Disability Party Leader Andrew Straw Calls for Criminalizing Lack of Handicap Parking

Dear Independent Political Report,

The Disability Party proposes misdemeanor criminal sanctions to ensure all businesses and

organizations provide handicap parking in their parking lots.  Civil sanctions and fines are not
effective.  Refusal to provide handicap spaces is widespread.

I discuss the issue:

Andrew Straw, Esq.
Disability Party Chair

PR: Disability Party Leader Andrew Straw Calls for Criminalizing Lack of Handicap Parking

September 12, 2013

Attorney Andrew Straw, leader of the Disability Party, called today for criminal sanctions on businesses and other organizations for not providing disability access in parking lots.

“Businesses have had over two decades to install handicap parking,” Straw said.  “Refusal to provide handicap parking is widespread and deliberate.  Criminal law needs to protect disabled people.”

“Any business that refuses to provide handicap spaces and accessible entrances is antisocial and needs to be motivated by criminal law,” Straw said.  “If the business owner put people at risk by driving recklessly, that’s a crime.  Not providing handicap parking creates risk of death too.  It should be a crime.”

“The government provides $5,000 in tax credits per year to become accessible,” Straw said.  “The problem is not expense, but an antisocial attitude that puts disabled veterans, seniors, paralyzed people, and children at risk.  All businesses must follow state and federal civil rights law, or face misdemeanor criminal sanctions.”


Straw has worked on disability issues at the Indiana Supreme Court, at the Indiana University-Maurer School of Law, and as a lawyer and advocate.  He has mental and physical disabilities and has an Illinois handicap placard.  Straw’s 2001 proposal for a USA-wide database of protection orders at the FBI was recognized as one of the top 8 e-government ideas in the United States by the Kennedy School of Government and the Council for Excellence in Government in Washington, D.C.

Image of Disability Party Flag Attached.  Purple & White Saltire.

10 thoughts on “Disability Party Leader Andrew Straw Calls for Criminalizing Lack of Handicap Parking

  1. tina loeser

    The business where I work (in Melrose Park, IL) also does not have any handicapped parking, and there are at least 2 employees that are entitled to park in one. Is there anyway to report them??? And who do you report them to???

  2. Steve Scheetz

    So you want the government to use force in order to make sure that there are a proper number of parking spaces for people with handicaps?

    Somehow I am thinking that there are other ways than the aggressive use of force.

    Maybe boycott businesses who do not…. Maybe protest in front of businesses who do not… However, I disagree with the idea of asking the government to use guns in order to accomplish your goals.


    Steve Scheetz

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m perplexed at how businesses can accomodate all disabilities. For example, should all companies have reading material in Braille? How do we handle those who can’t hear? Mandating all this would put many companies out of business.

    Andrew, I’m not trying to pick a fight, but I genuinely don’t know where to draw the line. How do we handle people who are developmentally disabled? I would be afraid to sell a product (I sell insurance) to someone who wouldn’t have the cognitive ability to understand it.

  4. JD

    Jill, the simple answer is that businesses can not accomodate all disabilities plain and simple. I asked similar questions before when this party arrived on the scene.

    The ADA goes more than far enough to accomodate everyone. The sad fact that people like Mr. Straw have to realize is that if one is disabled there are simply certain things they can not do.

    I respect people with disabilities. I respect them by treating them equal. The Disability Party disrespects them by wanting them treated differently.

  5. Antirevolutionary

    Steve, a good 90% or more of people want the government to use the threat of violence to protect them from those whom they feel are oppressing them. That may be different groups for different people, but it’s a truth of human nature and it is why libertarianism is doomed to failure. As to the Disability Party, I see the concerns of Jill and JD regarding accommodation of certain disabilities, but I think the Disability Party is a good addition to US politics and I agree with its goals.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    John O: A young man named Kyle Foster is chair in Michigan, I believe. I saw a post from him on the Left Libertarian FB page, and that’s where I learned about the party.

    I think there’s a place in politics for a Disability Party. It can certainly raise awareness of the challenges facing that population. As a business owner, however, I cannot agree with Mr. Straw that those who can’t acconmodate should go out of business or be charged with a crime. Those businesses that can afford the accomodations should deservedly get more business because of it.

  7. Andrew Straw

    The federal government provides $5000 in tax credits each year and $15,000 in tax deductions.

    Every year!

    So, for one business, since the ADA was passed 23 years ago, the owner could have put $115,000 into improvements in credits, and $345,000 in deductions.

    Stop crying about cost. It isn’t the fault of disabled people if you don’t know that your access efforts are heavily subsidized.

    After 23 years and such widespread purposeful or reckless noncompliance, it is time to wake people up.

    Most states have reckless conduct laws. Perhaps we should prosecute under the laws currently on the books?

  8. paulie

    A business has to weigh whether having handicapped parking gains them more customers than it costs. Different businesses may decided differently. Would you also criminalize having no parking whatsoever? Because some businesses may choose to go that route if this becomes law.

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