Ohio Green Dennis Spisak Declares for Governor

Ballot Access News:

On November 24, Dennis Spisak said that he will seek the Green Party’s nomination for Governor of Ohio. He was the party’s nominee in 2010, and he polled 1.52% in a four-party race. It is very likely that the Green Party will intervene in the pending Libertarian Party lawsuit, arguing that the new ballot access law cannot be applied for the 2014 election. Assuming that lawsuit wins, Ohio will hold a Green Party primary. If the lawsuit does not win, the Green Party will need approximately 28,000 valid signatures before early July 2014 in order to place Spisak on the November ballot with the party label. Or he could run as a statewide independent for 5,000 valid signatures, which are due in May. See this story about Spisak

Spisak Ohio Green gubernatorial candidate 2010 inf at GP.org.

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