New Jersey Libertarian Party May Run Candidate in Special U.S. Senate Election

The special election for U.S. Senate in New Jersey will be held on October 16, 2013, following major party primaries on August 13th. Popular Newark mayor Cory Booker is expected to easily win the Democratic Party nomination while former two-time gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan is almost assured victory in the Republican contest. The special election is being held due to Senator Frank Lautenberg’s death on June 3, 2013.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party plans on running its own candidate. From the NJLP Facebook page, July 26th:

URGENT – YOUR HELP NEEDED We have a potential U.S. Senate candidate – we just need your help to get him on the ballot. Frank Cipriani is an NJLP member and has been approved by the board. He will make an excellent candidate.

I put together his petition at Please print one out today and get some signatures this weekend. We really want to hit 400 signatures by Monday. On Monday we will reassess our progress and decide if we should continue.


The state party is also running Ken Kaplan for Governor, Don DeZarn for State Senate, Sean O’Connor and Steve Uccio for State Assembly in the 14th district, and Patrick McNight for State Assembly in the 16th district. Interestingly, DeZarn, O’Connor and Uccio all live in East Windsor, a township of just over 27,000 people in Mercer County, which is home to the state capital, Trenton.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey Libertarian Party May Run Candidate in Special U.S. Senate Election

  1. Oranje Mike

    Good luck. Booker will win, probably in a landslide but it’s always good to run LP candidates. Even in New Jersey, one of the most ironfisted statist states, the people deserve the option to vote for freedom.

  2. Thane Eichenauer

    So long as we presume that there are free and fair elections in New Jersey no election is an open and shut case. Freedom can grow in many unusual and hostile environments. Even though I care little for Chris Christie I find the fact that he prevailed in his campaign for governor to be a small piece of evidence that any legally qualified candidate _can_ win. Whether they _do_ win is always up for grabs until they count the ballots on (and after) election day.

  3. Dennis

    The Republican candidate identifies as a libertarian himself…wonder if there will really be much demand for an lp candidate.

  4. David

    It’s easy to claim your libertarian, just to keep the competition out. Maybe this Republican would at least join the LP, even if he or she still ran Republican.

  5. Richard Winger

    It’s tough for minor parties to make a big impact in New Jersey almost all the counties have horrible ballot format. Most counties have a Republican column (with “Republican” in big letters above the column) and the same for the Democrats. And every other candidate is squished helter-skelter into a third column, with the big heading “Nomination by petition”, three words that mean nothing to most people. Even when a New Jersey legislator switched his registration to “Green” and ran for re-election as a Green, he only got 8% because he, like all other minor party and independent candidates, was off the to side of the ballot and many voters probably didn’t even notice his name.

  6. Dennis

    When it comes to issues of privacy an surveillance, I don’t care if someone is an lp member so long as they stand by the constitution.

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