NYC Libertarians Submit 5000 Petition Signatures; Will Run 8 Candidates in November Election

From Mark Axinn, Libertarian Party of New York chair, August 26, 2013: 

The Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island LP chapters pulled together to get a record eight candidates on the ballot as Libertarians for various local offices throughout the nation’s largest city this November.

As the LP does not have ballot status in New York, it was necessary for every candidate to submit independent petition signatures, ranging from 3750 signatures to run for the Mayor, Comptroller and Public Advocate (a real do-nothing job), to 450 in a local city council district to run for its councilmember.

New York City candidates are as follows:

Michael Sanchez, Mayor
Hesham El-Meligy, Comptroller
Alex Merced, Public Advocate
David Casavis, Manhattan Borough President
Silas Johnson, Staten Island Borough President
Helene Jnane, NYC Council, District 4
David Garland, NYC Council, District 5
Christopher Giattino, NYC Council, District 8

8 thoughts on “NYC Libertarians Submit 5000 Petition Signatures; Will Run 8 Candidates in November Election

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    RW @ 2,

    What do you mean by “fail?”

    It might be the case that Davis would get more votes than El-Meligy for Comptroller.

    It’s probably not the case that Sam Sloan would get more votes for mayor than Michael Sanchez.

    It’s almost certainly not the case (99.9999 … %) that Davis would win the election where El-Meligy wouldn’t.

  2. Mark Axinn

    Kristin Davis came in last place in the last election in which she ran (2010).

    I wish her well, especially in light of her current legal problems, but do not agree that she would be a stronger candidate than those who were nominated.

  3. Rich Bier

    Remember where you heard it first, one of the biggest surprises on election night will be the showing of Hesham El-Meligy for City Comptroller. He has the most base support of any candidate the NYC Libertarians ever ran.

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