Objectivist Party of California President: “The World Is A Better Place Without A Thug Like Trayvon Martin In It”

The following was originally published on Dr. Tom Stevens’s Liberty Lion blog on July 25, 2013: 

Luis Rivas, President of the Objectivist Party of California, has issued a statement on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case and has given Liberty Lion permission to reprint it here:

“Justice was served with George Zimmerman obtaining a ‘not guilty’ verdict but, in my opinion, there never should have been a trial. Zimmerman observed someone suspicious while doing his duty as a Neighborhood Watch volunteer. He properly called in his observations, followed Trayvon Martin so he could tell the police the location of the suspect and was confronted and attacked by a thug, who broke George Zimmerman’s nose and repeatedly slammed the back of his head into the concrete sidewalk. The act of shooting Trayvon Martin was clearly self-defense, as the jury determined, since George Zimmerman had already suffered serious bodily injury and his life was in danger. Trayvon Martin got what he deserved and the world is a better place without a thug like Trayvon Martin in it.

The photos posted by the media of ‘little Trayvon’ were from when he was 12-years old. In reality, at the time of his death, this 17-year old muscular thug stood 6’2″ tall and weighed 175 pounds towering over the shorter and slimmer George Zimmerman. Not a single paper or media outlet published a current photo of Trayvon Martin in which he showed off a mouthful of gold teeth and all of his tattoos because it didn’t suit their narrative of a ‘racist assassin who targeted an innocent little black boy’. The media hid the true image of this ‘wild Nigga’ (one of Trayvon Martin’s Facebook profiles) and, in so doing, engaged in criminal fraud, criminal negligence and journalistic malfeasance.

Trayvon Martin was stopped and almost arrested two days before his death for smacking a bus driver in the face because the driver refused to let him ride for free. He was released because the bus driver was told not to press charges by the bus company and to continue on his route. Trayvon also had numerous run-ins with authorities both at school and with local police. When ‘little Trayvon’ was suspended at school, it was not only because he tried to bring marijuana in with him; he was actually in possession of wedding rings and other jewelry, watches, etc. that he said he ‘found’, along with a large screwdriver, while on his way to school that day. The jewelry was turned over to the police by the school. As for the marijuana, the evidence leads to the conclusion he was a marijuana dealer. His friends on Facebook all said he ‘had the best plants’.

All the evidence shows George Zimmerman wasn’t a racist and did not target Trayvon Martin because he was black. He identified him as someone who was suspicious because Trayvon Martin looked like a thug who was up to no good. There are no grounds for a federal civil rights lawsuit and they wouldn’t even be considering filing such a case if the United States Attorney General wasn’t under immense pressure by black activists whose only goal is to promote their own racist agenda.

Trayvon Martin was a mixed martial arts fighter who told friends he wanted a rematch with one of his opponents because ‘he didn’t bleed enough’. The autopsy report showed evidence of liver damage in this 17-year old. Why would a young man his age have liver damage? Well the damage is consistent with extensive use of a drug called ‘lean’. Trayvon Martin didn’t purchase ‘ice tea and candy’ at the 7 Eleven the night of his confrontation with George Zimmerman. He purchased skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, which when mixed with cough medicine, creates ‘lean’. The psychological side effects of taking ‘lean’ over a period of time are ‘extreme physical aggression’ and ‘paranoia’. These are facts you probably were unaware of.

Trayvon Martin’s future was not at all promising. He was most certainly going to continue being a drug dealer and a thief eventually ending up in prison. With his tendency to use physical aggression against people, it is almost a foregone conclusion he would have assaulted many others in his life. It is also extremely likely he would have killed someone, as he promised to do to George Zimmerman minutes before his death. Trayvon Martin’s death was not ‘tragic’ as some have described it. It was well-deserved and an overall benefit for civilized society.”

Luis Rivas was appointed President of the Objectivist Party of California on May 14, 2013.

72 thoughts on “Objectivist Party of California President: “The World Is A Better Place Without A Thug Like Trayvon Martin In It”

  1. Han Shot First

    Stevens’ “Liberty Lion” provides nothing but self-promoting nonsense. Does IPR keep posting his stuff after he asked them not to just to piss him off? I hope it does, even though I have to see this drivel on here.

  2. bruuno

    @ True enough. I would expect this stuff on Stormfront or the A3P site. Didn’t realize Stevens was associated with this kind of crazy.

  3. Oranje Mike

    What’s “crazy” about this? The argument aligns with many only, perhaps, a bit more “harsh”. Many of these issues were raised on Free Domain Radio, only with a gentler presentation.

  4. Han Shot First

    “He purchased skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, which when mixed with cough medicine, creates ‘lean’.”

    Are you fucking stupid?

  5. bruuno

    @7- Thank you. This is a BS rumor being spread. Skittles would be the last thing you would use to make lean and Sprite is the soda used anyway.
    @5 & @6- There is so much slanderous BS throughout this ‘article’ it is ridiculous. Anyone who would say they are glad Trayvon is dead is a sick f*ck.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp

    Rivas is an “Objectivist” like I’m the Queen of England. He very obviously can’t tell the difference between factual knowledge and whimsical emotional intuitions.

  7. Oranje Mike

    #8, One can believe, as facts dictate, that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and not be “glad” that Martin is dead.

  8. bruuno

    Previous entry (#12) was directed at Oranje Mike (#11). Sorry if any confusion

  9. Andy

    I was not following the Zimmerman case while it was happening, but after reading and watching videos about the decision, the evidence leads me to believe that Trayvvon Martin was indeed a thug and that Zimmerman acted in self defense.

  10. Jed Siple

    @11 My feelings exactly. I have no idea whether Trayvon Martin was a “thug” or not, but I will never celebrate someone’s death.

  11. JD

    It is really a mute point. I am glad Zimmerman wasn’t killed himself and I hate it that Trayvon chose to live how he did. It was never actually proven exactly what happened. All we know is that there was not enough evidence to prove that Zimmerman maliciously stalked Trayvon and intended to kill him.

    As a security officer I have actually been in a very similar scenario. I was assaulted and was only walking in proximity to the person. I suppose we were walking to the same area and the person thought I was “profiling” them. I got pepper sprayed and they got probation. Had I been armed I would have unfortunately drawn the weapon and wound up in a media circus myself. Random assaults do happen.

    Jed is correct though. We must never celebrate a death. We can however celebrate the justice system working and actually returning the correct verdict.

  12. lee klasss

    This Idiot who wrote this nonsense should read the autopsy report Travon Martin at time of death was 71 inches in hight and weighed 158 lbs. “Average build”.It’s amazes me that these conservatives keep falling for this nonsense.

  13. bruuno

    Who was it who had a record of violence in their past? Oh yeah, it was George Zimmerman.

  14. JD

    That had nothing to do with the situation at hand. I disagreed with the judge allowing Trayvon Martin’s own past to be included. It had no bearing on the fact that there was no way to prove cold blooded killing because the fight ensued well before the gun shot.

  15. George Phillies

    We may readily sort out the people who are not libertarians: They think something is wrong with a person because they smoke pot and are an illicit purveyor of controlled substances.

  16. Jared King

    Well, this must be awkward for both of the Objectivist Party members. I hardly view objectivists as allies to the liberty movement, but I’m still surprised this guy cares that Martin owned and sold marijuana. Why does this party even exist when there’s that lovely GOP that’s oh so agreeable to them?

  17. Dr. Thomas L. Knapp

    The problem with the whole case was: Politics.

    The prosecutor initially didn’t want to charge Zimmerman, because there really wasn’t much of a case.

    But there was a political uproar. The Republican governor appointed a Republican special prosecutor, and that special prosecutor understood quite well that this was politics:

    If the case didn’t go to trial, it would be those racist Republicans dropping the ball and the responsible federal Democrats being “responsible” by picking it up as a civil rights case.

    If the case DID go to trial, it would be the responsible Republicans pursuing justice, and the race-baiting federal Democrats toying with double jeopardy just to “get” Zimmerman.

    Therefore the case had to go to trial, which is why the prosecutor went with direct charges instead of sending it to a grand jury and risking not getting an indictment.

    If the case was charged as manslaughter, a conviction was possible: Wannabe cop gets frisky and picks a fight, then pulls his gun when he realizes he’s losing the fight.

    But the case couldn’t be charged as manslaughter, because that would have just fed the race-baiters — “they’re under-charging him because the victim was black.”

    So they had to charge it as murder: Racist guy just felt like killing a black kid that evening, and went and did it. And those charges inherently presented reasonable doubt, especially given that Zimmerman himself is a person of color with a history of anti-racist political involvement.

    The state lost the case because it over-charged the case. And it over-charged the case because it tried to please the same people who are wailing and gnashing their teeth now over the verdict.

  18. Reality Watch

    @17 — Keep ion mind the autopsy would have been after he bled out 12 pounds of blood. So 5’11” 170 lbs of muscle is noting to sneeze at, especiually when it’s beating your head into the concrete.

    So besides that weight snafu, we can say that this indeed a dispassionate OBJECTIVE analysis of Martin’s documented thuggish violent nature. The Communists try to argue this case with emotion rather than facts and logic.

    Oh, one more correction to the original post, Martin had a twitter handle of “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,” not a facebook handle of “Wild Nigga.”

  19. Andy

    “George Phillies // Jul 25, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    We may readily sort out the people who are not libertarians: They think something is wrong with a person because they smoke pot and are an illicit purveyor of controlled substances.”

    There is not necessarily anything wrong with a person who smokes pot or uses other drugs. There are many peaceful drug users in this world. Trayvon Martin was not one of them. Trayvon was a violent criminal thug.

  20. Andy

    “especially given that Zimmerman himself is a person of color with a history of anti-racist political involvement.”

    What the hell is a “person of color”? This is one of the dumbest asshole expressions that there is. Everyone is a person of color. What an F’ING stupid statement.

    I really hate stupid expressions like that. Another one that is equally retarded is “ethnic peoples”.

  21. Andy

    “George Phillies // Jul 25, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    We may readily sort out the people who are not libertarians:”

    Yeah, the REAL libertarians understand the right of self defense. Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman had a right to defend himself.

    All of this Trayvon Martin stuff is nauseating. He was a punk. A thug. A scumbag. I’d like to see all of the people who think that Trayvon was some kind of saint get mugged or robbed by some piece of trash like Trayvon, and then they’d be singing a different tune.

    I’d bet money that if a “Trayvon” mugged you in an alley, or broke into your house or car, you would not think he was so F’ING wonderful.

    It is a shame when a young man throws his life away, but Trayvon did it to himself. A 17 year old is old enough to know better.

  22. Dr. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman”

    Only two people ever knew for sure if that was the case. One was Trayvon Martin, the other is George Zimmerman.

    Anyone else who says it is just speculating.

  23. Thomas L. Knapp

    One strong indication that Zimmerman’s story is not entirely accurate is the obvious lie he told about getting out of his car to “check the street signs” so that he could accurately report which way Martin had gone.

    The location of the shooting is usually reported as Sanford, Florida. But it’s a lot more specific than that. The shooting occurred in a gated development called The Retreat at Twin Lakes.

    There are only three streets in the neighborhood — Retreat View Circle, Twin Trees and Long Oak Way.

    Zimmerman had lived in this development for three years at the time of the shooting. He was on its neighborhood watch. And he had to get out of his car to figure out which streets were involved? Bullshit.

  24. Reality Watch

    @33 — Zimmerman was already out of his car when the dispatcher asked him for an street address. If you actually look at a map of where this all went down, you will see it was at the intersection of two walkways, both of which ran behind several houses where no street addresses are visible.

    Have you ever been on the phone with fire or police dispatch? Every time I have, they keep me asking for a street address, no matter if I tell them what street corner I am on, or any other landmark I give them. They need a full numbered street address to enter in their computer. So, Zimmerman walked to the end of one of the walkways so he could peer around the front of a house and get a street address. He was walking back from there when martin jumped him.

    Check out a map and familiarize yourself with the facts of the case before your runnning your mouth.

  25. George Phillies

    Perhaps the Objectivist Party and the American Third Position should consider merging with the short-haired nationalists; they appear to have a very great deal in common, including their racist assumption as to which party must have started the fight.

  26. Reality Watch

    @35 — Why do you assume the objective fact that Trayvon Martin was a violent criminal thug had anything to do with his race? You seem to be making a racial assumption. There’s nothing to indicate that Trayvon Martin wouldn’t have been a violent criminal thug even if he was a green Martian.

  27. Thomas L. Knapp

    RW @ 34,

    “Check out a map and familiarize yourself with the facts of the case before your runnning your mouth.”

    I did.

    Apparently you didn’t.

    1) There are only three streets in the neighborhood.

    2) Zimmerman had lived there for three years.

    3) Zimmerman was on his neighborhood watch and frequently “patrolled.”

    4) Zimmerman had called the Sanford police over this kind of thing more than 40 times.

    5) Zimmerman claimed he exited his vehicle to check street signs. Maybe you think he was doing something else, but we’re talking about what he claimed he was doing, not about what you fantasize he was doing.

    If you don’t think Zimmerman knew what street he was on, you’re a fucking idiot.

  28. Reality Watch

    @37 – Your claim 5) is straight up false. Check out a transcript of the call and find a cite for your claim. You can’t. He was already out of the truck and he was looking for a street address, not a street name. He had already given a street name and address for the main “clubhouse” of the neighborhood.

    When Martin assaulted Zimmerman, Zimmerman was not on any street at all, you fucking idiot, he was on a walkway behind several different houses each which were on different “streets” (which were actually cul-de-sacs and not real “streets” anyway) .

  29. Andy

    “George Phillies // Jul 26, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Perhaps the Objectivist Party and the American Third Position should consider merging with the short-haired nationalists; they appear to have a very great deal in common, including their racist assumption as to which party must have started the fight.”

    Since when to white nationalists like Hispanics like George Zimmerman (who is also part black, as he had a black grandfather or great-grandfather)?

  30. Andy

    “George Phillies // Jul 26, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    We are not talking about the world’s brightest people. They were convinced that he was white, or, at least, not African-American.”

    They were obviously not very well informed, because George Zimmerman does not even consider himself to be white, as he self identifies as Hispanic.

    Here is an article with a picture of George Zimmerman.


  31. Thomas L. Knapp

    RW @ 38,

    “When Martin assaulted Zimmerman”

    If you’re going to call yourself Reality Watch, you should accept reality.

    In reality, as opposed to fantasy, you don’t know whether Martin assaulted Zimmerman or vice versa. I don’t either.

    Zimmerman knows. Martin knew. The best anyone else can do is guess.

    GB@ 42,

    Thanks. I’m trying.

    This is obviously one of those cases where a good many people let their emotional reactions pinch hit for their mental abilities.

    I have no doubt that most of these people really, truly believe they know exactly what happened between the time Zimmerman exited his car and the time Martin fell with a mortal gunshot wound. But they don’t. And neither did the jury, thus the acquittal.

  32. Steve Scheetz

    The duly “appointed” president of the “objectivist” party of California (If Ayn Rand were able, she would roll over in her grave knowing what these idiots are doing in the name of her philosophy, but that is a discussion for another thread…) is just doing what many people all over the world, and especially CNN are doing. ARMCHAIR quarterbacking.

    There are some things that are known, many things that are not. I personally think that the most amazing part of all, during this sad saga, is the fact that for all of the pontificating about guilt and innocence, not one of the pontiffs were there, in the street, watching what happened.

    IF everyone involved would put their mental energy into solving problems in their own backyards, our world would be a better place to live in. My challenge to everyone here:

    Let’s find those things we can fix, and actually fix them!


    Steve Scheetz

  33. Dr. Tom Stevens

    I have refused to give permission to Independent Political Report to re-print any of the articles posted on Liberty Lion and I certainly have not given IPR permission to reprint my photographs.

    I have asked Krzysztof Lesiak and Paulie Frankel to address these copyright violations and they have refused to take down this article and the photo attached.

    I understand that articles published at Liberty Lion are of extreme interest to IPR’s readership but I still refuse to permit my intellectual property to be posted here. In the one instance when I gave such permission, the article was not posted.

  34. Reality Watch

    @44 Knapp — thanks for acknowledging your claims posted in @37 were false. Now that you have cleared the lies from your head, you hold some hope of one day discerning reality yourself.

  35. Thomas L. Knapp

    RW @ 47,

    You seem to think I said something I didn’t say.

    My guess is that your nom de plume is more prospective/hopeful than descriptive/actual.

  36. libertariangirl

    Dr. Stevens …..Intellectual property?? do you send $5 to sombody everytime you quote a founding father or loan a book?? no? theres your answer

  37. William Saturn

    Whether you think it’s valid or not, IPR can be sued for copyright infringement.

  38. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    What kind of fucking “libertarian” goes after people for some bullshit alleged copyright “violation?”

    Hey Stevens, you asked me to repost a ton of your shit in the past, and I did, and I got flack for it. It was nonetheless third party related so I felt it was worthy of publication. Then you changed your mind because none of the comments here were positive about you.

    Grow up, it’s the internet, people have no obligation to be nice towards you. And welcome the publicity you’re getting from the nation’s premier (and about only) source of third party news. It’s not my fault you’re a narcisstic, anti-Libertarian, deranged SOB and get flack for it. ]

    You seek attention, well here you go, you got it. Quit bitching and do something productive with your time, like leaving the Libertarian Party for good and stop damaging it.

  39. wolfefan

    IPR doesn’t need anyone’s permission to publish a photo of Tom Stevens. He is a public figure, a candidate for public office in a major city. Anyone can publish any photo of him they want whether he likes it or not.

  40. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 56

    If a picture of me is taken by someone, that person can post it or sell it for publication. That is why newspapers purchase photos of famous people.

    You cannot steal a photo taken by someone else and then post that without permission.

  41. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 55

    If I sought attention, I would liberally give permission to repost articles I write.

    Stop stealing other people’s work and write your own.

  42. Reality Watch

    “Issued a statement” is not the same thing as “published an article.”

    “Issuing a statement” is the same thing as issuing a press release. It is something designed to be reprinted and commentated upon by the public at large.

  43. Luis Rivas

    I gave Tom Stevens and Liberty Lion exclusive permission to republish my article and don’t give permission to IPR to republish it….I do however stand behind my article. I have seen this type of issues, black on Hispanic violence, I do live in an area like this, and no one cares. Zimmerman is free that is all that matters. We can’t take away our self-defense, it would be either you or the person who is bashing your head on the floor. Wouldn’t you love to live?!

  44. wredlich

    The Liberty Lion article describes this as: “issued a statement”.

    What idiot thinks a political figure and party leader can control which media can republish a policy statement?

    Now I can think of two.

  45. Reality Watch

    @62 — It’s a pretty good article. I did point out some small errors in it @24 .

    It is unfortunate that your colleague Tom Stevens was stupid and ignorant enough to call your article a “statement,” which implies it is essentially a press release.

    The website BeforeItsNews has also reprinted this article, under the impression it was a statement.

  46. Luis Rivas

    This video done by Bill Whittle came out last week, and yes how does he know his info? It is called research other outlets that will not hold back, all of that, that he said in the video, was already well known by others. Now go right ahead and put my picture all over n make fun of me, I just laugh. Perhaps it will be you people who will give the attention I might just need in the future. Of course bill has his YouTube channel and others have blogs, sadly most of it makes a lot more sense than what the media gives u. My friends, as you know I don’t have time for this type of bullcrap, but it will be you who will make me stronger. Thank u!

  47. Thomas L. Knapp

    LR @ 69,

    You claim to be an Objectivist. Read your Rand — emotion is not a tool of cognition, nor does your desire for something to be a fact make it a fact.

  48. Erik Viker

    Tom Stevens has since changed his previously published vanity blog entry to say “article” instead of “statement” since it was pointed out to him that statements of public fjgures are always intended to be broadly disseminated. Oh how the LOLs keeep coming.

  49. Thomas L. Knapp

    EV @ 71,

    I wouldn’t attribute too much cause/effect there. Stevens has never really needed an excuse to be a lying sack of shit. It just comes naturally.

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