Riley J. Hood: “Live Free or Move?” Quit Being a Wimp

Published August 22, 2013 on

They that forsake the law praise the wicked:
but such as keep the law contend with them.” Proverbs 28:4

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

Riley J. Hood is the chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. He ran for U.S. Senate as a write-in candidate in 2012 and received 70 votes.

            These days, I have been reading articles saying don’t fight city hall, move somewhere else. Every time CPoW’s Milwaukee County Affiliate addresses Milwaukee City Hall’s shenanigans, some wag tells us to move. I will tell you why we won’t move. When you go a running, the wicked will be happy to chase you and torment you. That is how they get their jollies.

  • Once you start running, your may leave your problems behind, temporarily, but sooner or later, you will have to fight, as your nice suburban officials try to bring in gambling, pornography, and subsidized slums, better known as low-income housing. High Property Taxes doesn’t keep “the riff-raff out,” that is what local government uses to bring bad-actors in.
  • Where can you go to escape? Not too many places in the lower 48 States are left, that haven’t had a liberal make-over, I suspect even Alaska is losing its liberty. Wherever you run, the lefty will chase you.
  • Why should you be driven from your home?  If you are doing what is right, then the criminals, the socialists and the sodomites ought to be the ones doing the leaving.

What do I mean by bad actors? I don’t mean people whose looks you don’t like? No, I mean perverts, child-molesters, robbers, muggers, vandals, rapists, drug-dealers, street gangs and murderers. I know many people who fled Milwaukee, after their daughter was raped, or their son was killed, or they were robbed, or their house was set ablaze. Street terrorism is real. People realized that the socialists controlling City Hall where backing the criminals through their left-wing programs. So they fled for their family’s safety. They would have been better off fighting for their family’s safety and fighting pro-actively and peremptorily at that.

If you don’t want to be chased perpetually, you must do more than stand your ground, you must pursue your enemy. First you can evangelize them; some people still have consciences and may become Christians. Some may not, but will be convicted of their bad deeds and stand down.

What about the hard-core criminal? That is where the Local Initiative comes in. The late Democrat, Tip O’ Neil stated, “All politics is local.” I never agreed with that man’s lack of morals, but if you believe in the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, and interposition, who better than a Christian to act the Christian?  If you hope for redress from City Hall, then you will have to be elected to City Hall, and thus taking the fight to City Hall.  Furthermore, you can volunteer to serve on a local board, such as the Graffiti Abatement Committee, or the Board of Zoning Appeals. Local office is far easier to achieve than partisan office, and being local, you have a better idea of your town, than a State level official. Finally, if you get out there and campaign, you will find out what has moved into your town already, and I suspect things aren’t as rosy as you currently imagine them to be.

2 thoughts on “Riley J. Hood: “Live Free or Move?” Quit Being a Wimp

  1. Lynn House

    Whenever I read “You can always move”, I envision myself forever roaming the highways looking for the state with my preferred combination of liberties.

  2. David

    You shouldn’t have to move, since the state has no right to dictate individual liberties.

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