Nader appears on local ballot

Ralph Nader’s name showed up in local news for Long Island, New York. In a disputed local election, one of the contested ballots had a message about Nader scribbled on it.

from Newsday
Ralph Nader named on disputed ballot
December 6, 2013

The name of consumer advocate Ralph Nader made a surprise appearance Friday during a court hearing on disputed Brookhaven [Suffolk County, Long Island, New York] election ballots.

A voter invoked the five-time presidential candidate in a message written across the bottom of a ballot in Brookhaven’s Fourth Council District.

“Where is Ralph Nadar?” the voter wrote, apparently misspelling Nader’s name. A copy of the ballot was viewed by a Newsday reporter.

The ballot and the voter’s message came to light during the second day of a State Supreme Court hearing Friday in Central Islip. Democratic and Republican attorneys are disputing the validity of dozens of ballots cast in Nov. 5 elections for a town council seat and a Suffolk County District Court race…

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