Report on the 2013 Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Denver

National Committee member from Illinois, Done Stone, speaking. Stone is a religious fundamentalist who supports Christian totalitarianism.

Posted on September 30, 2013 on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page


The National Executive Committee and the National Committee of the Constitution Party held their Fall 2013 meetings in Denver, Colorado, hosted by the American Constitution Party, the Colorado affiliate of the national party.

The National Executive session was held on Friday, with every region of the country represented. Two new members, Sam Pew of Utah and Karen Murray of Washington, were appointed and later approved by the National Committee. Other items of business were discussed.

Saturday the whole National Committee met with about 55 people from across the nation in attendance. The meeting was opened with business and a welcome speech by Doug Campbell, chairman of the American Constitution Party. Fundraising (Peter Gemma, National Executive Committee), Communications Update (Karen Murray-National Communications Director), and an updated Leadership manual (Jon Barrie-chairman of the Constitution Party of New Mexico) were other items on the agenda. Speakers included Joe Wolverton (writer for the New American magazine)who spoke on Gun Control; Darrell Castle (creator and writer of the Castle Report) addressed Obamacare; Cynthia Davis (2012 Constitution Party candidate for Lt. Governor in the state of Missouri) examined Illegal Immigration and Amnesty; Cindy Hill (Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Wyoming) and Jennifer Hill (chairman of the Wyoming Constitution Party) gave a report on the battle against Common Core in their state.

Videos of the National Committee session will be available online in a few weeks, so stay tuned for more postings.

 Full photo gallery on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Report on the 2013 Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Denver

  1. Cody Quirk

    I remember seeing a fb pic of him. This is the same Don Stone that shot his mouth off on facebook, physically threatened my friend Josh Fauver, and me as well before, right?

  2. Mark Seidenberg

    Cody Quirk

    Explain about the physical threat? I know about Don Grundmann, what is the problem with the
    other Don?

  3. paulie

    “National Committee member from Illinois, Done Stone…”

    I think that is supposed to be “Don,” not “Done,” regardless of how “well done” you may think he is.

  4. paulie

    ” Stone is a religious fundamentalist who supports Christian totalitarianism.”

    Does he agree that this is an accurate description?

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