Arizona Libertarian Runs for Constable and Plans to Not Enforce Unconstitutional Drug Laws

Thane “Goldie” Eichenauer is a candidate for constable for the downtown area of Phoenix, Arizona. He is running on three simple planks:

I will not enforce unconstitutional drug laws.

Further, I will not enforce unconstitutional SB 1070 immigration laws.

Further, I will advocate to end funding of the position of deputy constable.

Mr. Eichenauer’s pledge can be found here .

His Facebook page can be found here .

His campaign accepts Bitcoin. That can be found here .

According to his personal Facebook page, Mr. Eichenauer is a self-employed computer technician.

10 thoughts on “Arizona Libertarian Runs for Constable and Plans to Not Enforce Unconstitutional Drug Laws

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    This was a short article, but that’s the beauty of this whole campaign. I hope Thane is getting attention for his bold, honest, and straightforward message!

  2. Andy Craig

    I like his message, but I’m curious how exactly the powers of a constable in Arizona interact with those laws though. “Constables” widely vary in power and authority in different states, from general law enforcement to ceremonial nullity. From what I could find, in Arizona their powers are relatively substantive, but don’t relate to direct law enforcement as such. The constable isn’t responsible for arresting people and that sort of thing. All I really see that would have an impact on drug laws would be the service of criminal subpoenas, and I’m not sure that the constable refusing to serve those would actually stop them from being served.

    “The primary duties of Arizona constables are:

    Executing and returning writs of possession or restitution (evictions);
    Serving orders of protection or orders prohibiting harassment;
    Serving civil and criminal summons and subpoenas;
    Providing judicial security to the justice courts;
    Levying and returning writs of execution (seizing property to satisfy judgments);
    Storing personal property that has been levied; and
    Conducting constable sales of levied property (like sheriff’s sales)”

    Still, more power to him. I doubt many voters have any idea what a constable is in their state other than it being vaguely law-enforcement-related.

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