Farid Khavari: SuperClinics Will Create 100,000 SuperJobs


(The following was originally published on Independent Florida gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari’s campaign website.)

Those paychecks will create 200,000 more jobs. That’s 30% of the 1,000,000 new middle class jobs we will create in Florida when I am governor, at no cost to taxpayers.

Here is how we will create 100,000 SuperJobs in Florida within two years while tackling the biggest challenge we face for the future: health care. These 100,000 SuperJob paychecks will generate 200,000 more good jobs in Florida within three more years. We can do this without higher taxes, and without any net cost to the state. These SuperJobs will pay for themselves and save us billions per year. In a few minutes, you will see how this is possible.

Everyone knows that health care costs are out of control. What few people realize is that this is dragging our economy down at a terrifying rate. Health care costs have already destroyed millions of jobs in America, and will eliminate millions more until we take action to curb health care costs.

If you wonder why health care costs so much, take a look at our current governor, Rick Scott. Scott made $300,000,000 for himself in the health care business by charging sick people outrageous prices. Then his company had to earn $1.7 billion in extra profits just to pay the fine for the largest Medicare fraud in history. That’s the “free” market in action! Where do you think that money came from?

The best way to reduce health care costs is to improve quality and efficiency. The key to improving health care quality, making health care more accessible, and slashing costs is SuperClinics. A SuperClinic is the most efficient way to provide quality health care. I first proposed SuperClinics in my 1986 book Vultures: Doctors, Lawyers, Hospitals and Insurance Companies. You can learn more about SuperClinics at www.zerocosteconomy.com.

The best health care in town is at your friendly neighborhood SuperClinic:

  • Open 24/7. No lost work time to go to the doctor!
  • Complete family care in one location, fully equipped and staffed with friendly professionals.
  • Urgent care (stitches, etc.) 24/7
  • Specialists in every field available 24/7. If you get an x-ray or MRI, a radiologist looks at it within 15 minutes. Your EKG is checked by a cardiologist right now and he or she explains it to you. If you have a rash, a dermatologist looks at it in high definition in a video conference with you and the SuperClinic professional on the spot to prescribe treatment, 24/7.
  • Most lab work on-site and immediate. Then, discuss your lab results with a doctor in less than 30 minutes.
  • Free classes and support groups for prenatal, childbirth and raising children, to managing asthma, diabetes, heart disease, COPD and more.
  • Medicaid, Medicare, all insurances welcome. Self-pay prices are the lowest in America, based on the same low prices paid by Medicare.

We need hundreds of SuperClinics throughout Florida. Here’s how we can get them at no net cost to the taxpayers, and 100,000 good jobs, too. We’ll pay for them out of the savings we get from doing a better job of health care at a much lower cost. Then when the SuperClinics have paid for themselves, we will permanently save billions of dollars per year, enough to eliminate some state taxes completely.

Florida’s state government already pays out over $18 billion per year in health care costs, in the form of Medicaid for low-income Floridians. About 2/3 of this comes from the federal government, 1/3 from Floridians’ pockets. So we all have a big stake in how this money is spent, and we are being ripped off for $billions per year. This is where part of the money comes from.

Most people are not aware that we spend $5,000 per year per Medicaid recipient, and Medicaid is generally the cheapest care in America. $5,000 is almost 50% more than Switzerland spends per capita including their seniors. No one can argue that we are healthier than the Swiss. And no one can say that Switzerland has a lower cost of living than Florida!

Nationally we spend over $9,000 per capita per year, and 30 million people aren’t even included in the care. You can see there is plenty of room for big savings and plenty of need for more service, too.

In fact, by reducing the cost of Medicaid care just to what they pay in Switzerland, we can save $6 billion per year—and provide better care. That is more than enough to cover an additional 1.1 million people at no extra cost compared to what we pay today. But wait! If we cover 1.1 million more people, Washington will kick in another $5.1 billion per year—100% of the cost for 3 years, then 90%. (By then we won’t need it).

SuperClinics will save huge money just by being efficient. But we will save even more just by bringing better care to Medicaid patients 24/7 and avoiding the outrageous overcharges from hospitals for emergency room visits.

SuperClinics may be larger and smaller depending on their locations. Let’s say it costs an average of $10 million to build, equip and staff a SuperClinic. For $6 Billion we can have 600 of them all paid for in one year. SuperClinics don’t cost, they pay!

Just for reference, $6 billion is about $300 for every man, woman and child in Florida—per year! That is how much we are overpaying and it is coming out of your pocket.

Now what about those 100,000 SuperJobs?

SuperClinics will create plenty of good jobs in health care, but even sooner we will create thousands of construction-related jobs. We will build some SuperClinics from the ground up, but many can be opened faster by remodeling existing buildings such as vacant supermarkets and commercial properties.

Each SuperClinic will have an average staff of 50 people. Within 3 years we can have 1,000 SuperClinics employing over 50,000 people. In the meantime, construction and renovation work for those clinics will create 50,000 construction jobs as well, so we will create 100,000 SuperJobs within two years.

A SuperJob is a wealth-creating job that adds more wealth to the customer, and to the economy, than it costs. By saving us billions of dollars per year, these 100,000 SuperJobs pay for themselves many times over.

Adding 100,000 SuperJob paychecks to Florida’s economy is about $4 billion per year. That $4 billion circulating in Florida’s economy will create at least $20 billion per year in economic activity. This will automatically generate 200,000 more good jobs within three years, as those paychecks buy everything from homes to haircuts.

This is another example of how we can create 1,000,000 good middle class jobs in Florida without corporate welfare or tax giveaways—by solving our problems and reducing costs forever.

It isn’t politics, it’s just simple economics.

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