Statement From Michael Sanchez, Libertarian Candidate for NYC Mayor

Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez has been chosen to be the Libertarian candidate for mayor of New York City.

Here is his Facebook page: Michael Sanchez for NYC Mayor

I wrote to Mr Sanchez to ask if he’d like to write something up for our readers here.

For background on the invalid convention which Mr. Sanchez refers to, go here .

Hi Jill, thank you for your interest in my campaign.

Ill give you a quick rundown and I am open to any questions you have.

I never intended to run for mayor. I was drafted after a convention that was deemed invalid due to procedural issues. I initially intended to run for Brooklyn Borough President. Since I am a team player and I received overwhelming support to run for mayor I could not decline the nomination.

We have many issues that concern me here in NYC. We have an out of control government hell bent on running our lives. The increasing surveillance state is a big concern. Our local government continues to violate the 4th amendment rights of our citizens with its stop and frisk policy. I plan on terminating this policy. This coupled with the over bearing nanny state initiatives, such as the attack on soft drinks and salts, are a real intrusion on an individuals right to make their own decisions. Here in NYC we have banned food donations to homeless shelters because the city can not monitor the salt intake of our cities homeless. This causes food to go to waste while increasing the tax burden on the public as we have to purchase more government sanctioned meals. I fear this will increase the number of people dependent on government.

I will push to end the government monopoly on education by increasing the amount of charter schools and vocational schools. I do not think the school system is a social program for department of education employees. The school system it for our children and their parents should have other options outside of the public school system.

One of my biggest pet peeves in this city is the six political offices that have no function in city government. We have five borough presidents and a public advocate, none of these positions have any legislative or executive duties. These positions are the height of government waste. These positions should be eliminated and are just a highlight of our governments willingness to spend tax money on useless government.

Once again I thank you for your interest in my campaign and feel free to contact me with any questions anytime.



One thought on “Statement From Michael Sanchez, Libertarian Candidate for NYC Mayor

  1. jeff serkin

    I want to vote for someone who respects the animals. I hope Michael Sanchez supports the ban on horse driven carriages. What is his stand on this? I support NYCLASS. I like the freedom that Libertarians promote, but they might promote a little too much freedom when it comes to what people can do to animals. The animals don’t get to vote.

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