Merlin Miller Speaks At Freedompalooza 2013

Merlin Miller was the 2012 presidential candidate of the white nationalist American Freedom Party. A West Point graduate and filmmaker, Miller was on the ballot in three states and received 2,716 votes. He spoke at a festival in Pennsylvania in July called Freedompalooza 2013. The event was organized by Paul Topete of the band Poker Face and included speakers such as former U.S. Congressman Jim Traficant. From the AFP website:

Merlin Miller talks about the USS Liberty, the movie “False Flag” in production, the fraudulent “War On Terror”, the need for American Freedom Party and an alliance of third parties to overcome the “Republicratic” federation. Merlin discusses the need to to expel Zionist officials from American government, our military, and the continuous wars for foreign interests.


6 thoughts on “Merlin Miller Speaks At Freedompalooza 2013

  1. johnO

    Didn’t this party get last place in West Virginia races in last election cycle? Not liking Zionists (code for Jews) is not a winning strategy.

  2. Richard Winger

    The party wasn’t on the ballot in 2012 in West Virginia, except for one legislative race. It was on in the West Virginia special gubernatorial election of 2011.

    In that one legislative race in 2012, its nominee, Harry Bertram, got 4.41%.

  3. Richard Winger

    The reason I say he got 4.41% and the web page you mention says he got .88% is that the district was to elect 4 winners. Every voter gets 4 votes. So when I add up the total vote cast, I then divide that number by 4. Otherwise one has the absurd result that people are being elected with as little as 25%, in a race in which 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans, and one minor party candidate were on the ballot.

  4. Turd Position

    This party has also been soliciting donations to send to Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has been hugely successful in recent elections. So, anti-Semitism might not be a successful winning strategy this side of the pond, but in Greece it apparently gets you far. Kind of ironic since during WWII Greece protected the Jews when most other countries didn’t (see: Archbishop Damaskinos)

    Oh and I’m glad they changed their name. “American Third Position” sounds like something sexual ;-P

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