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Free and Equal: Update on Venue Relocation for United We Stand Festival May 10th

free and equal

(The following was posted on the Free and Equal website.)

“United We Stand Festival”–an educational gathering of creative, spiritual, intellectual, and political leaders to unite and empower young voters–is on for May 10.

Festival organizers are discussing alternative venues with UCLA and anticipate a mutually positive resolution. Show date and times remain the same. Doors open at 4PM and the show starts at 5PM. Exact location TBD.

Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free and Equal, released the following statement:

“We are in discussions with the campus to relocate to an alternative venue nearby. I know UCLA respects free speech and wants to empower their students with knowledge, and I’m committed to working with them to secure an alternate location. Gathering all of these beautiful creative, spiritual, and political leaders is for a greater cause that UCLA should be proud to host. I’m positive an equitable arrangement can be made.”

Tickets purchased for the original location will be honored at the new venue. People who bought non-refundable tickets, through IndieGoGo and elsewhere, will get priority entrance and seating. All Ticketmaster purchases have been automatically refunded. However, due to inconveniences to ticket buyers, Free and Equal will now be offering free admission for all event attendees.

About United We Stand Festival
Free & Equal Elections Foundation, the grassroots organization that in 2012 hosted the open presidential debate moderated by television legend Larry King, will gather iconic musicians, intellectuals, and activists to empower American’s voting youth to hold their elected leaders accountable for free and equal elections. The “United We Stand” University Bus Tour will launch this educational movement May 10, 2014.  The festival co-sponsored by a number of socially-responsible businesses including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Nature’s Path Organic, and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, and numerous grassroots activist organizations brings together various perspectives which are not currently represented in Washington.

Musical headliners include founding members of Wu-Tang ClanImmortal TechniqueBrother AliThe Siren, Paul Masvidal of Cynic,Tatiana MorozRooftop RevolutionariesA-AlikesLuminariesKellee MaizeJon GoodhueSounds of Solidarity, and more.

Speakers include Larry King (media legend), Chuck D of Public EnemyBen Cohen & Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream; via video), Dennis Kucinich (former Ohio Representative), Marianne Williamson (New York Times bestselling author & independent congressional candidate, CA-33), David Bronner (CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps), and Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone, host of Buzzsaw).

For a full list of performers and speakers, click here.

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  1. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 8, 2014

    I’m still counting on spending my weekend there, and I wish everyone luck in pulling this together!

  2. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 9, 2014

    I received an invitation to a press conference tomorrow night, so I believe that means theevent will happen.

  3. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    So do we know the new venue yet?

  4. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 9, 2014

    No, not yet. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  5. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    How exciting. Is it going to be like one of those raves where you had to follow someone to one place, then get handed a map to somewhere else, etc? 🙂

  6. Vaughn Fulkerson Vaughn Fulkerson May 9, 2014

    Christine! I believe what we your supporters who were not at the news conference Wednesday wish to know is not only the new locale, but WHY UCLA pulled the plug. Can u please let us know how best to support UWS?

  7. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    According to UCLA they pulled a plug because they did not receive payment by the agreed upon deadline.

  8. Andy Andy May 9, 2014

    So am I to take it that this event is supposed to be tomorrow, but we still don’t know where it is going to be held?

  9. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    Yes, you are apparently correct.

  10. Vaughn Fulkerson Vaughn Fulkerson May 9, 2014

    Paulie, thank you for your responses, however limited in content they seem to be. Question: Are your comment replies the official UWS updates? In any regard this is turning out to be an unfortunate situation. Not only UCLA’s apparently obstructive position, but also the news blackout from the organizers, leaving the eager attendees more in the dark than ever. Could this event that many have supported and looked forward to for so long, this apparent success story of the progressives, be more chaotic than we are witnessing? Once the Indiegogo goal was met in only 10 days we had thought that this was a done deal. Do the organizers feel that an official overview of where we stand in this event is neccessary? Right now this is not united we stand at all. Looking forward to clarity for all concerned, and of course we all wish the event, even now, the greatest success.

  11. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    Question: Are your comment replies the official UWS updates?

    No. I am not their spokesperson.

  12. Vaughn Fulkerson Vaughn Fulkerson May 9, 2014

    In that case perhaps you can direct me to the right source.

  13. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    Try their webpage or facebook group? I don’t have any resources to find anything about this that you don’t also have.

  14. Vaughn Fulkersoo Vaughn Fulkersoo May 9, 2014

    Ok, my friend was just at the organizers meeting tonite and the event will take place at the Belasco Theater downtown beginning at 5 PM. Thank you Paulie for your responses.

  15. paulie paulie May 9, 2014

    And thank you for the update!

  16. Andy Andy May 9, 2014

    “Vaughn Fulkersoo May 9, 2014 at 10:52 pm
    Ok, my friend was just at the organizers meeting tonite and the event will take place at the Belasco Theater downtown beginning at 5 PM. Thank you Paulie for your responses.”

    That’s not exactly UCLA, but at least it is happening somewhere.

  17. paulie paulie May 10, 2014

    Looking forward to more surprising details as they develop.

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