Libertarian Events Planned for May Across the Country

Gigi Bowman

Here are just a few of the events Libertarians are planning across the country for the month of May.

May 3 – Atlanta, Georgia
Bring Home the Troops Rally

May 4 – Oyster Bay, New York

Gigi Bowman-Campaign Literature Drop

May 12 – Online for Libertarian Party of Dallas County
Full-sized LP Flag Auction

May 17 – Tampa, Florida
Continental Breakfast with Darryl W. Perry

May 24 – Sacramento, CA
LP Sacramento County Yearly Convention


Update May 3:  Doug Craig, who is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, posted this picture on Facebook of their “Bring Home the Troops” rally today.  This is Mr. Craig and his 2 daughters in front of the CNN building:

Doug Craig and girls

4 thoughts on “Libertarian Events Planned for May Across the Country

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I have updated this article with a photo of one of the events.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I actually have a good story about Doug and his children that I don’t think I’ve ever told him. One time a couple years ago I had a virus on Facebook, and the geniuses at FB locked me out of my account. In order to open it again, they had to be sure it was me. First, I had to answer several captchas that were so difficult for me I had to get my office manager to do them. Then, I had to identlfy several photos, and tell which FB friend’s account the photo was found in. I managed to answer the first few, because I think FB pulled them from people I talked to a lot on FB. Then, they showed a picture of a man I didn’t know with two kids. I was stumped. Suddenly, I remembered that those two little red-haired girls belonged to Doug Craig. I guessed right, and got my account back! Yay!

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