr. Graham, Senator Graham here  advocating, saying he will bring a resolution before the Senate, a resolution  that will get the Senate’s endorsement on going to war with Iran, a country that as far as we know has not harmed us in any way and is not a direct threat – strategic threat – to the United States. Senator Lindsey Graham -warhawk, blusterer, advocate of preemptive war against a nation that has not harmed us and against a nation that just elected a more moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, who is supposed to take office in August and who has said that he wants friendlier relations with the United States. It seems like the wrong time for this kind of bluster, the wrong time to be patting his 2014 reelection resume with a get tough on Iran, get tough on terrorism chord on Israel. Seems like the wrong time, but nevertheless that is Senator Graham – all this bluster from a nation who’s leading industrial city just filed for bankruptcy – whose other three cities, three great cities, loss. Detroit has a $3.5 billion unfunded pension liability but Los Angeles has $9.4 billion – Chicago $19 billion. Our cities crumbling, our infrastructure in trouble, and yet we bluster, we stagger under the debt but we bluster and threaten the world and say “We will go to war with you if you do not do what we want.” Shouldn’t we reexamine these positions, folks? How did we happen to get in this shape. Shouldn’t we take a look at that? As George Orwell said, “Is it perpetual war for perpetual peace?”

Some people seem to like it, though, as they say. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey – he likes it. He’s a friend of President Obama and he is a friend of perpetual war, a friend, a great friend, admirer of the warfare surveillance state. Governor  Christie said recently at a forum of Republican governors held in Aspen, Colorado that libertarians, at least quote “the strain that’s going through the party right now is dangerous.” Libertarians – dangerous, he said, specifically including Rand Paul in this. Christie speaking at the governor’s forum as I said, brought up the  usual suspects, primarily 9/11. Sit across from the victims’ families, he said, and so forth. Use that one and see if it’s not worth destroying the privacy and freedom of every American and indeed of every person on earth, as if that attack justifies all those things. That is justifies invading countries that have not harmed us in any way and justifies the massive intrusions of the NSA, the spying on members of government by the NSA and so forth.

Christie went on to praise President Bush and President Obama’s policies on anti-terrorism and security and he made another statement that confirmed something that I’ve suspected for some time, but here it is, quote, “President Obama has done nothing to change the policies of the Bush administration and the war on terrorism and I mean practically nothing. And you know why? Cause they work, they work folks.” Yes indeed they do, but if we were all locked up in a prison cell, that would work too, wouldn’t it? I mean how could we be terrorists if we were locked up in some super-max prison? Well, you can see how ridiculous that is but nevertheless, Governor Christie says,  they work.

Well, actually President Obama has changed a few things. He has changed a few things from the way Bush did business. For example, the fall of Egypt, the attack on Libya,  the fall of the Benghazi embassy, interference in the Syrian civil war, prosecution of Bradley Manning, pursuit of Edward Snowden around the world, saying that he would close Guantanamo then not doing it, at a cost of $500 million per year, pulling out of Iraq and starting to pull back from Afghanistan. These policies all slightly differ from the Bush years, but  yes, they are the same, it’s hard to tell the difference – well they look different, skin color’s different but their policies are basically the same. They work, yes they do. Their policies work if your work is the destruction of the United States.

That is the way I see it folks.  July 26th, 2013. Until next time, this is Darrell Castle, folks. Thanks for listening.

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    AND… thanks for the transcript Chris!

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    Way to go, Mr. Castle! Excellent!

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