Gigi Bowman of the Libertarian Party NY: A Letter About My Campaign


[Last weekend, we held] the Save Long Island Forum… and as I have said –we have no regrets. We know that what we did was something spectacular and that it will help to wake people up for a very long time. Many of the videos are going viral and some are yet to come out — Please make sure to pass these videos on -they can all be seen at the website link below.

What I can make right in my head is to think of this as “my campaign” since this is what I am all about — Real People, Real Issues and I think I may have made that a point this past weekend when I helped to bring Real Issues to Real People on Long Island.

So please…..if you enjoyed this event and you haven’t already done so –just “like” my facebook page for my Senate Campaign and jump on board to help. I promise to bring these real issues to the forefront like Geo-Engineering and GMO Food and Common Core Education and Vaccine Safety and Agenda 21 and Smaller Government and Regaining the liberty we have lost by repealing federal laws in our state like Industrial Hemp and the NDAA and the Patriot Act and the NY SAFE Act and the issue most near and dear to my heart, CORPORATISM and Big Pharma as I have lost my own child to suicide this way.

–and to make sure that people know they have tools like the Constitution of the United States of America and Jury Nullification and to petition for the redress of grievances as well as Nullification of federal laws in our state. I also have good friends in the liberty movement who will stand behind me and help me when I don’t have all the answers –and that is saying a lot.

I WILL need your help –and that’s not something I’m used to asking for…but I will need to collect at least 10,000 signatures and that takes an army. This is the way it is when you run against career criminals in office and you’re a Long Island mom concerned about issues and children and health and the welfare of our nation. So please help me. Here are the links below. THANK YOU! –lets do this together because we’re all in this together. And if you want to step up and run for office too that would be great!

Here is my Facebook Page for my Senate Campaign –please “like” it:

Here is my meetup which you can join to help collect signatures:

Here is my website where you can donate to my campaign:

Here is the website of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party where you can step up to run for office too or help the candidates we do have:

Here is the Save Long Island Forum website where you can see the videos of all the speakers we had that talk about the issues that I will personally bring to the forefront in my campaign:
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this –and please, watch the videos from the Save Long Island Forum because that is what this is all about. Education from those who focus on the important issues to try and awaken us all.

Gigi Bowman

12 thoughts on “Gigi Bowman of the Libertarian Party NY: A Letter About My Campaign

  1. Mark Axinn

    Also, for those of you who think about petitioning, every signature Gigi collects will also count towards the NY statewide slate, so contributions will help both Gigi and the Gov,. Lt. Gov., Comptroller and Attorney General candidates too.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    “This will be a high-profile campaign, so please contribute today!”

    Is she getting any media attention? She’s such a unique character, and so likeable, that I’d hope she’s invited to many debates and gets lots of freee media.

  3. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Thanks, Paulie. I have no idea why I couldn’t get them to work. Is it just my computer, or something special I’m supposed to be doing on WordPress?

  4. Matt Cholko

    How does the petitioning process work in NY? She implies that it takes 10k sigs to get on the ballot for state Senate. But, Mark mentions a party petition. Is it 10k to get all of the party’s candidates on?

  5. Mark Axinn

    Independent candidates such as Gigi for New York State Senate districts require 3000 valid sigs. We are a challenge state, so Gigi should have at least 5-6000 to be safe. She is wise to aim for 10,000 as the Republicans successfully challenged all five of our 2013 candidates in Nassau and the Democrats challenged all of our Suffolk county candidates.

    Gigi’s district covers parts of the northern portion of Nassau and Suffolk Counties (the two counties which comprise Long Island to the immediate east of NYC). This is important as shown below.

    A quirk of NY Election Law is that a local candidate such as she whose district is multi-county submits her petition signatures in Albany rather than in the county seat (as would be the case if the district was in just one county). Therefore, we can add the state-wide slate (Gov., et al.) to her petition form and her sigs will count for them too.

    We need 15,000 valid sigs. for the state-wide slate, which of course means we need to get 25-30,000 raw sigs to be challenge-proof. When Warren ran in 2010, he had such tremendous support (and New York volunteer petitioners did such a great job), that we submitted over 34,000 signatures.

    A week later, Roger Stone told me that the Republicans sent John Haggerty (subsequently indicted for stealing $1,000,000 from Bloomberg for Mayor campaign!) in to look over our petitions. Warren confirmed that Haggerty had been at BOE and requested to see our filing. Because we had so many signatures, he reported back that it wasn’t worth challenging us.

    I know that this is a lot more info than you asked for, but it’s down and dirty here in the trenches, and I intend for the New York candidates to do even better than we did in 2010.

  6. Gigi Bowman

    Charlotte Iserbyt has donated 32 Video Sets of “The Road to Ruin Through Education” and 35 Copies of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” to my campaign.

    Anyone who donates $50 or more to my campaign can choose one or the other.

    You can donate by going to my website

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