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Lori Stacey: 3rd Party candidates emerging to restore the constitution

Lori Stacey, Constitution Party of South Dakota activist

October 6, 2013

At this point in our nation’s history, it is going to take bold leadership in order to stop this train from going over a cliff. Major party candidates continuing to offer, at most, a little tapping on the brakes here and there is just not going to stop this train from continuing in a dangerous direction toward imminent destruction.

It is going to take courageous candidates filled with enough political incorrectness to tell the American people the ugly truths and propose to absolutely slam on the brakes! Then, they must have the knowledge necessary to know that we must reverse this train all the way back to complete adherence to our constitution. This is the only way to ever be able to change tracks and get back onto the path of freedom that was originally intended for our states and our nation to be riding on.

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  1. Lori Lori October 13, 2013

    Andy, I am sorry that happened to you in Alabama but quite frankly it is unfair to lump that with what we did here in South Dakota. Nobody got stiffed and the petitioners were graciously rewarded. We also had way over the amount needed to regain ballot access. Your assumptions are just not accurate. Please keep your complaints about Alabama confined to Alabama. Thank you.

  2. Andy Andy October 10, 2013

    The Constitution Party would not have ballot access in South Dakota right now if not for the petition circulators whom I referred to them – free of charge (as in no referral fee or override to me) – in January of 2012. The full party ballot access petition in South Dakota is good for two general elections. The Constitution Party just barely made the ballot in South Dakota as it was, so if you took out the petition signatures that were collected by the petition circulators whom I referred to them their petition drive in South Dakota would have failed for sure.

    The same goes for their 2012 petition drive in Iowa.

    The thanks I got for this was getting stiffed on the final payment that I’m owed from the successful Constitution Party petition drive in Alabama in 2012. It has been 1 year and 1 month now and still nothing, not even a partial payment of the amount owed.

    They claim to be broke, yet they can afford to fly around the country and have meetings at expensive hotels. They claim that it was all Virgil Goode’s fault, yet the deal to work in Alabama was struck with a person who works for their national committee, and this person only “passed” us to Virgil Goode AFTER the Alabama job was already in progress because they said that their national party was out of money so they said that Virgil would pay us directly, which he did, up until he made the ballot and did not need us anymore, and then he stiffed us out of the final payment. They claim that it was all Virgil Goode, yet Virgil was a member of their national committee, and STILL IS a member of their national committee. Why is Virgil Goode still a member of their national committee when he is a known liar and thief? They claimed that they were going to make up for it, yet here we are in October of 2013 and I’ve received nothing. Not only was I stiffed out of the pay for the last bunch of signatures, I never received a reimbursement for photocopying the petition blanks. You see, I paid for all of the petition pages that were used for the Constitution Party petition drive in Alabama out of my pocket. I was supposed to get reimbursed for this, yet never did.

    I just find it ironic that the Constitution Party candidate in South Dakota mentioned in this article would not have ballot access right now if not for my free referrals, yet my “thanks” for this is that I got ripped off on the successful petition drive in Alabama.

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