Sam Goldstein Joins Libertarian National Committee

Goldstein addressing the 2012 Libertarian Party of Indiana state convention

From the Libertarian Party of Indiana website, August 7, 2013: 

(Indianapolis, Indiana) Former Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chairman Sam Goldstein has joined the Libertarian National Committee, the national party’s governing board. Goldstein will serve as the District 3 Representative, including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

He served as LPIN State Chairman from 2009 through 2013.

Goldstein, of Indianapolis, has owned Goldstein Insurance Agency since 1992. He is married to Sue Stolkin. He holds his B.S. in Education from Indiana University (1976).

Note: The previous regional representative for district 3 was Jillian A. Mack of Ohio. During her tenure Goldstein served as the alternate representative. IPR has not been made  aware of the reason for which she decided to apparently step down. 

12 thoughts on “Sam Goldstein Joins Libertarian National Committee

  1. Sam Goldstein

    Jillian Mack did a great job as Region 3 rep to the LNC. She has decided to step down for personal reasons and plans to remain active in the LPO.

  2. Mark Axinn

    Sam was a terrific Chair for Indiana, building into a truly fine affiliate. I can learn a lot from him.

    His addition to LNC is a true asset, although Jillian was too so Region 3 is trading one fine rep. for another.

    Please don’t tell Sam I said any of this; I ouldn’t want it to go to his head! 🙂

  3. Steven R Linnabary

    Does this mean I am the Region 3 alternate?

    Nobody has informed me.


  4. From Der Sidelines

    @1: That’s LPOH. The proper and consistent LP state abbreviations are four letters, LP + two-letter state abbreviation as used by the USPS.

    For counties or regions within a state, the proper abbreviation is either LP + county acronym + C or county acronym +C + LP.

    “LPO” could have three meanings: Ohio, Oklahoma, or Oregon.

    The sooner the LP gets consistent, the less confusion they generate. And that’s necessary, because they generate enough confusion already internally amongst its members and externally amongst the LIV everyone else. 🙄

  5. Sam Goldstein

    I am attempting to get the four state chairs to elect a new Alternate for Region 3.

    Steve Linnabary, please let Kevin Knedler know if you want to throw your hat into the ring.

    Mr. Sidelines, the LP of Ohio has always used LPO as their preferred designator and Kevin Knedler is much larger than me so I defer to his usage.

  6. Steven R Linnabary

    Throw my hat in the ring?? WTF??

    IIRC, the delegates in Las Vegas spoke. The delegations from OH, IN, KY & MI chose Jillian as our NatCom Rep & you as our Alternate Rep & myself as the 2nd alternate.

    Why would I throw my “hat in the ring” when the grapevine tells me that IN & MI have already decided Kevin should now be the Alternate from Region 3?

    FWIW, the OH leadership was never made aware of Jillian’s stepping down. I know because I am on the LPO State Central Committee.

    So no, I will not “throw my hat in the ring”. The delegates have spoken and I WILL NOT be a party to repudiating the will of the delegates. I’ll let others more adept at that sort of thing do what they do best.


  7. Wes Wagner

    Steven @8

    Sounds like you know the score of how these people work 😉

    Don’t worry… they will be purged soon.

  8. Kevin Knedler

    For goodness sakes cool your jets.
    This can be worked out in 5 minutes without going global with the laundry. Hell take the LNC job Steve. Did you ever think that some people forgot about it? Get off your soapbox and work with the team. And the LEADERSHIP WAS made aware. There are members of the Central Committee on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee decides such things, not the Central Committee. Jezz all the f— drama.


  9. LP Observer

    Interesting that the LP OR is going to help “purge” people in the LP OH. Unless you move to Ohio I guess– LOL.

  10. paulie

    ” IPR has not been made aware of the reason for which she decided to apparently step down. ..”

    Not sure why you said “apparently.” Jillian asked that her reasons not be made public. I haven’t talked to her since this, but she did make me aware of some personal issues back when she was on LNC, so I am assuming that was why. She did not want them discussed in public, so I won’t say what they were.

    BTW, I did not know non-double regions had second alternates. Do other non-double regions have them? What purpose do they serve?

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