Independent American & Constitutional Review Shuts Down


From the Independent American & Constitutional Review Facebook page, posted on September 8, 2013: 

It is with unfortunate regret that I announce the closing of ‘Independent American & Constitutional Review’; originally, I co-founded the site with a few others, whom have since abandoned it. And while I have attempted to maintain the constant flow of articles and editorials on a constant basis; I have found that I cannot keep doing such, by myself.
Because of my present schedule, and my activism in politics itself; I simply do not have the time to write, post, and blog on IA&CR often. I have also tried to bring others on board to take some of the workload off my shoulders- yet that has not worked out either.

Therefore I am disbanding this news site, and closing down this page as well.

It is even more unfortunate that when I was younger, I was very passionate about journalism and writing editorials on a consistent basis; being much older now I rarely have the time, or patience, to continue on with this former passion like I used to, as there are other things at the moment which requires more of my attention and dedication, hence my inability to continue on in the field of journalism.

However, I will continue to write & publish articles every now and then on ‘Hammer of Truth’ (, yet I do not intend to start, or become actively involved with a online newspaper, news site, or blog, for the time being.

Things change, that’s how it is in the field of politics, and in life, and maybe I may return to the journalistic field. But for now, my focus is less on the media and more on the front lines of American politics and related subjects.


Cody J. Quirk

Note: The IACR website,, went offline the day before. – KL

10 thoughts on “Independent American & Constitutional Review Shuts Down

  1. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    So a website whose real purpose was to attack the Constitution Party has been shut down.

    Unfortunately the knife in the back of the CP ( and hence the conservative 3rd party movement as a whole ) which was its intended purpose will still be wielded by those whose purpose is its destruction, only now in different methods and forums.

    Never simply content with their previous criminal attacks against the CP its enemies have big plans for their continuing war against it.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. watching the inner and outer attacks against the Constitution Party

  2. Cody Quirk

    Maybe you should go hit yourself in the head with one of those cartoon anvils that you were bitching about in a previous IPR comment thread

  3. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    AR – The CCTUC is certainly ” alive ” as it is the vampire which is intended to be a weapon against the CP.

    The ” advancing ” game plan will be to align Quirk the Twerps IAP with the Republican/SPLC/ADL controlled California AIP for which Quirk will be lauded and given a high post in the organization as both a dog biscuit for his betrayal and a platform for his continuance of such.

    The Republican/SPLC/ADL enemies of the 3rd party conservative movement; more so their on-the-ground agents such as Robinson, Seidenberg, and Hoefling; know that Quirk the Twerp must be cultivated and promoted for the future success of their attack. His natural weasel backstabbing qualities are too valuable to their cause and such a recognized enemy of the CP must not be wasted; a simple task to accomplish via continual feeding of dog biscuits to him in reward for his service to his Masters.

    They know that they can simply preen his ego/image ( that which he values above all else ) and he will follow them anywhere and do anything to please them; everything and everyone else be damned.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. watching the internal and external betrayal of the CP

  4. Trent Hill

    “Yeah, looks like IPR is the main news source for nearly all third party news now.”

    Always was.

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