Imperato Claims Case Closed

Daniel Imperato, who may be considering an independent run for Governor of Florida in 2014, claims that his case with the SEC has been resolved. IPR reviewed documents from the court files and it appears that Imperato settled with the SEC, but the terms of that settlement are unclear.

The Referee Report on the case is attached as a pdf: imperato-report.

Here are a couple of highlights from it:

Not surprisingly Imperato has his own take on things, which did not make sense to this author nor does it appear to fit with the documents in the record. But he has been invited to describe the terms of the settlement.

Update: Imperato responded to my inquiry about the settlement:
“there are no terms the agreement was tentative and then never completed , the judge closed the case. sec. defaulted and never responded to the court.
there is no agreement.”

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 15, 2013 – WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Just like a hockey player to be busted up and come back for more. Daniel Imperato, a former youth hockey took on challenges that mortal men most often avoid. After launching independent candidacy for president and governor in Florida, he was targeted by federal authorities and ultimately cleared. So with another campaign approaching in 2014, perhaps Daniel will become a candidate again.

It all started in 2006 when Imperato began an independent quest for the office of President of the United States. At that time, he was putting out press releases on foreign policy, the economy and the US wars in the Middle East. Many of the predictions he made have proven true. Many of the policy recommendations he offered have been adopted. But not because the powers-that-be consulted Daniel. Just the opposite has happened. It seems that those in power feared the prophetic prowess of Imperato and found a way to use the official hammers of government to pummel him with investigations, innuendo and distraction.

If ever one suspected the targeting of an honorable citizen as a lesson to others who may want to come along to challenge the status quo of the so-called two-party political system, this is it. As Imperato’s travails have proven, the political power structure will go to great lengths to ensure that Independents do not gain traction. A continued example is a fiercely contested governor election in Virginia where neither of the two larger parties will allow the ballot-qualified Libertarian to participate in the debates.

Daniel’s odyssey began with the naïve objective of trying to restore integrity to government and give the people the power as called for under the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. He simply sought to stop the influence of money in politics by offering an honorable alternative, a skilled business entrepreneur as a better choice than the two bought and paid for political entities controlled by their corporate executive donors.

He found out the hard way the risk of exposing the corporate gravy train of favorable legislation that continues to bleed the US Treasury with pork projects, no-bid contracts and disturbingly aggressive military adventurism. He had solutions that leaders in the Middle East would have considered to reduce our current foreign interventions that breed terrorism by being in foreign lands for the taking of resources for the same aforementioned corporate interests.

He found out that the media was in the same pocket – owned by the same corporate interests. In the media, Daniel was blocked, ignored, ridiculed and later attacked. Warnings were issued. As late as his run for Florida governor in 2010, Mike McAllister (allegedly on behalf of the Rick Scott campaign) threatened Daniel in front of witnesses urging him to quit the campaign. Of course, he persisted on to Election Day.

There is no doubt that establishment has succeeded in deferring some possibly highly qualified individuals from considering running for office after using Daniel as an example. They don’t like to be challenged. They fear those who are prophetic, can predict the outcome of specific policies and highlight mistakes in legislation. They want to stymie any media access to independents as these candidates may have something to say that the people actually want to hear.

Daniel had an uncanny ability to see solutions, some that were implemented a few years after resisting Daniel’s original suggestions like the “Making Home Affordable Modification” Program adjustments made in August, 2011, first suggested by Imperato in 2008.

Three different federal agencies went after Imperato’s finances and his business reputation. The onslaught was fed by a complicit media with negative stories and the pile-on innuendos in the blogosphere.

Six years later, as I followed-up on this story of the self-proclaimed “people’s independent”, I file this report that finds Daniel has been stripped of his financial livelihood, jerked around by the IRS, his mortgage servicing company and others. But even after all of the investigations, suspicious rumors, IRS audits and feet-dragging, it turns out that NO charges were filed. According to Imperato, the SEC officially closed their case on March 14, 2013. As Daniel declared, “they didn’t have anything to begin with”. And as usual, he was right.

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  1. David

    I always had the impression that Daniel had a lot of money and things after meeting him at one of the LP national conventions.

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    David–might I interest you in my beachfront condo in Nebraska? It’s nice and i’ll sell it to you at a discount.

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