Announcing the Communist Party Convention, June 2014

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(The following was published on the Communist Party USA website)

Put people before profits: Help build a movement to transform this country


June 13-15, 2014, Chicago, Illinois


The people of the United States face enormous challenges today.

We live in a capitalist system where the 99% of people struggle every day to survive and the richest 1% control the vast majority of wealth and power. Capitalism cannot meet the needs of the vast majority.

Economic inequality and job insecurity are increasing. Working families are living with less and working longer hours. The infrastructure of our cities and towns is deteriorating. Our schools are underfunded and essential public services are strapped and slashed. Home foreclosures are everywhere and millions of people are homeless and hungry in the richest country in the world. Racism, sexism, homophobia and all kinds of discrimination are commonplace. Working men and women fight and die in wars around the globe for U.S. corporate interests.

We also face an urgent threat to the very survival of life on the planet. Climate change is the byproduct of capitalism. It is working people, the poor and communities of color who face the most direct consequences of global warming and the poisoning of our environment.

The drive of the rich and powerful to gain wealth at the expense of working people is the only logic of capitalism.

But everywhere in our country people unite to fight to improve their lives, to change the world for the better.

The main obstacle to progress today is right-wing extremism. Right wing spokespeople and groups represent and are funded by the most conservative sections of the rich and powerful.

The extreme right, which now dominates the Republican Party, is seeking to roll back all the social and economic rights that working people fought for and won. They want to take the country back to a time before marriage equality, before voting rights, before women’s reproductive rights, before the right to a union. It seems at times that they want to take us back to the days of slavery.

Democracy itself is under attack from this far-right group and their servants in the Washington and statehouses around the country.

It’s increasingly clear to millions of people: another world is possible and necessary. Another U.S. is possible too. Capitalism cannot solve these problems, we need a socialist USA.

Socialism is a system where working people together decide how society is run. Where people and the planet are put before corporate profits. Where democracy is expanded to include economic justice and equity. Socialism is again becoming recognized among the people of the U.S. as the only real alternative to capitalism.

The Communist Party of the United States of America has a 95 year history of fighting for democracy, jobs, equality and socialism.

Our party reflects the diverse working class of our country. Our members are of all the races, ethnicities and nationalities that make up the rich fabric of U.S. society. We are native born and immigrant. We are men and women. We are young and old. We are straight and gay. We are atheists, people of faith and agnostics. We are from every region and state, every walk of life and profession.

Our party has a unique history of struggle against racism, for workers’ rights, against war, for equality and justice. We organize in big cities and small towns, in every kind of workplace and neighborhood, on campuses and in community centers, in town halls and the halls of Congress. We have always joined together with others because unity is the key to victory. We join the fight against the right wing today and build for socialist tomorrow.

We are proud to announce our 30th National Convention, June 13-15, 2014 in Chicago, the city of our birth.

Leading up to our convention, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities that working people face today. We will share experiences and discuss how our party can more effectively help build a people’s movement capable of transforming the country and making the future brighter for everyone.

And we want to share this discussion with our friends and allies, with all those fighting for a just society. Join us!

In unity there is strength. The people united will never be defeated.

Onward to Chicago!

Convention Organizing Committee
Communist Party USA

Look for our convention webpage coming January 2014

22 thoughts on “Announcing the Communist Party Convention, June 2014

  1. Bondurant

    There’s no freedom for an individual in a communist society that does not want to partake in a communist society. Mob tyranny is not the answer.

  2. Deran

    lol. Will they be holding the convention in the Bolshie Geezers Nursing Home? With the Young Communists League side-meeting being for the under-60 comrades?

  3. paulie

    Tells you all you need to know about the Democrats.

    Much in the same way that Stormfront’s support for Ron Paul tells you all you need to know about Republicans?

  4. paulie

    lol. Will they be holding the convention in the Bolshie Geezers Nursing Home? With the Young Communists League side-meeting being for the under-60 comrades?

    Let’s be more realistic here…under-70 comrades for the YCL 🙂

  5. Jed Ziggler

    The CPUSA used to run candidates for elective office, but after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 & it was revealed that the party was illegally receiving funding from the Soviet Communists, electoral activity was effectively halted. Occasionally CPUSA candidates will run for nonpartisan offices like city council & such. As Paulie said, they do work to get Democrats elected as a pragmatic effort to keep right-wingers out of office.

  6. Jed Ziggler

    Occasionally, yes. I remember a story from somewhere in New York they did get two candidates elected to a city council a few years back, but only because they elect 5 & the law limits parties to 3 candidates, so some Democrats ran as WFP candidates. The party also ran Ashlee Albies for Oregon Attorney General in 2008. For the most part though, they’re a puppet of the Dems.

  7. paulie

    I don’t think CPUSA has had any candidates of its own in decades, which makes them even more of an APINO than the WFP. <--- A sentence appropriately enough for the commies littered with obscure acronyms..

  8. Commie Watch

    @paulie – Stormfront (which is not a political party) never issued an institutional endorsement of Ron Paul. Nor of any other Republican candidate AFAIK.

  9. paulie

    The CPUSA is not much of a political party, since they are not on the ballot and don’t run their own candidates in recent decades (with a small number of exceptions, apparently). Stormfront’s owners endorsed Ron Paul as did many of their readers. Point being that nobody can help who endorses them and it doesn’t really say much of anything about the person being endorsed. LaRouche and his followers ran many times as Democrats, David Duke ran a number of times as a Repblican, and so on. It doesn’t mean that those parties hold those candidates’ views.

    In this case, it only means the commies believe that the Democrats are less bad than the Republicans and that they themselves can’t make much headway in the current US political system by running their own candidates.

  10. Jed Ziggler

    I still think if they’d run even one candidate for House every now & then it would bring attention to their party & cause. It may be that they lack the financial resources to achieve ballot access. I may email them to inquire why they don’t run their own candidates, in the past when I’ve contacted them they’ve been very cordial.

  11. Antirevolutionary

    They can run in safe Democratic seats. I, the chair of the Socialist Christian Antirevolutionary Party, agree with the CPUSA’s strategy, and the SCAP will co-endorse any candidates they may run unless they go out of their way to campaign in support of abortion rights.

  12. paulie

    I’ll guess they think it’s a waste of time because they can’t win. In which case why keep calling themselves a political party?

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