After Party: We’re Just Getting Started…

This is the beginning.

This past weekend, in Detroit, over 80 activists, community leaders and visionaries from across the city and around the country joined together for a weekend of celebration and mutual aid. (See below for pics!)

Here’s a great article about the launch and our impact

This is just the beginning. Wrapping up the weekend, we committed to going back to our towns and neighborhoods and planting the seeds for a true democratic revolution: one in which our dignity and liberty comes before their greed and exploitation.

Next week, we’ll be opening up membership in the party. We’ll also launch Mission #2: A nationwide search for leaders to start After Party chapters in cities across the country!

Solidarity forever,

Justin, Priscilla, Meeko, Rodney, Laura, Micah and the entire After Party team

P.S. Check out pics from our launch here


8 thoughts on “After Party: We’re Just Getting Started…

  1. Mike K

    After the party it’s the hotel lobby, around about 4 you gotta clear the lobby, and take it to the room and freak somebody

  2. Green_w_o_Adjectives

    Good times, I found a write-up! 🙂

    This seems like the closest thing to an anarchy party that exists in America today (their slogan is “unpolitics”). It’s certainly more of an “anarcho-socialist” approach, but historically, anarchism has been a school of socialism (voluntary socialism). The “anarcho-capitalist” interpretation of anarchism that has been developed in the USA (thanks to the support of capitalist donors) has not been accepted as authentic anarchism by the wider international anarchist movement.

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