Libertarian congressional candidate Henry Herford nets 0.86% of the vote in special election

Henry Herford was the Libertarian Party nominee in the special congressional election for Lousiana’s 5th district held on October 19th, 2013. The election was a jungle primary, so all candidates were included on the same ballot. There were a total of fourteen candidates: two Libertarians, one Green, two “Other”, as well a dabbling of both a few Democrats and Republicans. The results are below:

 LA SOS Elections website

Louisiana Secretary of State

Unofficial Election Results
Results for Election Date: 10/19/2013

2013-10-19 22:38:03.887

U. S. Representative — 5th Congressional District
All 981 precincts reporting
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Eliot S. Barron (G) 0.48% 492
“Tom” Gibbs (O) 0.31% 324
Henry Herford, Jr. (L) 0.86% 886
Clyde C. Holloway (R) 10.88% 11250
Marcus Hunter (D) 2.99% 3088
Robert Johnson (D) 9.65% 9971
James “Jamie” Mayo (D) 14.82% 15317
Vance M. McAllister (R) 17.79% 18386
“Jay” Morris (R) 6.85% 7083
Neil Riser (R) 31.97% 33045
Weldon Russell (D) 2.47% 2554
Phillip “Blake” Weatherly (R) 0.50% 517
Peter Williams (O) 0.32% 335
S. B. A. Zaitoon (L) 0.12% 129

10 thoughts on “Libertarian congressional candidate Henry Herford nets 0.86% of the vote in special election

  1. johnO

    The Green, Others, Mr. Herford and the other L really didn’t have a good night. Not a very good showing. So, the run-off will have two R’s.

  2. Joshua Fauver

    I find it hard to say Mr. Barron ran a strong campaign. I didn’t ever see much of his stuff. Granted I was volunteering for Herford, but I saw Riser’s stuff, Holloway’s, McAllisters, Morris’, and even some of the Independents materials and signs, and their campaign pictures on Facebbok and Twitter, but I can’t say that about Mr. Barron. Other than Mr. Barron commenting on some of my Facebook posts, I didn’t see much from him.

  3. geography watch

    Barron doesn’t even live in the district…

    So, Herford came in 8th of 14, beating one Republican and all the other non-duopoly candidates. It’s a shame this campaign didn’t get a big infusion of cash from the LP or the Paulites. Herford could have conceivably gone to the runoff if he pulled Sarvis-type numbers.

  4. paulie

    That would take quite an infusion of cash. Three Republicans all in double digits, and to go from 0.86% to 18%+ seems like a tall order.

  5. Joshua Fauver

    The results did surprise me a bit, and not just Herford’s results. I thought we would do better than what we did. I thought Herford ran one heck of a campaign considering what he had. I know that in my Parish, Concordia parish I went ddoor to door more than a few times, handed out soooooo many push cards, put out signs where I could, and we only got 15 votes in my parish. I thought one of the Republican candidates, Jay Morris, would do better than he did. But we all knew Riser would take the majority of the votes. This election was rigged for him after all.

  6. Joshua Fauver

    I don’t know about voter fraud but I know that a back room deal was done and that Neil Riser was hand picked for the position by Governor Bobby Jindal and retiring Congressman Rodney Alexander. I wish I could find the article, I know that I posted it on my personal facebook pages back at the start of this congressional campaign that had the dates of Rodney’s announcement of retirement, Bobby Jindal appointing him to some position on his administration, Riser announcing, etc. It was no secret they had a back room deal, that’s why so many other Republicans ran against him. People here were angry. Typical Louisiana politics though.

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